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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Destress Yourself with Compassion

Hello dear one...

Destress yourself with compassion is what I'd like to write about this day.

This post is a bit of a continuation of my last post, Destressing with Focus. Did you read it? You can, if you'd like to, by clicking here.

Item number twelve on the stress test just so happens to be... do you get offended easily and/or talk negatively about other people?

In my How to Destress book I wrote how getting offended easily and talking about it over and over to others is a very stressful habit.

Basically, when we retell a story that we are offended by, we relive the stress again and again.

Destressing yourself with compassion is all about caring enough about yourself to care how you feel. What we speak is what we think and the thoughts and words are the pathway to our emotions because it's all about what we believe.

Many people, on an intellectual level, know that we have authority over what we will think of ourselves and others. But, even though we may know it intellectually, we may not live it by practice.

It is absolutely normal to get offended, as the human conditioning goes. It is absolutely the fruit if the spirit to have compassion, which leads to happiness and understanding.

This business about 'choose happiness' is about choosing our behaviors by choosing our beliefs by governing what we will think over and over. 

For example, many people have been going to church every Sunday, all their lives, professing to believe in God yet, many of these same people are dramatizing and gossiping about others. To go to church, profess to believe in God, and then shamefully act out of accordance with what God asks us to do in loving one another, is not behaving in the way one proclaims to believe.

Cooperation between our behaviors and beliefs is all about our authority to choose our focus and practice.

If we want happiness, if we believe we want happiness we cannot look for things to get offended over, and then punish our very being by retelling the story over and over.

If you and I were to make a list of all the things we are blessed with, the list would be one hundred, if not one thousand, to one over what we are offended by. Do you see the distortion? To focus on that one thing we are offended by, when we can brag all the day long about our blessings, is quite a magnanimous distortion of reality. This distortion is from the human conditioning, not from our spiritual nature.

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." ~1Thessalonians 5:18, Holy Bible, KJV

Leveling up in life, your life, is all about the focus (I know, I know, I know... my lecture repeating myself repeatedly ~wink).

If you want to live the truth, you may want to replace getting offended and gossiping with looking for what you can appreciate about the person, place, or thingy before you.  My last post, Destressing with Focus, is all about putting appreciation, and focus into practice.

Destressing yourself is all about you, and governing your authority to choose how you will behave, and believe. This authority in practice leads to our power to overcome anger, anxiety, depression, and despair. This authority and power will reveal a person's value and worth.

The value and worth of a soul is great in the sight of God, and knowing your own value and worth will lead you to your greatest potential and wisdom in this life.

It is my prayer, that you can, and will find your authority and power, and your value and worth, if that is what you want. So that you may live with passion, your life's purpose.

Have a wonderful week my dear friend...

Speak soon...


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Destressing with Focus

Hello dear friend!

Destressing with focus is what I'd like to ramble about this day...

It just so happens that item number eleven, on the stress test, is... Do you frequently complain about people, places, and things?

Do you?

Do you know if you do?

My last post was about destressing 2020 with the truth. Did you read it? You can check it out by clicking here.

Let us get ready for destressing 2020, with the truth. The truth I am talking about is, connecting to God, living with purpose, and moving back to the spiritual being that you and I are.

The truth is about leveling up in life, if you want to.

This can be for you! Because you are the most important person in your life, and you can be an even more amazing person than you already are, if you want to.

So, I ask you... are you a complainer? 

Do you frequently criticize?

I know some people who constantly complain all the time. The majority of their words are criticisms, and I do not believe they even know it. I do believe the average person grumbles but, it is not normal to gripe all the time.

In my youth, I found fault with people, places, and things a lot, and didn't even know I was doing it. My frequent complaints about everything maintained a negative attitude.

There are people who are very negative and they don't believe, or even know they are. What's worse is, they don't know it is not normal, and they don't know that they aren't normal. Whatever normal is, right?

So, what does all of this have to do with destressing with focus?  Well, if you have a bad attitude, it comes from focus on the doom and gloom of life.

Happiness or misery comes from focus. 

Some individuals who are suffering with anxiety, depression, or despair do not like to hear that it is their focus because they don't want to believe it is their fault. It is not anyone's fault that he or she has misery but it can be any persons' responsibility to believe in the self enough to change focus.

It is my humble belief, from education, evidence, and experience that we can focus our way into destressing our life.

When we destress, we can, and do live from the Spirit. 

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." ~Galatians 5:22-23, Holy Bible, KJV

I've spent much time practicing my own focus, and teaching others to. Some discoveries I have found within this practicing and teaching are: it is very easy for people who have spent time in their life practicing focus, to focus and, it takes patience, practice, and a never give up attitude to cultivate and develop concentration, for people who weren't taught to.

To destress with focus, one must, if they want to, remove the complaining, criticizing, dramatizing, and gossiping. This kind of attention creates misery because it is about negative aspects in life. Some people will get this, and some won't. 

If you believe that complaining, criticizing, dramatizing, and gossiping is okay, this post might not be for you. If you believe this post isn't for you, with all due respect, and all the kindness and love in my heart, you may want to read my post on Ignorance is Not Bliss by clicking here. ~wink~

If you believe the mentioned behaviors are not okay, and you'd like to eliminate these miseries of life, read on.

Either way, it's all good. I don't want to improve anyone, or think I know what's best for anybody. I just want to point the person, who is asking, in the direction of connecting to God, and living by the fruit of the Spirit, which is the permanent stress relief in this life.

So, here I go... pointing, for whomever is asking for connection to God and life by the fruit of the Spirit.

Creating a focused mind is all about practiced attention on the desired things an individual wants. In order to destress, the desired things are required over the undesired. Governing your thoughts by desire rather than thinking by default.

So, what do you want?

Certainly you do not want doubt, fear, and worry, which happens to be the human conditioning. Indubitably, you want calm, confidence, happiness, and health.

To destress, one must practice calm and confidence, and the result will be happiness and health.

It's all about the contemplation, focus, and practice into permanence.

Let's experiment shall we?

Try this...

For seven days, choose one of the statements below, and keep it at the forefront of your mind. This is practicing a reminder, in order to relieve an unwanted attitude. What better way to destress by replacing a stressful behavior with a calming one?

Also, if you'd like to enhance the experiment, get a notebook and at the end of everyday, write down what worked. Do not write down what didn't work. We are focusing on destressing, remember, not stressing. ~wink~

Choose one of the mantras, aka reminders, aka statements below and for seven days contemplate it, focus on it by keeping it at the forefront of your mind, all day long, and practice it into permanence.

1. "I am focused, organized, and productive in my thoughts." Meaning I'm thinking about the benefits and blessings in life rather than the faults of what is wrong.

This was my mantra for months about twelve years ago. I was setting goals and I would say it over and over and over so I was reminded to stay focused, organized, and productive. It was so helpful and it worked.


2. "Hocus, pocus, focus on what I want. What do I want?" This is just a fun, and funny one I still use when I need to focus. Often I say it to others, in a playful way, when we ought to be concentrating on something particular.


3. "I am alert. I have a quiet mind, and relaxed body." This is the best one if you need to teach yourself to relax. Can you imagine saying this all day long to yourself, practicing quieting your mind, and relaxing your body continuously? You'd be an expert at it. Repetition is the great law of learning, reconditioning, and retraining. Some people believe they can't relax, and want a way to learn. This is an excellent exercise for the very purpose to train your brain to quiet, and your body to relax.


4. "I appreciate and I am aware of (fill in the blank here)." This statement points a person in the direction of thinking about what he or she appreciates about the person, place, or thing that is in front of him or her in the very moment. This is a method to the power in your now. Contemplating, focusing, and practicing this very statement is the very opposite of complaining and criticizing. This exercise can, and will create a more positive attitude by replacing the negative one.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to pick one of the statements given above. Choose one you believe will help you, and stick with it all day everyday for seven days. First thing in the morning, consciously think this thought, and it will start your day in a magnificent way. When you lay your head on your pillow, in the evening, let this thought be what you contemplate, and focus on as you fall asleep.

Contemplate, focus, practice, and keep the statement, you have chosen, at the forefront of your mind, so that you may enhance destressing habitual thoughts.

This can be a spiritual experiment in order to overcome human conditioning of negative emotions that disconnect us from God. The goal is to destress with the truth, with focus, and to move back towards the spirit of who we are.

Make a commitment to yourself, and to your leveling up in life, to do this, and watch what good things happen.

Let me know how it goes if you'd like...

Big hugs my dear friend...

Speak soon...


P.S. Amazon is featuring my How to Destress via Stress Test & Stress Relief eBook for free today, January 19, 2020. If you haven't got one, I hope you go get it free.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Destressing 2020 with the Truth!

Hey, hey! Destressing 2020 is what I'd like to ramble about this day.

Hello! How are you? How are you doing thus far in 2020? I really wanna know, and I really am praying destress your way...

I'm doing pretty good, just in case you are wondering. Actually, I am more happy, more healthy, and more in love with life than I have ever been.

It is my prayer, and I am ever praying that some how, some way, I am able to point any one of my brothers and sisters, of this world, in the way to peace in the body, mind, and soul so that he or she can/will find the joy of life that I am feeling.

It is true, I have suffered much, and I do not discuss it a whole lot because I don't relive the past to punish my mind. It is also true that I have found happiness, joy, and much laughter. It is possible to have pure joy, and I want to help anyone in this world who is looking for the peace that I have found.

I know I can help because I have found my truth in life, and this is my truth...

I know that God is real!

I know with all my heart and soul that God is real, and so I spend much time connecting to Him for my compassion, confidence, faith, guidance, inspiration, patience, and trust.

In this human experience I have come to discover that our conditioning teaches us to love conditionally. In my experience of healing myself, and others, I have come to discover that this human training distorts our thoughts on who we really are. Conditional love is what we do as humans, love is what we are as spirits.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." ~ Galatians 5:22-23, New Testament, The Holy Bible, KJV

We are Spiritual Beings in this human experience, and we are born pure Spirit, which is love, until we are trained out of it by the distorted view of comparing ourselves to others and competition. Think about it! Children are pure love! 

So destressing 2020 with the Truth is getting back to who we really are, which is Spiritual, and pure love and joy.

People argue with me and tell me how I am so wrong, how ignorance is bliss, and how I have a distorted view of reality.

If I am connected to God, learning, lifting, listening, and understanding others, how could I have a distorted view of reality?

If I am healing, helping, and pointing people to the way of happiness and health, how can I have a distorted view of reality?

If fear, aka stress, leads to mental illness and personality disorders, and I am pointing people in the way of faith, aka confidence, how can I have a distorted view of reality?

If  fear, aka stress, is the number one cause of every illness, and I am assisting people in the way of faith, aka love for life, aka the opposite of fear and stress, how can I have a distorted view of reality?

People pay mega monies for mental and physical health when it can be found in the way of reconditioning, and retraining the self back to who we are, which is pure unconditional love.

It takes love for the self to realize that everyone of us has the authority and power to cultivate and develop a lifestyle of truth. The truth will set you free! The truth is intelligence and wisdom. The lies of this world, the comparing and competition, will bind you in a prison of suffering. The lies dumbs the most intelligent beings down.

The truth is, we are conditioned and trained away from what we are, which is pure love without conditions. 

The truth is, we have the authority and power to practice ourselves back into who we really are, which is the fruit of the spirit.

We can live a life of unconditional love, which brings our connection to God, and then guidance and inspiration ensues, intelligence and wisdom rule, and like water runs down hill, anger, anxiety, depression, and despair fall away.

"And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him." ~1 John 4:16, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

I ramble...


I have not forgotten the next item, number ten, on the stress test. ~wink~

I just wanted to sing the song of my soul, which is pure unconditional love for life, and you...

Here is a post I wrote some time ago, How to Destress with Self-Worth, which will go well with item number ten on the stress test, which is... "Do you notice that it is important to you or you spend a lot of energy proving you are right, or things should be done the "right way", your way?" If you gotta be right, it's all about knowing your worth, and appreciating other peoples' value.

I appreciate you...

I pray with all my heart, soul, and spirit for your connection to God, which brings the love and joy we are meant to have in this world. It is our free agency to choose to believe...

God bless you my dear friend...

God loves you!

I love you! And if you really knew me, know me, you know it's true.

Take good care...

Speak soon...


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

New Year Resolutions

Merry Christmas my dear friend!

Setting goals and New Year Resolutions are what I'd like to discuss this day.

How are you doing this Christmas Day?

I am ever hoping, ever praying you are doing alright, especially during the holiday season.

It is a very stressful time of year for many people and it is my prayer that if you are struggling or suffering, in any kind of way, you hang on tight, and never give up. 

Don't ever let go of God, hang in there, and hang on tight. 





Sorry about the shouting, it's just important to me that you be alright. I've been there in the place of despair, and I write these words because I don't want others to be there or stay there. I've learnt my connection to God and I'll never go back, and I want nothing more than to be a healing help to those whom suffer.

I'm glad I said/wrote it, now, I'll get back to New Year Resolutions and setting goals...

In my last post, Destressing Procrastination, I discuss cultivating the inner voice of encouragement, rather than having a voice of discouragement. In the post I delineate a simple way to encourage, which can and will be very helpful for setting goals for New Year Resolutions.

Today, I am attempting to write about the next item on the stress test in my book.

The next item being number nine: Do you feel like you are in the constant state of going nowhere?

This post is perfect timing for the person who sets the same New Year Resolutions every year and the goals remain unobtained.

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you have a goal to be happier, healthier, or wealthier, and you haven't obtained the goal even though you try a new, every year.

If that sounds like you, I just wanted to provide you with some links that may help you on your way...

These are the vital subjects that I find very important in moving forward in life, if you want to...

Here they are...

Destressing Procrastination


Powerful You!

Your Mind is the Center of Divine Operation

That's all I gots for now...

Merry Christmas my dear sweet friend...

I have a prayer for you held tight in my heart. I know with all my heart and soul how important you are, and if you don't know you are important, I am ever praying you will discover it.

It is my humble opinion that when you really know God, you know we are all in this together. If you don't know that we are all in this life together, it's just because the human conditioning has allowed you to forget for a time. I am here to help anyone heal back to the place of their spiritual nature, which is a powerful connection to God.

God bless you dear sweet one...

Speak soon...


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Destressing Procrastination

Hey, hey! How are you doing today? 

Praying you are living and loving life in the fullest way.

Destressing procrastination is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Ha, ha... I'm a poet!

Wanna hear/read something funny?

I'm writing about procrastination and I haven't written a post in nearly three weeks. I have excuses (wink).

In my book, How to Destress via Stress Test & Stress Relief, which you can get the eBook free today, December 18, 2019, by clicking here, I explain, in detail about procrastination.

It is my most humble belief that the most important thing anyone can do, in regards to procrastination, is work it out in his/her own mind.

This is very simple but not so easy.

The thingy about procrastination is, it's just a habit of putting things off, and then beating the self up afterwards.

One must encourage the self like an adult encourages a child when he or she is learning to walk.

When a person encourages another, goals are more likely to be accomplished. It's a fact! Encouraging parents help their offspring become confident and then the voice in the child's head is encouraging.

Maybe you are putting something off because you have the voice of discouragement rather than the voice of encouragement. Maybe you beat yourself up for not doing what you think you could have, should have, or would have done.

One of the most important things anyone could do, ever, is quiet the mind, create and condition a voice of encouragement, and never ever allow words of beating the self up. Maybe you can understand this, maybe you cannot, but please do not believe me, try it and find out for yourself.

As human beings we have the authority, and free agency to choose what we can and will become by intentionally choosing to condition our habits. Using this authority and free agency is our power. To say one cannot choose is giving up his or her power.

Here's what you can do, if you want to...

Begin to meditate, which will relieve the mental strain and quiet the racing unfocused mind.

Contemplate the fact that you can do it! Whatever "it" is. 

Remind yourself that you can do it by saying, "I can do this, I got this."

In addition, remind yourself that you don't have to if you really don't want to because it's not life or death, and you are the boss of you.

Just some beliefs one may create when it comes to procrastination.

After all, procrastination is just another word for beating the self up mentally for not doing something a person thinks he or she ought to do. Confident, successful people prioritize, do what they gotta do, and then move on. They call it productivity. See the difference?

One last thing, if you really want to do something, but can't get yourself to do it, commit to doing the above suggested for thirty days, and imagine, often, how it will feel when you have done "it". Imagine how good it will feel because that is really why we want to do something, because it will feel good afterwards.

Make that commitment to yourself, and just watch yourself get things done. 

Hope that helps you even just a little bit...

You can do it!

You got this!

Big Hugs my friend...

Speak soon...


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Destressing Your Hurry

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend...

Destressing your hurry is what I'd like to write about this day...

How are you doing? 

Praying you are grateful and thankful this day.

The next item on the stress test is, are you in a hurry?

You may recognize right away that you are always in a hurry or you may not even realize that you are. The number one sign of stress is denial, which means you believe everything is alright when in fact, you and your family are suffering. The suffering I am talking about is not enjoying life, and/or living with anxiety, which is detrimental to health. Most of all, anxiety is detrimental to children in the house hold because they are conditioned up in it, and causes great distress in the future.

But, if everything is alright that's cool. But if it's not, you, and your families happiness, health, relationships, and wealth may be at stake.

How do you know if you are in denial, and need to destress your hurry, which I call the hurry up disease.

In my book, How to Destress Via Stress Test & Stress Relief, I discuss the possible problems caused by always being in a hurry, and some solutions. 

What I'd like to discuss a little more is how does one know if he or she is always in a hurry. Allow me to ask some questions so that you may discover for yourself if you have the hurry up disease.

Do you know how to relax? This is huge. If you do not know how to relax, or you think you need a vacation to relax but can't even relax on your vacation, you probably have the hurry up disease.

Do you jump out of bed in the morning with the attitude that you have so many things to get done?

Do you say to anyone, in your head or out loud, "Hurry up?"

Are you always late because your schedule is full? Or do you always say you're busy? If the answer is yes to either, you may have the hurry up disease.

I understand that you may have excuses that you call reasons, and that's fine, the only thing about that is it doesn't relieve the problem of the hurry up. It doesn't relieve the issues of potential dangers to you or your families happiness, or health. It does, however, sustain denial.

So, I have an experiment for you. Whether you believe you do or don't have the hurry up disease, try this...

Just intentionally notice if you are in a hurry.

Today, tell yourself that you are going to observe, to make sure, you do or don't move your life in a state of hurry.

Just notice it. 

Just observe it.

If you do find that you are in a hurry, I'd just like to suggest that you may want to do something to remedy it so that you may prevent illness, or injury.

The hurry up disease is a form of stress, aka strain, on the emotional, mental, and physical state of being.

The hurry up disease also allows for accidents to happen because of the state of urgency and lack of focus, aka as paying attention to what you are doing.

The hurry up disease also sustains thoughtless behavior, which leads to regrets.

The most important thing is your happiness, which leads to health, love, good relationships, and wealth.

The solution to destressing your hurry is to practice relaxation into permanence so that you can be calm, confident, and relaxed no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Practice is the greatest form of conditioning, and we are habitual beings by way of conditioning what we practice no matter if it's anxiety, hurry up, or calmness.

Some posts that may help...

Mindful Based Stress Reduction

Destress Quickly Via Visualization

Connecting to God

Hope that points you in the right direction, if you need it.

God bless you my dear friend, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Speak soon...


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Destressing Addiction & Binging

Hello there...

Destressing Addiction and Binging is the item of this day...

How are you doing my friend?

Hoping and praying that you're finding relief if you need too.

The number six item on the stress test is, "Do you binge on or are you addicted to certain activities, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, or any form of pharmaceutical, over the counter, or illegal drug?

In my book, How to Destress via Stress Test & Stress Relief, I discuss connecting to God when it comes to addiction. For with God all things are possible.

The thing about addiction and binging is, a person that has struggled with anything can, does, and will beat him or herself up over it.

The indulgences become a hate/love relationship. We love doing the addiction but we hate our self afterwards for doing it.

Weird, I know!

The most powerful thing anyone can do besides quit the unhealthy behavior, is to turn to God for help, which I write about in my book.

There is more...

When we turn to God, I believe, the thing we must ask for is belief in Him to help us, and our self to have the strength to overcome this particular weakness.

Addiction is something that is not easy to give up because the individual does not believe he or she can, and/or wants to. A person may have, or believe he or she may have tried everything, and so they give up trying. A person may not want to give up the addiction at all, and so they don't believe in trying.

Turning to God for faith in Him, and the self will give great power to anyone's belief. Not only great power but also evidence that God truly is real.

There's more...

Turning to God is just the beginning. One must contemplate, and work it out in his or her mind what they can, and want to do.

For example: if you want to quit drinking, think about it more often in the faithful way because what a person does is beat him or herself up for drinking, and not quitting. The contemplation would be how good it can, and will feel without a drink. 

Turning to God in faith, and contemplating success is your authority, and free agency to govern your mind in your favor.

The human experience teaches and trains us to do, do, do rather than think, think, think.

Turn to God...

Ask for faith in Him, and yourself...

Contemplate your success...

Stop beating yourself up...

And, add some meditation in the mix for quieting the insecure mind.

This is all very simple stuff, and may not be easy, but you have the authority, and the free agency to choose your thoughts and govern your mind, which can, and will lead to success.

Finally... Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!

Endure to the end, and be faithful to you!

I'm hoping and ever praying that helps, if you need it.

God bless you my dear friend...

I love you so much, because that is what I do.

I love...

Speak soon...


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Friday, November 8, 2019

Destressing So You Can Sleep

Hey, Hey! How you doing today?

Destressing for sleep is what I'd like to discuss this day...

The next question, numero cinco, on the stress test is...

Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting essential hours of sleep because you can't stop thinking of things you have to do or because you have too much going on in your life?

If you answered yes, I'm going to give you three simple ways that may help you fall asleep and not only stay asleep but, get deep restful sleep that will rejuvenate you. The only thing is, you gotta care about yourself enough to do them. At least care about yourself to do one of them, and as you get better and better do another one, and sooner or later do the third.

Just choose one, or two, or all three. But do it for you because lack of sleep causes fatigue of the body, mind, and spirit. Fatigue is not conducive to a healthy life.

Just saying...

Okay, here we go...

Oh wait! One more thing before we begin. Let's treat this like an experiment, like you are the spiritual scientist of your life, and notice how it works. 

The hypothesis being, these exercises will indeed help your sleep patterns. Now, a scientist always documents the evidence.

I believe, I know rather, that if you get a notebook, or notepad, and document how well you did the exercise, and how well you slept, you will enhance, your sleep patterns.

What say you? Would you be willing to do this experiment for you? If you are, it may just change your entire life. You may just feel, and think better, for you.

Okay, here we go...

Exercise number one: before you get in bed, and lay your head on your pillow get on your knees and pray. If you can't get on your knees, sit on the side of your bed and pray. But, pray a prayer of appreciation. Thank Heavenly Father for all the things you have, and are thankful for. Only appreciation!!! And then, ask Him to help you sleep deep, and wake up with energy. That's it!

Appreciation, and one request.

Exercise number two: after you get in your bed but, before you lay your head on your pillow, read some of the New Testament in the Holy Bible before you retire. I don't know if you read the Bible but, it has inspiring stories and words from Jesus and his disciples.

Hold on!!! Before you claim you already read, or you don't believe in God, Jesus, or the Bible, remember, this is an experiment. You do not have to believe in God to do an experiment and/or read something. Have an open mind. You can look at it as they are just stories. Plus, you may be enlightened as to why people believe in God, and this will only enhance your understanding.

If you don't have a bible, Google,"New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV," for King James Version, only because I believe that is the most correct version. Google will provide you with a website that has the bible online that you may read.

Exercise number three: when you get in bed, and lay your head on your pillow at night, right before you retire, focus on your breathing, and your heart beat. When you do this, you quiet your mind, and focus on life. The heart beat and breathing lungs are what gives you physical life, for without them your physical body cannot exist.

At first it may not be easy, or it may, just don't give up. Practice, practice, and practice some more, and you will make it not only permanent but easier.

There are so many people who have been assisted with sleep by this exercise alone. When I give a person this exercise, the next day, they proclaim to me how amazed and easy it works.

Okay dokay, there you go, the three exercises to enhance your sleeping patterns, which will help you destress yourself.

Do not forget to document your findings, dear scientist. ~wink~

You are the scientist of your life whether you know it or not. Experiment to find out what works, and keep doing what works.

Ha ha ha!!! Can't wait for you to do this. It is going to relieve so much strain and help you become such an expert at deep sleep.

You can do this!

I know you can...

Believe in yourself enough to do this for at least thirty days, and if you find it works, make these habits into permanence.

One thing I know for sure is that God is real, and if you do these three things, if you do not know that God is real just yet, I am confident you will discover the truth that He is.

If you need to.

Big Hugs to you my dear friend.

God bless you!

Speak soon...


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Monday, November 4, 2019

Destressing Your Temper

Hello there my friend.

Destressing your temper is what I'd like to discuss this day.

How are you doing? I am ever praying you are in the midst of happiness and health.

In my last post Destressing Anger, which is the third item on the Stress Test, I talked about anger not being necessary and that anger is not who we are.

In similar fashion, losing our temper is quite unnecessary and not who we are. 

Is there a difference between losing our temper and being angry? Not really, because in both situations there is lack of control of thought, which leads to emotion.

Are you getting angry easily and losing your temper often? If you are I'd like to provide some probable solutions but first, the theory.

Normally, when a person gets angry easily, and loses his or her temper it is because something has happened to cause stress, and if the stress, or thoughts of the stress continue over long periods of time, the temper becomes who we are.

Let's say a devastation happens like a death, a divorce, or someone is dying. This type of situation is very overwhelming, and causes severe strain on a person emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

In the case of devastation, it is very normal to be on edge, lose control of the temper, and get angry easily.

But what if the situation is healed, and the person continues to have temper issues? It could be possible that the situation caused such a devastation that the fear, and insecurity continues to be practiced. In this case, it is also quite normal.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the reaction, and encourage the self towards a more confident reaction by reminding the self that everything is alright.

Sounds simple, yes, but may not be easy.

Another theory I have is practiced displeasure into losing the temper often.

This is my theory of focus by default. Our brains, quite brilliantly, are focusing mechanisms by default or desire. If we become so focused on what we don't want, i.e., fear of what might happen in the future, we can and will react with a short temper.

We could also, by default, focus on all the things wrong in our life by complaining and criticizing, which gives way to lack of control and misery. The only control that can and will be had here is our thoughts by desire.

This is basic human conditioning by default or by desire.

So, what is the solution.

Truly, the solution to any problem is God.

Even if you do not believe in God, the words from the scriptures can heal you by practicing faith instead of fear.

Practicing faith by desire, rather than fear by default.

So, I've posted a little list of links to practicing faith below...

Hope it helps you with your temper if you need it...

Here it is...

Increasing Habits of Faith

Powerful You

Creating Faith

Mindful Based Stress Reduction

Hoping and praying that helps...

Side note, I understand much of my exercises and words are repeated eh-em... repeatedly. Repetition is the great law of learning. That is how anyone and everyone absorbs and obtains information, so, let it be repeated. ~wink~ Consider them reminders.

In addition, I understand that some of my practices may be similar in nature and I do this to invoke a desire in you to practice these destressing exercises into permanence. Hoping the new habits of health will replace the stressful habits of unhealth.

That's all ~wink~

I do this for you, faithing that you will relieve the emotional, mental, and spiritual strain that you may be experiencing.

If you want to destress your life, you gotta do the work. No one but God and you, can and will change your life into what you'd like it to be.

That's my lecture ~wink~

Said with utmost love...

Speak soon my dear friend.


If you'd like to subscribe to my blog and receive free information on how to destress yourself via new posts, please put your email address in the box above. Don't forget to confirm your subscription.