Saturday, May 1, 2021

Why do we Suffer?

Hello my dear reader!

How are you doing these days? Praying you are Destressing Your Stress!

Please forgive me for not posting much. I have been doing the Lord's work as best I know how and I'm not necessarily guided to blog for some reason. 

I'm learning more and more each day that God is, in fact, in charge and I am practicing faith, patience, and trust. I've come a long way from my adolescence to enlightenment, and I continue to teeter back and forth. At least I'm teetering on the enlightenment side much more than I use to.

So much to learn about spiritual nature in this life of human conditioning. So much to be grateful for and delicate about with others. 

I'm learning and learning.

I'm lifting and lifting.

I'm listening and listening.

I'm loving and loving.

I'm trying my hardest to live in the Christlike life, and with application and practice, I believe I'm getting better.

I found this draft of a post I wrote two years ago and don't think I ever published it. And if I did, I do not remember. Although, I do write similar posts with repetitive repetition. ~wink~

Anyways, I thought I'd post it.

Here it is...

I would like to discuss why we suffer for just a moment today.

How are you doing? Are you alright? It is my hope and my prayer that you, my dear sweet friend, are enjoying life.

Last night I had a dream God was telling me the most important things are charity, compassion, love, and understanding.

That was the entire dream, nothing more and nothing less. It's strange but, I've had about a dozen dreams in the past couple years of God talking to me.

It is my belief this dream is the key to our suffering...

Do you know I believe that I suffered much in my past? I do not talk about it because suffering is not my focus. Happiness, joy, and vitality are my focus.

Nevertheless, let me share a little glimpse of my struggles with you to give you an idea of why I am where I am in life.

I grew up with all brothers, and I've worked with all men for my entire adult life. My brothers, although very kind, were very tough on me. One of my brothers tried, in my opinion, to kill me twice when I was very young. I had no choice but to learn to toughen up and protect myself. This toughening up prepared me for my career.

When I was a young EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), I was the only female amongst about two hundred and fifty men. I think at the time there may have been one or two females that were part time. My first partner I ever had was extremely verbally abusive to me, and in my first year I was verbally and sexually harassed on more than a few occasions.

Within that first year I was strong enough to speak up, and after investigations some men were terminated. Due to rumors, because not everyone knew the facts, sometimes my work environment was made worse for me. There were quite a few men that made work very difficult for me. Although, I must mention, many of the men I worked with really lifted me with kindness, and most likely aware of what I was going through.

Another struggle I endured within my career was I had five friends die. Also, I was a single Mother, all the while attending and studying for graduate and undergraduate school, and I suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Amid all of this living, I was trying my hardest to manage my ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) which probably was the source of my suicidal ideations I had for probably greater than the first half of my life. Frequently, I could not focus or sit still, and it gave me great anger, anxiety, and depression.

All of that is just a fraction of what I went through, not to mention the heartache of raising a teenage boy, which quite possibly was the hardest part because we sometimes fought and it made me feel more horrible than anything else because of the great love I have for him.

Although this is but a glimpse of my challenges, I find it important to disclaim I don't normally discuss the bad because I know that it brings people down, and tends to bring back a bit of negative emotions for me. Many people believe it is necessary to discuss the difficulties in life but it just makes us relive our challenges, which keeps us in negative emotions that DO NOT belong to us.

I have learned to love myself enough to focus on the affirmative, which happens to be Jesus Christ, the light of this world. 

The reason I share this is because all of my adversity has lead me to the amazingly, awesome life I have now. My appreciation for others and myself is too large for words. 

Without my challenges, there is no way I could have such gratitude for my life.

It is my humble opinion that we suffer so that we may learn from human experience that we are spiritual beings. It is my belief that if we did not have a hard time we may never turn to God and discover the power of faith to over come fear, aka the negative.

If we are angry, anxious, or depressed it is quite literally our purpose to connect to God, and overcome these afflictions so that we may have immense joy.

When we release these negative emotions that do not belong to us, we may have happiness, joy, and vitality for life. 




We may be an example to others and lift them up so that they can, and will experience elation too. That is our purpose! That is the purpose for our suffering, so that we may turn to and connect to God, discover He is real, and know joy so we may lift others up too.  

It is possible to be lifted to a level of eagerness and excitement for this life, and be the example so others can and will experience this too.

Just like the kindness given to me that lifted me in times of hardship, by the men in my occupation, when I was suffering such anguish, we can be there for another.

We are all in this together!

Back to my dream...

It is so very important to have charity, compassion, love, and understanding for others but first we must have these behaviors for ourselves. These are the keys to healing. These are the truths to overcoming our difficulties.

The sufferings are the negative emotions, and the remedies come from connecting to God, which is connecting to love by creating behaviors from beliefs of charity, compassion, love, and understanding. It all starts with the self. 

It is my prayer that you, my dear sweet brother/sister, my dear wonderful friend, will thoughtfully connect to God and practice more habits of charity, compassion, love, and understanding for yourself, and that it will become a habit of immense joy, which will relieve all negative emotions.

Our suffering is for our spiritual expansion.

Our suffering is to turn to God, and find out how real He is.

Our suffering is a big part of our purpose. It is our purpose to find out we can seek, and find relief by desire. The human conditioning gives us fear by default, and we can, and will discover we have the free will to choose what we desire.

The lesson is ALWAYS faith, patience, and trust. 

The homework is ALWAYS application, practice, and repetition.

That is all...


I love you... of course ~wink~

Speak soon...


Thursday, April 1, 2021

How to Destress Your Stress

How to destress your stress is what I would like to blog about this day.

Hello my dear reader...

This is an older post from February 2015 that I came across and decided to edit and repost.

Forgive me for not blogging the last two months. I've been in training. Spiritual training that is.

I've been reading up on and researching the science of God, which is basically scientists explaining God, and I have been doing spiritual experiments that have shown me I am but learning to crawl in my spirituality.

Might sound crazy but, I have had more dreams, guidance, and inspiration than I ever have. At this particular time, because I am so infantile in my learning, I am not necessarily ready to report and share with the world quite yet.

Therefore, I am not certain what to write about. Nevertheless, I've been searching my mind, and reading my old posts in search of direction to give to anyone seeking it.

I do not want to boast, I do, however, want you to know that I have over one hundred readers a day, and with that I want to be here for anyone who needs it. 

We all are brothers and sisters in this world. I believe that with all my heart and soul. We are our Heavenly Father's spiritual children, and our purpose, whether we know it or not, is to help and lift one another. That is the fruit of the spirit, and who we really are.

With that said...

Here is the post...

Are you enjoying life?

Are you having a good time?

Are you having a hard time?

Are you having a hard time financially?

Are you having a hard time emotionally?

Are you having a hard time enjoying life?

Are you having a hard time sleeping?

Are you having a hard time with your relationships?

What if I told you that when we are having a hard time doing anything, we are stressed?

What if I told you that I could point you in the direction of relieving stressful times?

What if I told you that if you did this one particular thing everyday it would destress your stress, would you do it?

What have you got to lose?

The only thing you have to lose is your stress!

Stress is strain, and strain comes when we are having a hard time whether it be financial, emotional, sleep, or with our relationships.

The purpose of life is to get better and better so that we may have happiness, joy, and vitality.

Do you feel like you are getting better and better at life?

If you are getting better and better then you are aware of how to do it and you are taking the steps to get there.

You might be saying, "Elizabeth! I know how to get better and better but my circumstances are preventing me! I have people around me that are making things difficult. My responsibilities at home are just too overwhelming, and I never have enough money to pay my bills, let alone to do something I enjoy."

Trust me, I totally get what you are saying! 

Devastation and difficult times can be super tough. I get it, believe me!

When I was a young single Mother, I had to work full-time, pay the rent and eventually the mortgage, make sure there was food on the table, and I had to be certain my son was not neglected so that it would be easier for him to live his potential, all the while attending college and doing homework.

Kid you not, I probably didn't get a full night of sleep for about five years straight from the time my son was eight years old until he was thirteen.  That, my friend was not easy.  I was so stressed out, I had anxiety attacks, I cried myself to sleep when I did get sleep, and I felt all alone, I mean really alone.

To top it off, work was so very hard for me. I was a female EMT among mostly men and I had a very horrible reputation because of the struggles I had with certain individuals at work.

This girl was mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. 

Thank goodness my undergraduate degree was in Behavioral Science, and so I began to observe my own behaviors from my beliefs, and this is what I found...

I was allowing society to not only teach me how to be angry, anxious, and depressed, I allowed it to enable me to be.

Nearly everywhere I turned, people were getting angry, they were anxious, and they had depression because it was more and more the normal thing to do.

Another thing was the TV, especially movies and sitcoms, the glorifying of drama, including irritability, lack of impulse control, and moodiness. It's simply conditioning called entertainment.

This daily, and weekly observation of behavior and entertainment became 'normal' to me, it crept into my subconscious mind, and then I was living by habits of default, which is basically being on auto pilot.

When I was living by the auto pilot of my mind, I was giving up my free agency because I was acting by stressful habit rather than thinking before behaving.

Do you believe you think before you react via habit?

Let's examine this.

If we think, rather than react by habit, then we must think thoughts of faith, hope, and charity. This way of thinking happens to be the pure love of Christ, who was the only perfect person that has ever lived. If we are Christian, we are behaving what we believe, are we not? If we aren't it may be because we are not thinking before we react.

The opposite of faith, hope, and charity is fear, hopelessness, and selfishness.

Thoughts of fear create feelings of fear, which is where anxiety comes from.

Thoughts of hopelessness create feelings of hopelessness, and that is where depression comes from.

If we really think before we act we know that thoughts of faith, hope, and charity create happiness, energy, and vitality, and that is what we want right? So if that's what we want, we could intentionally think in a way that creates it.

If we are feeling stressed, i.e., anxiety, and/or depression, it could be we are reacting from a habitual place of the subconscious mind.

What do you think about that?  Have you ever considered that?

Better yet, have you ever thought about how to overcome the habitual, subconscious mind?

Please let me tell you about the one thing I was talking about earlier that will point an individual in the direction of relieving trying times.

One thing that can help nearly anyone destress is the conscious choosing of thoughts towards faith, hope, and charity, which will create feelings of faith, hope, and charity.

Why would anyone want to choose conscious thoughts of faith, hope, and charity?

The reason I choose conscious thoughts of faith, hope, and charity is not only because it gives me happiness, energy, and vitality, but it also gives me calm, confidence, and certainty in life, others, and myself. This is a way of choosing my thoughts and making them into habits. This is leveraging the subconscious mind in my favor by desire.

Pretty cool eh?

Have you considered that for yourself?

Wouldn't you enjoy that?

Yes?  Awesome!  Let me tell you how you can obtain it.

You do it by a simple Meditation, and it only takes five minutes a day.

It's a five minute meditation that helps an individual practice using their conscious mind, and practice makes nearly perfect.

I have been meditating for over fifteen years (edit: over twenty-one years now), and I have been teaching meditation for over ten years.

This is the most effective procedure I have seen.

This Meditation Practice will help an individual evolve the anxious, racing, and worrisome mind into a calm, confident, and quiet mind. I know this is so.

Practice makes nearly perfect; you know that, and I know that because it is a big part of the science of behavior.

If you have been angry, anxious, or depressed for a long time, especially since childhood, it is very possible that you are nearly perfect at it.  The only way to replace this negative emotion is to practice the opposite, and we can do that with Meditation.

Try it! Matter of fact, dedicate yourself to it, and just watch yourself teeter into the feelings of security, which is the opposite of feeling stressed.

I have witnessed many people who have come out of despair through meditation. Much of these individuals continue to meditate years later, which I happen to be one of. I shall never stop meditating because I know it gives me the practice of inner peace, which leads to considerable self-control.

This is the way to destress your stress and to help ease and prevent the effects of crisis, despair, and/or devastation.

This is also a way to reduce moderate to mild stress, as well as major chronic stress.

Edit to post (March 2021)...

Another way of meditating is conscious concentration and contemplation of a phrase or a word. We are concentrating, contemplating beings, and if we choose our focus consciously, I know, we can evolve the doubt, fear, and worry of anything into the faith, hope, and charity for ourselves, and others.

If one could, and would keep the words faith, hope, and charity intentionally at the forefront of his or her mind, thoughts to destress ensue. Try it, for at least four days, and see how it can destress your stress. And if you are brave enough, make it a commitment to do it for thirty days.

Consider doing both meditations given above. Practicing calm quiet by listening to the video, and intentional contemplation of the words faith, hope, and charity. This application can cultivate great confidence and faith, which will assist in prevention, as well as, releasing stress.

Please understand that I understand the repetition of exercises, phrases, and words in my blog posts. Also, please consider the great part of reconditioning, and relearning is repetition. Repetition is the great law of learning. In this great law of learning, in my humble opinion, is a significant way to relieve strain, stress, and misery, which is basically destressing yourself.

Never beat yourself up! 

Never give up!

This is enduring to the end in creating a spiritual life of energy, joy, and vitality. You cannot go wrong in this way.

This is spiritual research via experiments.

Take good care...

Speak soon...


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Breaking Point

Hey there.  How are you?  Praying you are alright! This is an old post that I feel guided to repost. It has a few links in it that may help anyone destress.

Praying for your faith... enjoy...

Have you ever felt like you were at a breaking point?  If you have, you know what it is, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

A breaking point is an emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual place where you feel like you just can't take anymore.  It is a place you are so overwhelmed you feel like you just want to give up.  I have seen this place, I have seen it in my own life, and in many other lives.  

Do you feel like this is something you are going through?

When a person experiences something like this, it can make'em or break'em.  This is a place I have heard hundreds of individuals describe.  They say they can't take it anymore, and they feel like they are 'losing it'.

The breaking point is usually when an individual feels overburdened and everything is in his or her face. They may think, "What am I going to do?" 

Feels like being submerged in overload. 

Often, when one is at this point, he or she may be thinking of all the things that are wrong, and about the worst possible outcomes that can happen.  This is major fear, and this is major worry that can cause major anxiety.

This can be a very critical point in a person's life.  This can be a short moment in time, many months, or even longer, of feeling weighed down.

Through the years, I have worked with many individuals who were at this point.  A couple of the people I have worked with were teenagers, who were in a situation at home that was causing severe anxiety, and/or depression.  Some others, I have worked with, had severe financial difficulties, and lost everything tangible.  

Additionally, I have worked with people who have been emotionally spent due to loneliness, despair, or frustration.

So, if you are at a breaking point, what can you do?

I am so very excited that you asked ;0)

If you are in a place as described above, the first thing you can do is ask yourself what the heck it is?  What is going on for you right now?  It may be fear of what might happen and the thought that you will not know how to, or if you can, handle it.  

Ask yourself, "What am I afraid of?"

After examination, and some possible clarity, it is my most humble opinion the absolute best thing anyone can do is pour one's heart out to God.  Talk to Him, and tell Him what you are afraid of, and what your biggest fears are.  

Why do you want to do this?  

You want to do this because you are Heavenly Father's child, and He loves you.  You are so very special to Him, and you will feel comfort from this because He wants you to turn to Him so that He can give you comfort.

Crisis asks for focus, and that focus is towards God. 

When we turn to God in crisis, we can discover God is very real!

After you have turned to Heavenly Father, you will feel comfort.

With all my heart, I believe that when we have troubles, I mean really big troubles, it is an opportunity to get closer to God.  Part of the reason He gives us trials is so we can learn to lean on Him more frequently.

In Romans 12:12, in the Holy Bible, KJV,  it says, "Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;"

Rejoicing in hope is being happy for your ambitions, aspirations, and dreams.  

Patient in tribulation is willing to endure the thing, or things, that are causing you pain and unhappiness.  

Continuing instant in prayer is carrying on and persisting in your conversations with God.

Mainly, focus on your dreams, be willing to endure the trial with trust in God, and persist, right now, in your conversations with God.

When we are at a breaking point, I truly believe it is very human to do the opposite.  To focus on what we don't want, being impatient and fearful, and forgetting to turn to God, is conditioning of the human experience.

My friend, my dear reader, if you can find it within, dream big, focus on what you want, be willing to endure your trials with trust, and be constantly in conversation with God.

You can do this.  

You got the power.  

You are so very special and you can remind yourself of this in the moment of a breaking point, and the entire time you have the struggle you are going through.

Get your journal, write down all the things you dream of in your life, and write down all of the evidence, your successes and accomplishments, that remind you that you can have them.

And know this...  You can handle anything you are going through, you can handle anything that comes your way, and you will manage this because you always have overcome your trials in the past. 

You are so very capable, you are so very smart, you are so very strong, and you are so very divine.  

The thing is, if you are at a breaking point, you may have just forgot all of your divinity.  You are a child of God, and that makes you divine.

You can be, do, and have anything your heart desires, believe in this, and believe in yourself.  Have faith my friend!  

God has faith in you!  

I have faith in you!

Focus on faith in yourself my dear friend, if you feel like you need to!

God wants you to remember how special you are!

You are His child!

God wants us to remember how special everyone is!

Remember how special everyone is because others may be at their breaking point, and we can lift them by loving them.

Big Hugs...

Speak soon...


Monday, January 25, 2021

Destressing Fear

Hey, hey! How're you doing today?

Destressing fear is what I'd like to consider this day...

I'm praying a special prayer in my heart that you're alright but, if you are not, maybe this post will help you.

I'm not going to ask if you did the exercise in the last post but, if you didn't, and you'd like to, you can by clicking, Destress Yourself with a Heart Full of Love

My prayer is that you did it because reaching out to others and lifting by listening is a great way to release emotions of fear, and increase faith. It's a default factor in the human existence. We cannot fear and faith at the same time. Therefore, feeling good, and feeling faith, relieves feeling fear. Cool, wouldn't you say?

Nevertheless, I did the exercise, and it felt really, really great! I was literally on top of the world, feeling so good inside, I had to cry to let the beatific emotions out. It is overwhelming to feel the true love of God in the human body. Hard to explain if you've never felt it, maybe I'll try to sometime in another post.

Today, I want to examine the idea of destressing fear because recently I went onto a social media platform (which I rarely do these days) and I noticed a very good friend of mine losing it.

Literally losing it on his posts like a teenage girl throwing a tantrum because she isn't getting her way. 

Okay, okay, I understand that what I just wrote is very unkind but, think about it! A grown man on social media saying things like a thirteen year old girl and not even knowing it.

Two men, I love very much, and I had a rich conversation last night that pertains to this.

One was explaining to me, when people have bad breath everyone in the room knows it except the person with bad breath. I'm paraphrasing of course but, what he is saying is sometimes people lack self-awareness.

This can happen to anyone. More often for some than others yet, it's pretty normal.

The other was saying that we create our own reality. I'm paraphrasing again, still, very true.

When I was a young EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), about twenty six years ago, I had two very bad 911 calls in very close time proximity. These calls involved deaths of children. Immediately afterwards, I was behaving in a way that was not normal for me. 

In other words, I was losing it, very much like my friend on social media.

When I was losing control, something spoke to me within that said, "this is not normal."

I'm very grateful for that still small voice within because once I was aware, I quickly softened my anger and irritability, which was not common for me.

I was lucky to recognize the "not normal-ness" and I was able to change my behaviors, which were coming from my beliefs, which were coming from the thoughts that I kept thinking of not being safe.

I was literally losing my faith in God, in life, in others, and in myself. This is what leads to feeling afraid, and unsafe.

I call this place I was in, teetering on the fence of testimony.

It is my humble opinion that my friend is teetering on the fence of testimony, on social media because of the thoughts he keeps thinking about his fear of the future, and that makes him feel unsafe. But he is safe! The stressful thoughts that he keeps thinking convinces him that he is not.

This occurs among Emergency Personnel, which he happens to be, and has been for over twenty years.

There is not one word I could say to him that would make things better unless he wanted to hear them, and so I will say them here, as though I am talking to him, and maybe you need to hear these words too. If not, that's cool too. I guess I'm praying out loud, on my blog for him.

This is what I would say...

"Dear friend, dear sweet friend, please, have a seat, and take a deep breath, exhale, and relax your body and mind." 

"Dear friend, my dear sweet friend, you are alright right now! You are safe, your family is safe, and you are lucky to have your health, and your family that loves you so very much."

"I want to tell you something, with all the love in my heart, and that is your behavior is not normal. You are smart, you are strong, you are a brilliant soul, and your behavior of late is very unnatural for you."

"It's not normal!"

"Please, for one moment consider you may be letting fearful thoughts of the future take hold of you. This fear can hurt you, your health, and your family."

"You are alright! You are safe! You have everything anyone could ever ask for, and if you recognize this you will gain your power back, right now." 

"The only thing you have is this moment. The only thing any of us has is this moment, right here, and right now, and we have the power to choose to feel safe or give up our choice and feel fear by default."

"Everything we do is from a place of faith or fear. Everything we do lifts our self or lowers, and we have a choice. This is a will that God has given nearly every human being."

"You are alright!"

"Choose your focus and take back your power, and practice it moment by moment and you will see, everything is fine, you are fine, and your family is magnificent."

That is probably what I would say to him, that is my prayer for him. I know with all the confidence in my soul that he could and would hear these words, and chill. 

Most people can hear the truth, and the truth is he is alright, right here, and right now. He is not in any imminent danger even though he is acting like he is.

He is a man of God who is forgetting his faith by default. 

This default of human conditioning is exactly why I do the spiritual experiments that I do, and it is exactly why I offer them to you, the reader. It is so we can destress our fear that we have been conditioned and trained up in. So we can eliminate the habitual thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry.

Fear is a lie! If you disagree, you may have been convinced by default, when we know that God is very real.

Doing the experiments and conditioning ourselves towards confidence and faith is the design, and eliminating the fear, misery, and stress is the desire.

No matter what anyone wants, whether it be health, love, possessions, or wealth it is because we believe it will make us feel better. The truth is, we all want happiness, and we get that by living a life of confidence, faith, patience, and trust because the alternative is misery.

Misery comes from anger, anxiety, depression, and despair, which comes from fear, insecurity, and mistrust.

You may believe that misery comes from what happens to us but, I can show you that it is our thoughts about what happens to us.

Certainly death, dismemberment, divorce, or dying can cause veracious misery in life. But the question would then be, "is your behavior out of proportion to your circumstances?" much like my friend's is or mine was?

Think about these questions...

Are you acting like someone is trying to kill you when in fact, nothing is going on right now? Are your thoughts of what might happen ruining your moments now?

Do you believe you must freak out because of what might happen in the future, and those people who don't freak out are ignorant beings? Is freaking out a part of emotional and mental stability and confidence and self-control uneducated?

Silly questions? My good friend, an old colleague,  would say I'm being facetious.

Confidence and self-control are characteristics of a destressed person. Insecurity and loss of emotional and mental stability are mannerisms of stress.

Do the questions and words that I have written upset you? 

It is my prayer that you are not offended, and if you are, and you aren't experiencing the D's of devastation mentioned above, you may want to seek some healing help.

Something to reflect. And I say that with all the love in my heart, and I have a whole lot of love in my heart.

Please know, I am not trying to be unkind, I am, however, trying to provoke some self awareness in anyone who may need it for the healing of his or her world.

My only desire is to love, and to be a healing help to anyone because I rather people not feel despair and/or sorrow if they don't want to.

I write with charity, the pure love of Christ, in my heart, and a prayer of helping anyone who wants it.

Trust in that my dear brother/sister of this world.

The lesson is always faith, patience, and trust in God, and we must apply it into permanence. 

I don't necessarily have any homework, or spiritual experiments for you today but, I have a link list below that will offer very much on exercising your faith.

Increasing Habits of Faith - this post has a thirty day challenge to help increase your faith.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction - this post offers a exercise on mindfulness.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  - another post with an exercise on mindfulness.

Peace of Mind - a post on eh-em... peace of mind ~wink~

God bless you my dear sweet reader.

It is my prayer, if you have fear, it has been relieved. 

It is also my prayer, if you want permanent stress relief, you will practice spiritual exercises, and experiments into perfect permanence.

Speak soon,

Elizabeth Stanfill

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Destress Yourself with a Heart Full of Love

Hello my dear reader...

How are you doing?

Got questions about love for you...

But first, did you do the spiritual experiment from last post, Faith Over Force? I certainly did, and it really got me thinking about my faith in God, and how I can do all things through Him and that faith.

This focus on faith kept me away from thoughts of fear. Pretty cool, I think. Being faithful and fearless is what destressing yourself is all about.

I've been writing about faith, God, and love a lot because I know that is the foundation of everyone's purpose in life. As I do these experiments and write about spiritual expansion, I have dreams.

Yesterday, when I was a sleep, I dreamt that I fell a sleep (funny, I know!), and God came to me and said, "Be neutral, be silent, for there I am." Then I woke up from my dream, in my dream.

Crazy, crazy but so really real to me.

So, I'd like to ask questions about love because, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love," ~Galatians 5:22, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

We are spiritual! And we are love!

Have you been showing love?

How often do you show love through actions and words towards your loved ones? 

Is it everyday?  

Once a week? 

Every other week? 

Our family and friends need our love through actions and words. It brings us closer and the more often we show our love the happier we will be. 

The happier we are the less stressed we are. 

One of my good friends always tells me that if she is feeling sad or lonely the first thing she does is call someone else to see how they are and if they need anything. 

She receives comfort in comforting a loved one. 

I have to agree with her. When I reach out to another  it helps me feel better. 

This is a great way to destress yourself with a heart full of love, by showing love.

Reaching out to others reminds me of the scripture, "Pure religion and indefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." ~James 1:27, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

Is there someone you can reach out to, and maybe lift up by listening to them, and letting them know you are there if they need it?

One of my focuses for 2021 is to talk less and listen more. Listen more to others to learn more and understand more. We need each other, and I want to be for others what I would like others to be for me.

Let us create a spiritual experiment, shall we! 

I'm laughing out loud because I think I am so clever and cute with these spiritual experiments. These experiments are to create habits of faith over fear, for 2021

Spiritual experiment:

Everyday, for as many days as possible, see if you can think of someone who may need lifting, or you might want to talk to, and give them a call. Give them a call with the intention of lifting them my listening.

As God said in my dream, "Be neutral, be silent, for there I am." Listen to that person with the love of God in your heart.

This is the year for increasing faith my friend.

That's it! Short and sweet, straight to the meat!

Have a great week!

Big Hugs...

Speak soon my friend.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Faith Over Force

 Hey, hey!

Faith over force is what I'd like to discuss this day, but first! I'm wondering if you did the assignment from the last post, 2021 Destressing by Spiritual Expansion? You know I did... ~wink~

On day one I meditated upon Hebrews 11:1, and continued to contemplate it through out the day and I found myself asking, "What do I want?" The only answer I had was to love.

All I want to do is love because it feels so good and things go so well.

Have you ever been in love?

Do you know how wonderful that feels?

Do you know what wonderful moments are made when you are in love?

I've discovered, from spiritual education and experiments, I do not need to be in love with any particular person, so to speak, to be in love because I have discovered that I can be love. Love comes from within. 

Truly, I am love, and I am practicing it daily.

Love is the fruit of the spirit, and we are spiritual.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is not law." ~ Galatians 5:22-23, New Testament, Holy Bible

We are spiritual, and we are born into this existence as such. Look at any child, and he or she is exactly what the quote above describes until he or she is conditioned into human ways to believe his or her love depends on what others do for and to us. Some friends, parents and teachers can condition love in this way.

All these spiritual experiments I do and write about are based on the hypothesis that the human conditioning can train us away from who we truly are, and the premise of self conditioning and training can bring us back to our spiritual nature.

Human conditioning promotes fear.

Spiritual nature is faith.

These thoughts are what bring me to faith over force.

As a spiritual scientist, because you are doing spiritual experiments and I dub you as such, we look at evidence that is true, and is untrue regarding human conditioning versus spiritual nature. 

For example, when a child is born, they are pure spirit, as described in the scripture above. Also, human conditioning can remove these innate qualities that a child once had.

This is evidence! 

You may have the argument that you know a child that is, or was not as described as above, and I could, and would dispute it by looking at stress from an experts view versus a non experts perspective. But that is a topic for a different blog post.

Back to faith over force.

Some people are lucky enough to have parents that raised them in the way of confidence, by example, and they remain spiritual in faith because of this conditioning. 

Some people are lucky enough to have parents who remain in the state of doubt, fear, and worry, and yet still prevail in their spirituality via decisions they make on their own.

Some people are less lucky and have parents who are very dramatic and teach insecurity by example, and therefore become insecure and believe they can only get their way by controlling others and force.

To discuss our past keeps us in the problem rather than the solution but I propose the above evidence purely for intro to the faith over force idea I'm about to present.

Faith is clarity and the foundation of confidence.

Fear is confusion and the foundation of force.

As I contemplated, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." ~Hebrews 11:1, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

All week long, I found myself noticing the force on others, from others because of a feared outcome, and the faith of others because of their confidence. It was as though God was showing me the difference.

Some people actually believe you have to control others because they are afraid of what "might" happen in the future. I use to be like that. I am still like that in some situations, but less and less as I do my spiritual research on God, faith, love, patience, and trust.

Practiced faith is the solution to every problem. Fear is the problem, and we can skip the problem by practicing faith.

What problem is fear?

Fear causes anger, anxiety, depression, and despair.

I know, I know, I repeat myself repeatedly but repetition is the great law of learning. Memorization, and practice are the way to permanence. 

Confidence is the focus.

Faith is the active practice.

It really is that simple, and yet not necessarily easy.

I'm not here to convince anyone to connect to God by practicing faith. I am, however, here to support you in your efforts to obtain a desire to connect to God through faith, patience, and trust training.

I know without a doubt that anyone who wants to talk and walk with God and receive guidance and inspiration can but they gotta do the work. The work is reconditioning the self back to who we are, back to the spiritual nature.

If you live in the fruit of the spirit, you probably don't need this training, but I do, plus, I love doing the research and experiments.

I've worked with many people who gladly do spiritual experiments, and they always level up. Getting back to who we are is not a degree you obtain, it is an adventure a person desires. It is never ending because we are eternal but the love and joy that is obtained increases more and more, which makes it illuminating and rewarding. 

I digress, as usual.

Back to faith over force.

Being faithful is going with the flow, without any negative emotions or fear. It's a practice.

Being controlling of others' behavior because you need them to be a certain way is fearful and forceful. Often times (probably all times) this fear is absurd and out of the proportion to the actual event.

God is in charge, and when we fear, and become forceful with others, we do not believe God is in charge.

I tell myself this all the time, mostly after the fact.

I want things to go a certain way, meaning, my way, and I begin to be irrational in my wanting to control and force. I'm less and less like this nearly every time it happens, and I am about 1000% better than I use to be.

It really is all about the remembering, and reminding, and practicing.

Going with the flow, chilling out, and trusting God is our spiritual experiment for this week.

All that rambling for prelude to another spiritual experiment. I'm comical.

Faith leads to trust!

2021 is the year for spiritual expansion! 

If you are like me, you really want to connect to God, and talk and walk with Him by faith, patience, and trust.

I know, with all my heart and soul that with God all things are possible, and to have faith in this is behaving like I believe.

Not just saying I believe, but behaving as such.

The spiritual experiment that I offer this day is to concentrate, contemplate, and focus on two short scriptures, so that we may increase our behaviors as we believe.

If we do this, I believe, I know, that connection, guidance and inspiration will come.

In the morning, first thought!

All through out the day!

In the evening as we lay our head on our pillow to fall asleep!

"And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God." ~ Mark 11:22, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

"But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." ~ Matthew 19:26, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

As we meditate upon these memorized scriptures, we will notice more our doubts, fears, force, and worries, and thus be able to intervene.

For those of you who repeatedly tell people you refuse to ignore the horrible things in life because you think it is foolish and ignorant, please read my post on Ignorance is Not Bliss. It may change your mind.

Some people cannot understand spiritual things because they have convinced themselves of nonspiritual things.

Misery is not reserved for a few. Misery happens to everyone. Misery can be a moment in time, like history. If we focus on the miserable things that happen to us it remains our state. Like the people who tell their horrible stories months, even years after they happen.

Appreciation is the truth and it takes practice. We can practice spiritual things such as faith, and cultivate habits that create happiness, health, love, and wealth.

Let's do this! ~wink, wink~

God bless you my dear sweet reader, and thank you so much for going along this spiritual adventure with me.

Big Hugs!

Speak soon...


Sunday, January 3, 2021

2021 Destressing by Spiritual Expansion

Hello! Happy 2021!

Spiritual Work to Destress Yourself is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Spiritual work meaning, spiritual expansion, and connecting to God.

Dear reader, how are you doing? Practicing faith, patience, and trust? I am, and it's a never ending enduring to the end. Funny phrase, 'enduring to the end' seeing how we are eternal. I guess I'm enduring to the end in spiritual things in the human existence.

Have you ever read the sermon on the mount, Matthew chapters 5-7, in the Holy Bible? It is great instruction for spiritual work to be done while in the human existence.

Most of you bible readers are very familiar with the sermon given by Jesus the Christ. If you are, or are not, familiar, I say give it a gander, and see what you think? 

One of my favorite scriptures, in the Sermon on the Mount is, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33, Sermon on the Mount, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV.

Seeking the kingdom of God is spiritual work. In my last three posts: Spiritual Advice, Destressing via Spiritual Experiments, and Spiritual Experiments to Destress, I discuss ways to seek the kingdom of God.

When we seek the kingdom of God we are, in fact, seeking God.

When we seek God we are, in fact, seeking spiritual expansion.

I believe, I know rather, that 2021 is the year of spiritual expansion.

Crisis asks, even begs, for focus.

Are you in a crisis mode?

Maybe you aren't in crisis mode, maybe you are just in stressed out mode.

Seeking God will give you great peace and it is done by inner work. When we want to connect to God we must use our mind to focus on faith, which is the foundation and key to finding God, and His kingdom.

Concentration, contemplation, and focus on faith is the order of the entire year for spiritual expansion in 2021.

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. 

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" ~ Matthew 6:19-23, Sermon on the Mount, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV.

Faith is the focus that will bring light in 2021.

The opposite of faith is fear, and practiced fear gives darkness through anger, anxiety, depression, and despair. Therefore, I will be writing about practicing faith, as I do, with spiritual exercises, and experiments.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." ~ John 4:18, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

Faith forms the perfect love, for God, life, others, and yourself that will bring great light and inner peace to any crisis, darkness, and/or stress you may be experiencing.

In the last couple months, I wrote some posts about spiritual experiments. My own experiences began with praying for all, and then evolved to contemplating and praying for faith, patience, and trust.

The experiment that I will offer today is focused on faith.

This is the beginning of the conditioning and training in spiritual expansion for 2021.

My focus for 2021 is to talk less and listen more. Listen more to others, and listen more to myself. Listening to others to learn and understand, and listen to myself to notice any fear that I may have.

Thoughts of fear come forth and are more apparent when we focus on faith. This is very good because fearful thoughts aren't as noticeable when we are just looking for them. When there is focus on faith, the contrast of fear is louder. When thoughts of fear are detected, we can condition and train ourselves to replace the fear with faith.

This is where we begin (I say we hoping you will do this with me)...


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." ~ Hebrews 11:1

This is our intentional contemplation. When we wake in the morning, let us make this our first thought. This is really cool! I've been experimenting with this the past year. When I have a memorized phrase, scripture, or word that is my focus, I make it my first thought when I wake up. This gives me concentration on spiritual things.

Spiritual things are the solutions to human conditioning.

In addition, the scripture above is also our intentional concentration throughout the day, and our consideration as we lay our head on our pillow as we retire for the night.

This is the beginning of our focus on faith.

As we do this, I believe fearful thoughts will be more obvious, and when they are, we are going to ask ourselves, "What do I want?" or, "What do I hope for?" And answer the questions. 

This will make us intentionally change fear to faith, and focus on what we want.

For example, when I ask myself, "What do I hope for?" I think to myself what I hope for in that moment, or in the future. I'd really like things to go my way in the moment, and I articulate what that would be, at that time. In my future, I'd like to just be able to research and write for a living. Although I do research and write much of the time, I'd like to do the research and writing of spiritual things, all the time.

What would you like to be, do, have?

When you think about and answer that question, you think about things hoped for, as in the scripture we're memorizing on faith.

Seeking the kingdom of Heaven is inner work!

Spiritual expansion is inner work!

Connecting to God is inner work!

The free will that God gives us is choosing what we think.

When we control, and govern what we think, we live in our power.

Our power is not in controlling how others treat us but, in how we govern our own thoughts.

What we think, creates our emotions.

Fearful thoughts lead to anger, anxiety, depression, and despair.

Faithful thoughts lead to happiness, joy, and vitality.

Will you walk this journey of destressing by spiritual expansion in 2021 with me?

I hope you will for you, if you feel like you need to.

This is heavenly work on earth, and it is spiritual homework.

Print this post, make notes, highlight what you will to help you, and refer to it everyday as part of your spiritual studies.

Do! Not! Forget! To! Memorize! And! Intentionally! Contemplate! Hebrews! 11! 1!

Ha ha ha...

I'm bossing you around. But truly, I know these suggestions will help anyone who is seeking spiritual expansion, and that is exactly what we need to connect to God, and discover He is in charge.

God allows all things to work for our good, it is our responsibility to discover that it is all for the working of our faith. 

There is a lesson in everything, and the lesson is faith, patience, and trust. If we haven't been practicing these lessons, we may not be too conditioned in them.

This is spiritual expansion.

This may seem silly to some but, fear is creeping in for many, and faith truly is inner work, and it is my prayer, if you have fearful thoughts and you focus on faith, things will be more comforting when you intentionally work on it.

God bless you my dear sweet reader.

Speak soon...


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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Spiritual Advice

Hello my dear friend! 

Happy December!

How are you doing today? 

I have a prayer in my heart that you are calm, confident, and cooperative. 

As I have been contemplating faith, patience, and trust, as discussed in my last post, Destressing Via Spiritual Experiments, I thought about the immense amount of suffering I endured in the first half of my life due to fear, impatience, and distrust. 

As long as I can remember, I have been seeking connection to God, most likely because of my suffering. 

I've been reading and studying my scriptures for decades. I've been praying every morning, throughout every day, and every night. I've attended church every single Sunday for years. I've served when asked, and always paid tithe.

I do not know if anyone spoke magnificent words that helped me but, I do know that I have had magnificent people in my life that were an example to me.

My point? 

I've been seeking connection to God for a very long time, and all of my spiritual education, and experiences has added evidence to my undertaking.

Looking back, not one person could, or did give me advice on how to connect to God in a way that could, and would relieve my stress, aka my suffering. There were individuals that meant well but much of the advice I was given was not spiritual, it was more from a confused human conditioning.

Maybe people did give me spiritual advice but I didn't hear it.

One thing I know for sure is, there have been people in my life, whom I still think about today, who are, and were an amazing example to me in spiritual practice. Some of these individuals didn't, and don't, even talk about God. 

When I think about these people, my heart fills with intense love and sentimental memories. These people are, to this day, calm, confident, and cooperative.

When we are cooperative with others, we are cooperative with ourselves, and when we are cooperative with ourselves, we are cooperative with God. 

Human conditioning can teach us that life is a competition, and therefore we must get what we want, and how we want it, which in turn can create friction at home and at work.

It is my humble opinion that we are all born calm, confident, and cooperative but some of us are conditioned in competition, and trained up to be competitors.

This evidence can clearly be seen amongst people who fight to be right by making others wrong. 

For example, when a person may disagree with a family member, and/or friend, the competitive person will argue to be right, and get angry because he or she doesn't want to be wrong. Then that person will continue to argue beyond the presence of the other, in their mind and to other people. 

A calm, confident, and cooperative person will be okay with the disagreement and let it go. They are unattached to being wrong or right because they understand differences of opinions, and that no one thinks exactly alike.

If I could have been a person, who could have spoke words of spiritual advice to my younger self, these are the first words I would have spoke...

"Life is not a competition! Life is a cooperation, which can be had by learning, listening, and loving to understand."

"Open your spiritual eyes and see the evidence!"

"Look at the successful people and observe. Success meaning the happy, harmonious, and healthy. Harmonious and healthy meaning in body, mind, and soul."

"Notice how these successful people behave. They are calm, confident, and cooperative because they are thoughtful. People who are angry, anxious, and pugnacious are insecure, disconnected from God, and thoughtless."

Then I'd say, with all the love in my heart...

"Dear one, dear sweet one, practice calm cooperation with others, which will lead to calm cooperation with yourself, which is calm cooperation with God."

"This is how you do it..."

"Fall in love with listening to others with compassion of the heart, as Jesus did. This is characteristic of being Christlike. Talk less, listen more, and try to understand with compassion."

"Compassion leads to understanding. To know that everyone is doing the very, very, very best with what they have been given in life thus far is understanding." 

"To argue with, blame, complain, and criticize others is an unsympathetic habit that focuses on a persons' imperfections. In addition, these are the practiced patterns of insecurity."

"You do not have to be right with anyone. Having to be right is part of the human conditioning that says my worth is being right. This leads to insecurity, which closes the mind to leveling up emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually."

"We are all imperfect, and it is not necessary to focus on faults of the human existence. To do so is but a training anyone can overcome."

"You are a spiritual being, therefore, you have a will with a power to focus and understand life. This will leads to you being, doing, and having what you are meant to and the only one who keeps you from any of it is you and your unbecoming attitude from your perception."

"Open your mind!" 

"Use your will to focus!" 

"Open your mind to the evidence of happiness, harmony, and health. Use your will to focus on creating a connection to God via practicing calm, confidence, and cooperation."

Then I'd tell myself...

"Here is your spiritual homework that must be read every night, so it may be put into memorization, and practice everyday, until it is permanent in attitude and personality."

"First, practice being calm." 

"When you wake, set the day by taking a deep breath, exhale feeling the body relax and the mind quiet. Remind yourself to do this throughout the day, and fall asleep at night with this same practice. It may be very hard for you at first, but remind yourself you are not an animal or a child, and you have the intellect to choose your practice."

"Be still, and know that I am God:" ~Psalm 46:10, Holy Bible, KJV

"Second, notice in this practice of calming the body, and quieting the mind, you are in a space of safety and security. This is the power of the eternal now. The mind will have you think of the future or past, which gives way to insecurity but, the safety and security in the practice of the present moment gives a habit of confidence."

"Third, talk less, learn to listen, and learn by listening to understand. Give up the urge to speak any opinions of pettiness. Accusations, judgments, and assumptions of nonspiritual things, are petty, in that they are insignificant to the calm, confident, and cooperation of the moment." 

"Refrain from unsolicited advice. Unsolicited advice says, "you can be better," which insinuates, "you are not good enough." 

"If we could know how good enough we are, we'd accomplish even more amazing things!"

"Fourth, butt out of peoples' business." 

"Do! Not! Ever! Gossip!"

"If you are going to be in anybody's business, let it be bragging about them, or to make sure they are okay."

"Fifth, think better of others no matter what!" 

"This one is huge!" 

"When we think better of others we are doing unto others that which we want done unto us. We want people to give us the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, give the gift of giving the benefit of the doubt to others."

"Did you know that you give yourself away by the words you speak about others?" 

"For example, when we speak assumptions of others being passive aggressive, we are telling people that's what we are." 

"We accuse others' from our perspective. That's what people mean when they say, you can only understand from your perspective." 

"If you accuse someone of doing something on purpose to hurt you, you are, in fact telling your perspective of hurting people on purpose."

"Now you may say, "I know when someone is being passive aggressive, or hurting me on purpose." But to say these things you are saying you read minds. If you in fact, read minds, I'm pretty confident that you'd be a millionaire for reading minds by now."

"Psychology 101 educates, believing we can read minds is an inaccurate view of reality that leads to personality disorders."

I digress..

Finally, I'd say, to myself, "if you want to be connected to God, as you've been diligently praying for most of your life, condition yourself in the habits given above by concentrating, and focusing on them into memorization, and daily training."

"Never beat yourself up, and never give up!"

"Permanence comes with practice!"

"This is the way!"

And that's what I'd say.

I believe, with all my heart and soul, if someone could have convinced me of the above words, twenty eight years ago, when I was twenty eight, I'd be where I am now in my calm, confident, connection to God, through cooperation with life, and others, probably twenty years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I have zero regrets! I love my past because I would not be the harmonious, loving, spiritual being that I feel like I am today. 

My favorite part of my life is the faithful and fearless connection to God that gives me guidance and inspiration to lift others and myself. The next favorite part is the smiles, and the thank you's of relief, because I know what it is to suffer, and I hold a prayer tight in my heart for relief for anyone who seeks it.

I am but an infant in my spirituality, and I am eager, exhilarated, and excited for my learning to understand more.

For this earnestness, my friend, is why I love to learn, love to listen, and love to understand.

My prayer, dear friend, is that some how, some way, my words can touch the heart of the seeker of connecting to God.

God bless...

Take good care...

Until next time...

Speak soon...


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