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Saturday, September 14, 2019

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Friday, September 13, 2019

How Do I Destress Myself?

Hello there my dear friend.

How do I destress myself is the question I'd like to answer this day.

How are you doing?

Ever hoping and praying that you are destressed.

Last night I spoke with a person who was overwhelmed. This person was really having a bad day, and worked him/herself into a hot stressed out mood.

Looking from the outside in, the situation was not really as bad as the person was making it but, as human beings we tend to self-talk ourselves into catastrophe when it really isn't so bad. What I mean is, sometimes, as humans, we act like someone is going to die when the situation really isn't that serious.

The reason I am saying this is because I use to do it, and I see it happen all the time. People running around in circles in their mind, and verbally as though it's the end of the world when no one is dying or is going to die.

Why do we do it?

We do it because it is a habit, and like I wrote in my last post, Wanting More From Life, we sometimes don't know our own authority and power to govern the mood, and words of our mind.

What I mean by that is, we can consciously sooth our self, and make it a habit, just as we unconsciously work our selves up into a frenzy over no thing.

A really good way to destress is to consciously focus on encouraging the self, and soothing the self into a better mood.

I discovered this for myself when I was a young EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). When I responded to 911 emergency calls, I could, and would sooth anyone on scene, and later learned I developed a really good habit that I used on myself. This habit of soothing myself replaced the all too often freak out factor I learned from my human conditioning.

The best way to calm yourself on a regular basis is through meditation, and a reminder.

You can read a bout meditation by clicking here

You can create a reminder by repeating to yourself your desired outcome, for example, "I'm alright, and I'm doing really, really, really good!" It sounds silly, yes? But that reminder, any reminder, can, and will help a person calm themselves especially if they have a habit of freaking out over little things.

Try it, you won't be sorry. But don't just try it, make it a habit, and it will help with calming, and building confidence, which is the opposite of stress, which is most often displayed via anger, anxiety, and depression.

That's all I got...

A simple way to change a stressful habit.

Have a wonderful week my friend.

God bless you...

Speak soon...


Monday, September 9, 2019

Wanting More From Life?

Hey! Hey! 

Wanting more out of life is what I'd like to ramble about this day...

Do you ever feel like you want more from life? Like something is missing?

It is my humble opinion that people who want more out of life are asking and seeking  purpose, value, and worth. They are seeking their own purpose, value, and worth.

The thing is, everyone is asking, seeking, and wanting more with the exception of the one's who know their authority, power, value, and worth. The individuals whom know have a conviction of eternal things and live life accordingly.

I've been studying behavior from a standpoint of confidence (success) versus insecurity (stress) for many years now and I have concluded some theories.

One of my theories is there are three kinds of people in life as it pertains to spirituality.


You are about to read something that may provoke anger or spark an offense in some people. It is my most humble opinion that if you feel negative emotion from what you are about to read, it most likely means that you disagree with what I have written, and it is okay to disagree. Just a friendly reminder, that is all. ~wink~

Pertaining to Levels of Spirituality.

1) The Enlightened:

The calm, confident, connected to God (life force). This person knows and lives what they believe life is about. This person feels safe, secure, and rarely, if ever, experiences negative emotions, in any place, and at anytime. 

These individuals are well rounded and successful in that they feel happiness, and joy nearly most of the time. These kind of people are enlightened beings, or teeter into enlightenment often. There is an eagerness, energy, excitement, and exhilaration about them that draws people to want to be with them. 

This certain individual knows their purpose, value, and worth, and spends much time learning about life, others, and their self. This type of person learns by lifting, listening, loving, and understanding. They do not believe in arguing, bitching, complaining, or criticizing. They will, however, encourage you with words of faith, and never discourage anyone with words of fear. 

They know the power of thoughts, and how they lead to beliefs therefore, have learned to govern beliefs towards the Divine through meditating on scripture.

They know the power of words, and more importantly, they know the power of their words, and never speak ill.

This is the rare, above average enlightened person who knows that life is a cooperation with God. They know God is in charge therefore, they trust without fear. They love, knowing that God is love, and when they love, God abides in them.

Notice, I didn't say a word about money? Ha! 

Money does not make a person above average or successful. Happiness, living meaningful purpose, and knowing your value and worth to the world and yourself is success, and money comes as a by product of that success.

Mother Teresa was far from financial richness but because of her enlightened-ness she could make a phone call and get anything she wanted because people loved everything about her, loved what she did, and loved to be near her.

2) The Average:

There is the average person in spirituality, whom works hard, or not, and is loving or hating at any given moment depending on his or her mood at that very moment in time.

Loving is spiritual, hating is human.

This type of person will love you if you are nice to them, and hate you if they think you are mean to them. This person will argue, bitch, complain, criticize, discourage, dramatize, and gossip regularly because they think it's normal, and that it's okay. 

The average person relies on outside influence to determine his or her mood, and may know intellectually that the self is responsible yet, is not taking direct responsibility for their energy, happiness, influence, joy, or moods. 

They are blaming life's circumstances for their happiness or unhappiness. 

Although the average person may attend church every Sunday, and/or some spiritual teaching regularly, they continue to live and practice life from a place of competition with others rather than a cooperation with God. They just forget, and may believe it impossible to ever rid of anger, anxiety, depression, irritability, or moodiness, reasoning that it's human, which it is.

3) The Misunderstood:

The below average person in spirituality is always arguing, bitching, complaining, criticizing, discouraging, dramatizing, and gossiping. What I mean by always is although they may not do these things out loud, the voice in their head, aka thoughts, are always disagreeable. There is not one scripture that encourages disagreeable behaviors but there are over 200 scriptures in the New Testament alone, that are about faith, which is the opposite of the mentioned.

The misunderstood person is very often diagnosed with a disorder or syndrome of some sort, will tell you their diagnosis, and continue to explain that's why they are the way they are. This person has a deep belief that they have absolutely no control over their behavior, body, emotions, or thoughts, which is the ultimate in not believing in God or the self. This insecurity gives way for a disbelief in faith, and trust. 

This level of spirituality most likely comes from an incident very devastating, or several incidents, that happened in the past, quite possibly from upbringing.

This type of person is the most insecure and they rarely feel happy or safe. They are so focused on what is wrong they don't believe in happiness, although they have glimpses of happiness but never acknowledge them.

This type of person's insecurity is their crutch because insecure people have an extremely closed mind, unable to learn, often because it is more important to them to be right than find any solution to misery.

Insecure people find an illusory safety in being right about themselves, as though life is a competition, thinking, "I'm right about me, therefore, you are wrong, and when I'm right I have value and worth. I am better than you because I am right." Or, "If I am wrong I am not smart, therefore, I am right and you are wrong because I am smart."

I believe what they are really saying is, "It's not my fault!" Which is the real truth.

Insecurity is misunderstanding mostly because although the misunderstood will argue for their rightness, they do not believe in themselves whatsoever. Isn't that the biggest contradiction!?! Arguing for self-rightness and not believing in the self at the same time!?!

Where does all of this come from? 

Where does all of this confidence, moodiness, or insecurity come from?

I believe it comes from our human conditioning, and our decisions we make about these experiences.

Anyone can look at how they were treated by adults, especially their parents, and see the habitual beliefs they developed, and the decisions about these beliefs. 

If you are angry, anxious, or depressed, you can look at your past and discover where you learned these emotions.

We are born spiritual beings made of pure unconditional love, and we do not know negative emotions until they are taught to us through our human experiences.

The decisions we make about our experiences make us who we are and we can, and do decide by default or desire. Default meaning we give into our ways, and desire meaning that we want to be something and we practice ourselves into being it.

I've seen the most amazing people become the most insecure, and the most insecure people become enlightened. This evidence gives me hope for everyone!

This evidence gives me more theories. ~wink~

People who get better some how, some way discover they want happiness, joy, and vitality from life and pursue that. People who get bitter may have been devastated and wallow in that devastation for a while. I have hope for them though because devastation is not just given to or saved for anyone special. We all experience devastating things, and sooner or later we will overcome it, whether in this life or beyond.

I believe, without a doubt, from what I have seen in life thus far, that anyone can improve to the point of enlightenment, and that is what everyone wants out of life. 

That enlightenment of connecting to God through self authority, power, value, and worth is what people are seeking from life. 

Enlightenment is living from a place of connecting to and knowing God. 

Everyone wants to know they have authority, power, purpose, value, and worth, which is basically confidence, safety, security, and wisdom. This way of being gives a person a sense of control, faith, and trust.

When a person has feelings of control, he or she has great power. The control I am talking about is self-control not control of circumstances and others. Self-control is the governing of one's beliefs, which creates faith or fear, which creates complete happiness or misery.

"because fear hath torment." ~1 John 4:18, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

When a person has a sense of faith and trust, he or she has no fear. 

When a person eliminates fear, he or she can live without anger, anxiety, depression, and/or despair.

Yes! A person can, and many do, eliminate fear, and live without anger, anxiety, depression, or despair. Many individuals find that statement inconceivable, I know, I was one of them.

I know, with all my heart and soul, faith can make anyone whole. It takes the enduring to the end kind of practice. Practice makes us better, and nearly perfect at what we practice.

That is my theory about people, spirituality, and wanting more from life.

That is one of my theories from my nearly fifty five years of education, evidence, and experience here on this earth talking, and walking more and more, day by day, with God.

That's all I got...

I believe, hope, and pray, this has lifted you more towards your authority, and power to connect to God so that you may know your true value, and worth.

That is my purpose, to lift. 

That is every one's purpose, to lift, and to never lower another.

God bless you my dear friend.

I love you, and am ever here for you.

If you know me through my words, you know it's true.

Take good care...

Speak soon...


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Persuasion for Meditation

Hello there my friend!

Persuasion for meditation is what I'd like to write about this day.

How are you doing? I'm ever praying for your comfort and connection to God.

In my last post, Increase in Stress, I discussed meditation and how it is the number one thing I would recommend to destress. 

Holidays are on there way, and it is wise to prepare and prevent stress.

Meditation is one of the greatest exercises we can practice to destress our mind. Many people do not participate in this practice because they are unaware of the benefits of meditation, or they believe they are unable to meditate. 

In order to convince individuals that are opposed to meditation one must look at the benefits. Before we discuss the benefits let us keep an open mind to possibilities in our own life that we may learn and improve our current circumstances.

When we are stressed out our mind is constantly going and constantly racing. 

Meditation is a way to rest and, quiet our mind, and increase the ability to silence our mind through out the day so that we may handle daily stress with ease. 

Meditation helps by creating a habit of having a clear mind so that we may be able to bring ourselves to a place of peace at anytime and anywhere on a regular basis.

We need peace because in our fast paced world we experience many stressors. The number one stressor is a habitual, harmful mind full of doubt, fear, and worry. One may have a habitual racing mind, which creates habits of insecurity and self-doubt on autopilot. 

When a person is on autopilot he or she may unknowingly focus on things like what he or she doesn't have, other peoples offenses, life is unfair, things aren't going his or her way, or the need to control others and their behaviors in order to believe he or she will be okay. 

Thoughts like the ones mentioned above give way to the inability to enjoy life because of unwanted emotions of fear, aka as insecurity, aka as stress. Stress displays its unwanted self as anger, anxiety, depression, irritability, or moodiness, which, more often than not, creates despair.

Unwanted negative emotions deplete and drain our energy. Negative emotions are the real vampires of energy.

Another stressor is the powerlessness to fall asleep at night, stay asleep, or get essential hours of sleep due to ones' noisy mind.

By learning to meditate one can resolve many of the mentioned stressful habits. By teaching ourselves to meditate we discover and create a habit that will make our lives happier and healthier because of the art and skill of calm, of peace, and of the relaxation and silence in our bodies and minds. 

To learn to meditate is to learn the ultimate control of and patience for life. When we learn to control our own body and mind we have authority over two of the most valuable assets we possess. If we become patient we will have a less stressed and happier life.

Meditation can, and will help anyone find a Spiritual place and space. 

Finally, Meditation will better assist us in hearing that still small voice of guidance and inspiration from God, which comes more easily when we have a calm, confident, connection to our Father in Heaven.

It is my humble opinion, from education, evidence, and experience that it is more common to feel and hear the Divine Guidance and Love of God more readily with a quiet still mind. 

Wouldn't you love to increase your connection to God?

Wouldn't you love to feel God more?

Do you know what God feels like?

God does not, ever, feel like negative emotion because God is love.

Feeling God is feeling love, and that is what every single person wants to feel, love.

We have the authority and power to quiet our mind through meditation practice, and to create a calm, confident connection with God.

We have the authority and power to receive guidance and inspiration from our Father in Heaven more readily by quieting our mind. 

We have the authority and power to develop and discover more energy, more love, and more joy in our lives through quieting our mind by practicing meditation on a regular basis, and one can begin with five small minutes a day.

What do you say?

Have I convinced you to begin your meditation practice or increase your current practice? 

If so, click here to begin by listening to the sounds of this five minute meditation video.

If you would really love a blissful life, of energy and being in love, I would truly invite you to begin a meditation practice, and never ever give it up. 

That's really all I got...

For now...

Big Hugs to you my friend!

Big Hugs and Big Prayers!

Speak soon...


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Increase in Stress

Hello! Hello!

Increase in stress is what I'd like to talk about this day...

How are you doing my dear friend? Ever praying for your connection to God, and an increase in joy.

I love statistics because it shows probabilities. Over the years I have been studying statistics from my blog, which means, I can see how many people read my blog a day, what posts are read the most, and how many people are return visitors.

I cannot, and do not see any personal information from anyone. ~wink~

I do see the increase and decrease of blog readers though. I see that September through May are the busiest months on my blog, and June and July are the least busy.

Recently I've seen an increase of readers, and I deduce that stress is a coming. August is probably the beginning of the peak for the stress season because of the thoughts of what's about to happen in September, and the holiday months to follow.

Makes sense doesn't it? Back to school, and less play time due to winter months coming and summer months going.

The number one thing, I would recommend, to keep the stress low is to begin, or increase, the habit of meditation because we can, and do practice a quiet mind and a relaxed body.

Stress is the opposite of relaxation, and we can choose which one we will practice into permanence. Stress is displayed through negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression, which comes from habits of doubt, fear, and worry. When we quiet the mind, and relax, we cease the habitual practice of stressing, and increase the habit of relaxing.

Chilling out is the order of everyday.

It just takes practice, but you gotta begin making it a habit, or a greater habit if you've dabbled in meditation already.

It only takes five minutes a day of meditation to begin. All's you gotta do is click this link here, listen to the sounds, quiet your mind, and relax. 

Try it, if you'd like..

Just a suggestion because I know how valuable meditation is. I've been meditating since 1999. Can you believe that? 

I am energy, and happy, and I know that it is because of my meditation practice that enhances my connection to God.

I believe, without a doubt that meditation is one of the most important things you, we, can do to magnify our connection to God, which will increase our energy and happiness, which will lift our life, and strengthen our mind.

Think about it...

If a person has learned to focus on doubts, fears, and worries by default, for a very long time, he or she has trained his or her mind to become a nonstop, racing mind for as many years as he or she has been practicing it. 

Meditation is also a training of the mind but it's the opposite of a racing mind, which is a calm, confident, and quiet mind.

I am still becoming the person I am meant to be, and I am enjoying the journey. I have tons of energy, and this energy comes from my happiness and joy. This happiness and joy comes from my connection to God. This connection to God could not, and would not be as strong as it is without the quiet mind that I have developed through meditation.

I'm not bragging necessarily, okay, I am. But the point is... if I can quiet my mind and connect to God as I do, you can too. In fact, if I can, I'm convinced that anyone can!

Just something to ponder.

If I could, I would, persuade and teach the world to meditate because I know, with all my heart and soul, people who meditate are like people with chauffers, and people who don't are like people who have to walk everywhere. Meditation get's you there faster. Where does it get you faster to? It gets you to your calm, confident mind, to that person you are suppose to be, and to your desires, purpose and passions in life, which are gifts from God.

If that is not enough persuasion to get you to meditate, stay tuned for more because I am on a kick to persuade and teach you meditation, which is the opposite of stressing.

Meditation is destressing.

Big Hugs to you my friend...

God bless you...

Speak soon!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Current Events & Stress

Hey! Hey! How are you doing today?

I would like to discuss current events and stress. Beware! I'm gonna get a little personal.

If you are watching the news and/or are on social media a lot, you may have noticed what seems to be a heightened stress response to all that is happening.

This is a very delicate subject because it is very real to many people. 

So, I begin with a prayer in my heart that I can and will help anyone release, and relieve any stress they are feeling.

With that said... stress is a physiological response that happens in our body when we sense fear. It is commonly known as the fight or flight stress response. Fear is what kicks in this response, which creates a very helpful bodily change when we are in a real stressful situation. The misfortunate thing about the stress response is that it can be, and is, activated by fearful thoughts when there is no true present danger. Therefore, although we may not be in true imminent danger, our fearful thoughts can, and do activate the stress response via anger and anxiety, which come from thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry.

Stress is the number one cause of every illness. Did you know that? If you are a regular reader of this blog, I'd venture to say you have had medical issues that are, or were, clearly from stress reactions. Consequently, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The stress response may give way for helpful hormones when in true danger but, these very same hormones create a toxic internal bath to the body, which are deadly to the chronically stressed.

The harm is in the thought. The hurt is in the belief, which is basically a thought that a person keeps thinking. 

Here comes the personal stuff...

I grew up with all brothers, and I have worked with 99.9999999% men throughout my entire career, and still do. I have suffered much and survived. The best part of the survival is, I am a thousand times better as a daughter of God, and as a person to humanity. That is my authority and power!

I have experienced nearly every kind of harassment you could possibly imagine that a female could experience in a male dominated career. The best part is I am better for it rather than bitter from it.

I've had a very stressful past, and I have learned much about my authority and power to choose to connect to God, and think what He would have me think of things. The lessons from God are in the struggle. The spiritual expansion, which is basically faith, and trust, are in the struggle.

Stressful events are very real, and the media, and social media are making them even more real. Stressful events have been around since Adam and Eve but now, with the coverage and internet they are more profound.

Here comes more personal stuff...

I had a dream the other night that my grandmother, who passed away over a decade ago, came to me and said, "Acknowledge and appreciate the good that you do. Many say that there are no more good people in the world. Be a good person, and prove that there are still good people in the world. Part of being a good person is acknowledging and appreciating the good you do, the good others do, and the good people in the world." 

She also said, "Put that in your blog."

Crazy! I know! But if your Grandmother came to you in a dream and told you to put it in your blog, you'd put it in your blog, wouldn't you?

What I am trying to say in all of this ramble is, we all have the authority and power to choose what we will acknowledge and appreciate, and whatever we choose to focus on will make us better or bitter.

You have health, love, and wealth. 

You have legs to walk on, arms to hug with, and eyes to savor your loved ones.

You have love in your heart to give to yourself, so that you may share it with others.

You have food on the table, a roof over your head, and family and friends that love you.

The most important things in this world are not necessarily things. The most important things are our authority and power to love, and lift, and to make this world a better place so that we can prove to all who can, and will see, there is much good here.

God is very real!

God is very much in charge!

Our focus on the good, on God, will heal our world. When we have healed our world, we can heal the world that walks before us on a daily basis by loving and lifting.

Like Grandma said, "Acknowledge and appreciate the good that you do, the good that others do, and the good people in the world."

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." ~1 Thessalonians 5:18, KJV

Hocus, pocus, focus...

We have the authority and power to choose our focus.

We have the authority and power to practice this focus into nearly perfect permanence, and as we do, we can, and will become better rather than bitter. 

We can destress!

The harm is in the thought, and the hurt is in the belief, which is just a thought we keep thinking often by default.

Our desires are a seed from the soul to do better for our very own health, love, and wealth.

God bless you my friend.

It is my everlasting, humble prayer that you can and will see the good that you do.

I love you...

Speak soon...


Sunday, July 28, 2019

Happiness IS Success

Hello there...

Happiness and Success to Destress is the topic of this day.

How are you doing my friend?

I'm ever praying for you. For your happiness, joy, and vitality.

In recent posts I've written about Meditation, Affirmations, and Visualizations because I know the importance of using the authority we have to guard the gate of our mind, and thoughts, so that we may be thoughtful in our actions. Unfortunately the human conditioning trains us up to react in habitual, thoughtless ways to situations around us, which creates habits of negative emotions. It is our training.

You must know that we are born pure love, loving to learn, listen, love, and understand but then the human conditioning trains us to compare ourselves with others, and focus on what is wrong in life by complaining about, and criticizing others, ourselves, and things.

I have learned in my journey in life that everyone wants to love but some have a misunderstanding in that they are taught love is conditional and comes from others. I misunderstood this too. 

The real truth is love comes from within, and from a connection to God.

When a person discovers the truth about love, and that it is in us to give, he or she can, and will find true happiness. That happiness is success.

Think about that for a moment.

Think about this... anything anyone wants, cars, degrees, homes, lovers, money, and/or titles, it is because they believe it will make them happy. The thing is, where ever you go, there you are. Meaning, if you are happy or unhappy these things you want will enhance the happiness or the unhappiness.

I know people with everything! All of it! And they are miserable because they bitch, and complain, and criticize, and then people have no desire to be around them. When people do not want to be around them, it just gives them more reason to be unhappy.

I know people with everything, or nothing, and they are the happiest people in the Universe because they are confident and connected to God.

Do you want more?

Could it be that you just want to be happy?

If you can see that happiness is success, and you want to be happier, love yourself enough to begin the retraining of your brain to destress your life and please consider meditating, affirming, and visualizing by desire.

You are the most important person in your life, and if you want more happiness, you can choose to use your authority and power by choosing to guard the gate of your thoughts. You have the power to choose to think better thoughts about and for you. We are intelligent beings and just because we have not been trained to focus by desire doesn't mean we can't.

It is my prayer that you appreciate and love yourself, and your life, enough to do a little work on your mind to bring you more happiness, and more success if that is what you want. If you do not believe you can, maybe you could try to believe a little more in you.

I am a witness to loving life, and to being a confident connection to God by using my authority and powers. If I can train myself, and help others to do it, you and I can help you too, if that is your desire.

The only real advice I have for you, for anyone is that you are doing really, really, really good, and if you don't know that you are, it is because you are not focused on or looking for the good that you do.

That is all...

Except, I love you, and I am ever praying for you. Never doubt that!

Speak soon...


Friday, July 19, 2019

Spiritual Expansion

Well Hey There!

Spiritual Expansion is the topic of this day.

How are you doing my friend? My dear sweet friend.

It is my prayer that you are feeling calm, confident, and connected to God.

In my last post, Training Your Brain to Destress, I offered the affirmation, "God loves me, God cares for me, and He is giving me all good things for my spiritual expansion."

Spiritual expansion is always greater/increased confidence/faith, which is basically love. 

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." ~1 John 4:18, New Testament, The Holy Bible, KJV

I love that scripture so much!

Spiritual expansion is relearning the love that we are. The love that we came into this world being, and that was cast out by conditioning. 

Hate is the opposite of love, and so it must be fear. I never say the "H" word except when I am teaching about it because I have no hate. Therefore, there is no reason to use that word. Nevertheless, hate is taught to us, and grows with practice. It is a powerful emotion, and word but love is above it. 

Love is above it all.

Love is for giving to the self, and to others.

It is my humble opinion that people who hate, have a certain hate for themselves, and it is displayed outward towards others, and certain things. 

Hate is the strongest negative emotion there is, and love is the strongest energy there is.

Do you love yourself?

Crazy question, I know! But the craziest part is that if you dislike, or even hate yourself, you are not only breaking your future and life, you are draining your energy.

What I am trying to say in all of this ramble is that God does love you, God does care for you, and He is giving you all good things. Anyone can, and will see this if he or she is willing to stop hating, and start looking for the lesson in the things they proclaim to hate.

In my humble opinion, the lesson is always faith, love, and patience usually towards the self. The lesson truly is exquisite focus on trusting God.

It is human nature to focus on what is wrong, for example: 

A person may hate themselves because they aren't good looking enough, rich enough, slim enough, smart enough, or young enough and so he or she is so extremely focused on that hate, they are too busy to appreciate what they are, and what they have.

Appreciation is the truth. 

Appreciation feels so very close to love, and when we focus exquisitely on what we love, we can and will feel so much more joy.

There is so much more good in this world than there is bad, and so no one can say that I am asking anyone to ignore the bad, I am just saying focus on what is right!

Appreciation is the key!

Love is the truth!

With exquisite focus on appreciation and love for others, and the self, anyone can and will expand spiritually.

You just gotta practice, and never give up!

Affirm and remind yourself of it daily, hourly, and moment by moment.

I have a very joyful life, and it is all because of God, and the blessing from practicing appreciation, love, and never giving up on God or me, EVER!

Connecting to God is a constant practice, and that is my authority and power in which I choose.

We have a choice, and if you do not believe you do, you just may not believe in you.

If you do not believe in you, you just may not appreciate and love yourself enough to.

That's all I got my friend!

Appreciation and love for God, for life, and for you!

Hocus, pocus, focus!

Practice makes perfect permanence!

That's what life is all about!

God bless you my dear friend. 

Ever praying for your calm, confidence, and connection to God. That is the healing.

That is my passion, my purpose in serving the Lord. 

May God bless you with more authority and power to focus on your benefits and blessings.

Speak soon...


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Training Your Brain to Destress

Well hello there...

How are you doing this day?

Are you angry, anxious, depressed, irritable, or moody?

If you are, read on, and hopefully this post will help you.

Years ago, when I began helping people with stress, a few wives sent their husbands to me in hopes that I could help them.

These men were the first one's outside of the Emergency Field or Military that I assisted.

One of them actually told me that he was cooperative in seeing me due to the threat of divorce from his wife.

Back then, the economy was bad, and everyone of these individuals was afraid of the future, which is basically stress. Stress shows up mostly via anger and anxiety in men, which displays as irritability and moodiness. Nevertheless, all of it was fear of the future, and when we are afraid, the stress response kicks in, we lose control, and our family, and health suffers. 

These men were big money makers, and smart enough to know that what ever they did can and will affect their family and future. Each one of them wanted improvement because their family, especially their wife, was a priority, and very important to them.

We focused on meditation, affirmations, and visualizations.

As human beings we are trained up to be afraid and discouraged because of what might happen, and this creates a racing mind. The remedy for a racing mind is meditation because it quiets the mind, which is the opposite. A quiet mind gives confidence, safety, and security.

Also as humans, our fearful thoughts gives us unsupported vocabulary of discouragement like, "I'm so overwhelmed, and I don't think I can handle this." These thoughts and words lead to insecurity. These thoughts and words are unhelpful affirmations by default. The remedy for hurtful phrases by default are intentional phrases by desire like, "I am doing very well under the circumstances, and I can handle whatever comes my way because I always have and I really don't have a choice." You may not believe that affirmations work, but you have a choice, default or desire.

Another thing we do by default, as humans, is visualize. Do you know that all three of these gentlemen were visualizing the worst possible outcome just by habit? That's what stress does to us. Stress makes us afraid of the future especially because we think of, and visualize in our mind, the absolute worst possible thing that can happen.

Some people say that fear is good because it makes us move forward. I do not believe this to be true. What if the habit of fear makes a person move forward only some of the time, and immobilizes their actions the majority of the time? 

Stress promotes and sustains insecurity. 

No one wants insecurity.

What if a person could replace the awful habit of being afraid of the future with calm, confidence? It's absolutely possible for anybody to practice confidence and overcome insecurity but he or she must be consistent and never give up.

If you have practiced anger, anxiety, and depression for twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, or more years, it may take a while to overcome these habits. But certainly worth it!

I understand that people may believe that the anger, anxiety, and/or depression is not in his or her control. I get that! I hear it all the time, and I actually believed it too. Not only did I believe it, I argued for it. But now, having changed myself, and helped the numerous people that I have in healing, I know without a doubt that if I can overcome negative emotions, anyone can!

The way to heal is to recondition, and retrain your brain to destress. 

Meditation for healing the doubt, fear, and worry of the racing mind, and intentional affirmations and visualizations for habits of creating confidence, are the keys to relieve stressful behaviors, and beliefs.

Try this...

Everyday for at least thirty days, do these three things...

1) Go to a quiet uninterrupted environment, at the same time everyday, sit up, and focus on your breath and/or heart beat for at least five minutes. If you find that too difficult sit and focus on the sounds of this meditation video. Then, through out the day, bring yourself to that calm, quiet, and relaxed state as often as you can remember to. That's called practicing, and it is very helpful to practice any destressing habit into permanence. 

A calm, quiet, and relaxed body, and mind create a peaceful soul, and oh what a blissful life it makes.

2) Memorize this affirmation, and repeat it in your mind, all day, and everyday "God loves me, God cares for me, and He is giving me all good things for my spiritual expansion." But don't just repeat it, contemplate it, and watch yourself focus more intentionally towards your faithfulness towards you.

3) When you feel anxious or nervous about anything, ask yourself, "What would be the perfect outcome for this situation I am concerned/worried about?" And try to cultivate the habit of visualizing the best outcome. This is visualizing by desire, and if you do it often enough, you can, and will replace the default of the fearful future mentality with the desired outcome mindset. 

You cannot tell the future whether you are optimistic, or pessimistic, but you can build your confidence.

All three of these habits can and will assist with confidence, which is the opposite of insecurity, which is basically stress.

Another thirty day challenge.

I'm just trying to point you in the direction of healing, and relieving the negative emotions that come due to years of practiced stressful habits. If that's what you want, then make a commitment to do the proposed exercises and retrain your brain to destress.

It's all up to you, and it's all about you...

and your family...

and your future...

and your happiness...

and your health...

and, believe it or not, your wealth as well...

Big Hugs Friend!

I'm praying for you!

I'm praying for your confidence and faith in you!

God bless you!!!

Speak soon...