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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Destressing You?


How you doing?

I pray, I pray you are wonderful today!

Are you doing the fun exercises I've provided for you recently?

If not, I just want to throw a thought your way and that is...

Regular doses of fun and laughter can help you create energy and relax, which will assist you in destressing your life.

If you do not have fun on a regular basis, it may just be that you are out of practice. As you know, practice at anything can make you really, really, really good at it.

You have the power to create whatever you want in your life. That power is what separates us humans from animals. We have the intellect to choose.

If you are not choosing fun, could you, would you at least try for you?

The most stressed out people in this world may not even know they are stressed out. They may not even know they have the authority and power to change their fatigue to energy, unhappiness to happiness, or their misery to fun.

Just a thought I'm throwing your way...

Consider it won't you?

Have a great day Sugar!

Big Hugs...


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Fun Relieves Stress!

Hey! Hey!

How are you doing today?

I have hope, and I pray that you are being kind to yourself everyday.

I have another assignment for you to destress with fun, but first I'd like to put some thoughts into perspective.

Everyday I have the fortunate opportunity to speak to total strangers, whether it is in a personal or professional environment. Many times, people I have never met before tell me much about themselves, and their stress. My Agape once said it's the therapist in me. Ha!

I am not a therapist, I don't even really believe in therapy, I am an unconditional lover of others. *INSERT ME WINKING HERE*

There is no segregation between my personal life and my professional life. I am a daughter of the most High, God, Heavenly Father, and I will learn about and lift the person in front of me by listening, loving, and understanding because that is why I am here. 

That is why we are all here! 

That is the spiritual expansion overcoming the stressful human conditioning.


The other day, I spoke to a young woman who could not stop talking about how she had been wronged. I do believe that she told me about every man in her life who had ever wronged her. This continued story telling is causing much of her stress.

Right now, she is with an amazing man who loves her very much, and who treats her a thousand times better than any man she had ever met but she continues to tell the stressful story of being wronged.

Her human conditioning has made it so she is focused on what has stressed her out in life. Do you see her experiences have given her a habit that is very critical and focused on what has made her unhappy?

She could create a habit of incessantly speaking about the amazing right things her new man is doing couldn't she?

I totally understand where she is at because I was there too in my younger years. I could, and would, go on and on about how people wronged me. The crazy thing about that is I had so much right in my life, I could have gone on and on about what was right.

Now, that's exactly what I try to do!

I've always had an amazing career, an awesome home, and beautiful and brilliant beings in my life but all the while I was complaining and criticizing. 

Complaining and criticizing are just habitual focus by default.

Don't believe me?

Do you ever drive to work in the traffic and notice the thousands of people who are following the traffic laws or do you allow the few drivers that are impolite and unkind to stress you out?

Do you ever notice how lucky you are to have arms to hug others, ears to hear, eyes to see with, and legs to walk on or do you complain and worry about your body?

Do you ever tell your favorite fun, funny experiences over and over and over again to others and make them laugh out loud and smile? Or do you tell the devastating story about how something went wrong to someone else, or to you, over and over and over again in the same day and bring others and yourself down?

Do you ever think about lifting others, and yourself by your actions and words or do you tend to dramatize and gossip about others?

It's human to focus on what is stressful and it takes spiritual strength to change that...


Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it is to pick a favorite, fun, funny stories about others, or yourself and tell them over and over and over again. If you can't think of fun stories then tell sweet ones.

Do not! I repeat!!! Do not pick a story that belittles or makes fun of anyone, that is defeating the purpose. Stories that make fun of others are negative, and this exercise is positive!

One of my favorite things to talk about is my Agape (my one and only offspring) because he is so fun, funny, kind, and so loving. Every time I visit him he does something funny, or really sweet, and when I return to work I talk about my experiences with him.

He's amazing!

He's beautiful and brilliant!

Repeat and speak of the amazing, beautiful, and brilliant things!

This exercise is intended to do two things...

First, it is creating a less stressed, more fun environment where ever you are.

Second, it is creating a habits of desired focus on fun rather than a default focus on what is stressful in life.

That's it!

Oh, except keep up the other exercises of loving it, seeing dragons as toddlers, and don't forget to write at least a sentence of favorite, fun, or funny in your journal!

It's all about destressing yourself!

Have a wonderful day my dear sweet brother/sister of this world.

God bless you!

I'm praying, and rooting for you!


speak soon...


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Unconditional Love

Hello my friend...

my dear friend...

my dear sweet friend...

How are you doing? I have hope, and I pray that you are alright today.

I want you to know that you are loved!

For some people that is hard to believe. Is it hard for you to believe that I love you?

Maybe I don't even know you!

What if I do know you?

Over the last ten or twelve years that I have been blogging and tweeting, I have received emails and messages from individuals who want me to know it is impossible for me to love the way I say I do, and/or there is no such thing as God. These persons are quite adamant and passionate in their beliefs.

Not too long ago a gentleman sent me a message telling me that there is no way I could love him because I don't even know him. He appeared to be quite angry that I had the audacity to tell people I love them because he thought I could not love someone if I didn't even know them.

If I had to know you to love you that would be a condition to love. That, my dear sweet friend is conditional love.

The human conditioning, and therefore the human nature loves conditionally.

If I know God, and I know that we are all brothers and sisters spiritually, in this world of humanity, and I love as God does, there is no need for conditions for my love. That my dear sweet friend is unconditional love.

We are unconditional love, and conditional love is what we do.

See the difference?

Unconditional love is our very essence of being spiritual.

Conditional love is the very experience of being human.

You may think I am crazy, or you may resonate with what I am saying, either way, if you don't get it now, you will sooner or later.

One of the most difficult years of my life was in 2011, and I've had some seriously difficult years. In that very same year, I wrote a post titled, "YOU ARE LOVABLE." Click on it, and you can read it if you'd like.

In one of my most difficult years I was talking about love. I believe that I knew then that I needed to know I was lovable, and I believe I was talking to myself in that post.

What I am trying to say in all this ramble is, I do know you, even if we have never met, I know you as a spiritual being, a spiritual daughter, or son of our Heavenly Father. 


I know who I am, why I am here on this earth, and what I am suppose to be doing. That doing is the learning, lifting, listening, loving unconditionally, and understanding this human experience as a spiritual being.

I am unconditional love, and so are you. Maybe you don't know it because you have forgotten only temporarily, and I pray if you have forgotten it, I am able to point you in the direction of remembering it.

I just want you to know that you are loved! 

I love you!

God loves you!

God loves you and cares for you and He is giving you all good things for your spiritual expansion in this human experience. 

That is all...

God bless you my dear sweet friend. 

I am praying for your healing, and understanding.

I love you, I truly do!

Speak soon...


Saturday, February 9, 2019


Well, hello!

How are you doing today? I pray you are alright, and I also pray you are having fun!

Got another fun exercise for you to destress yourself, but first I gotta explain about dragons. Stick with me, please! It will all make sense at the end.

Do you know what a dragon is?

To me, a dragon is a person who is mean. Normally, really, really, really mean. I call the meanest people in the world dragons because they are mean and misunderstood.

Dragons, in the fairytale sense, are very lonely, mean, and misunderstood.  They are misunderstood because they are always alone and being hunted. Who wouldn't be mean if you had no one by your side and people were trying to kill you all the time?

Dragons, aka really mean people, have had stressful events, and/or are having a devastating experience, which can, and does, create beliefs they are all alone in the world and most individuals are against them. These are often people who are angry at God, or don't believe in God, because they may not know about the love God has for them, their power, and potential spiritual expansion.

In my younger years when I was a stressed mess, if someone was mean to me, I would return the rude, unkindness, usually multiplied. In other words, I would turn into a dragon.

I was a dragon!

Now, in my calm, relaxed state of striving to be connected to, and cooperative with God, I understand that when people are rude it's because they are suffering over very stressful things that I have no idea about. In order for me to understand misery I must attempt to see through the eyes of God's understanding of compassion and unconditional love.

It is my belief that God sees us as toddlers in our spiritual growth.

Have you ever seen that video when the toddler is in his feetsies pajamas pouring juice, or something, into two glasses, and then he spills a glass? He gets paper towels, cleans his mess, and then goes to fill up the glass he spilled. He says, "I won't pil it." He then spills it and says, "Ope, I pilt it." As he goes to deliver the glasses of juice, where ever he's going, he slips and falls in his original spill.

That video is so cute! That video, in my humble opinion, is how God sees us.

God sees us through loving eyes because he is love! Unconditional love! God sees us as a holy child, and nothing we do will change His love for us. He is always there for us, we just don't know it until we turn to Him.

I want to see others as God sees us! I want to see through God's loving eyes! I want to understand that we all have misery, and some of us are overwhelmed by that misery. I don't want to make anyone's misery worse by returning unkindness for unkindness.

I don't want to be a dragon to those who are dragons. I want to understand with God's compassion and love.

I want to be a dragon healer! 


So, your new mission for this coming week, should you choose to accept it is to see people, whom you believe are being mean, aka dragons, through loving eyes. See them as toddlers in feetsies, talking like a child, and spilling juice. When we see toddlers, we don't get angry at them for spilling juice.

The goal is to see dragons (people we think are being mean) as toddlers, and think with thoughts of compassion and love for them. It will be fun, and it will be funny.

Trust me!

See mean people as little children with messy hair who just woke up out of bed. Create that visual.

We cannot, and it is not our business to, control how others behave in order to make us happy. 

We can control how we see things that happen to us in this world, and that is our authority, power, and responsibility! 

Allow yourself to participate in this exercise, just like the last one, you will see the silliness in it, and it will make you laugh out loud.

Also, continue last weeks fun exercise along with this one.

Love it! And see toddlers! He he he...

This is for you! 

Do this for you and watch yourself destress a little bit more.

Don't forget to write in your journal so you have something fun, and funny to look back on especially if you are ever feeling down and out anytime in the future.

No complaints!

No criticism!

Just favorites!

Just fun!

Just funny!

You got this!


Praying a special prayer that you will do this for you! 

Praying a special prayer that you will see, if you don't already see, your authority and power over your life, and your value and worth as a spiritual being...

That's it!

Except, I LOVE YOU!!!


Speak soon...



Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Powerful You!

Hello there!

How you doing today my dear friend?

I hope and pray that you are doing alright today!

I'm not going to ask you if you did the fun exercise.

I'm going to tell you that I pray you did it and you had fun!

I'm also going to tell you that I pray you didn't criticize yourself for not doing it.

Self-criticism is a path to emotional hurt, and a block to creative energy.

Today, I'd really like to articulate your power as a human and spiritual being. A subject that would take a three hundred page book, but stick with me, this is going to be good because it is going to be for you.

I don't ever talk much about where I've been and what I've been through because I know that discussing my struggles is reliving the bad over and over again. Making myself relive the horrible struggles I have endured will bring others down, it will bring me down, and it is like a self punishment.

It is my dominant intent to lift others and myself and I do that by the thoughts I think and the words I speak. The thoughts I think and the words I speak will bring others to where they want to go, and hopefully, they will not keep them in their discontent. That is the very beginning of my power, and that is part of your power.

Human Nature vs Spiritual Nature

Human nature is very competitive and fearful, and Spiritual nature is very cooperative and loving.

Competition is very healthy when we are playing sports but when it is pertaining to life we become very arrogant or very insecure because it is based on a you against me idea. The funny thing about that is, arrogance is insecurity because when you are arrogant you think you are better than others, which is an illusion of confidence. Having the desire, or needing to be better than others is insecurity.

Spiritual Nature is not competitive, it is cooperative with God. When we are cooperative with God, we are cooperative with life, others, and our selves. When we learn to cooperate with God we can, and do develop a calm, certainty, and confidence for life, others and our selves.

Our power is in that cooperation with God. 

Our power is in that calm, certainty, and confidence for life, others, and our selves.

The human conditioning is a contradiction to that power because when we think we must compete with others it provokes fear of the future, fear that we are not okay, and fear that we are not, and won't be good enough. These fearful beliefs generate and sustain habits of anger, anxiety, and depression, which are negative, practiced, stressful emotions.

Negative emotions disconnect us from God. They disconnect us from faithful beliefs and behaviors. 

We are not born with these beliefs, we are trained up in them. Therefore, we can, and many do, train ourselves out of human conditioning.

Sure, some people were lucky enough to have faithful and fearless parents who taught by example the spiritual nature. So many people remain there. The thing is, suffering is not reserved for only a select few. Suffering isn't only happening to those who were not trained up in Spiritual Nature. 

Suffering happens to everyone, but we only know about those who suffer greatly because they keep repeating the story, which brings the self down because it is reliving the misery and provides a self punishment. That kind of punishment can, and will keep anyone in despair.

The happiest people I know have had the most stressful lives and because of that distress, they are in an immense appreciation for their happiness and relief. 

If you are struggling, and suffering, I know with all my heart and soul, there is relief. That relief is inside of you! That is where your connection to and cooperation with God resides. 

Cooperating with God is knowing that God is in charge, and all things are for your good. That good is the lesson, it is the spiritual expansion, and the lessons are always faith and patience.

If you do not have faith in or patience for others, I'd venture to say you do not have faith in and patience for yourself because they are habits.

Human Nature is based on fear and Spiritual Nature is based on faithfulness and fearlessness.

Human nature trains us up in negative emotions based on fear, which disconnects us from God. 

Faithful and fearlessness makes our connection to and cooperation with God stronger.

Your power is not only in the understanding that, but in the belief in it so that you may have behaviors in that.

Your power is in the beliefs, behaviors, conditioning, and training of Spiritual Nature so that you may overcome the Human Nature.

Your power is in the knowing that you are the most important person in your life, and you can, and will, change your life for the better if you believe you can.

Your power is in the knowing that no one but you, are responsible for your happiness, joy, and vitality.

Your power is in the knowing that you are worth every thought that you think and you can think thoughts in favor for yourself.

Your power is in cooperating with God by connecting to God in a most personal level. 

God is my best friend. I have, and do turn within to Him in most moments of the day. 

If you have not discovered your power in your chosen beliefs, and behaviors, I pray you will by doing the silly little exercises I present to you. These exercises are solely to help point you in the direction of your power, and once you discover and know that power you will know your value and worth.

Holy moly guacamole avocado sauce!

That was a ramble!

It is my most humble prayer, for you, if you do not know your power, you will discover it, and want more of it. I know, without a doubt in my heart and soul, when you discover how powerful you really are, you will be happy, and joyful, and vital. 

You will be eager, excited, and exhilarated for everyday. 

You will continuously lift life, others, and yourself! 

You will know your value and worth.

All you gotta do is cooperate with God by connecting with God.

All you gotta do is practice desired, exquisite, focus for you.

That's it!

Praying you stick with you by doing the silly little fun exercises that may point you away from stress and towards your power.

Praying a special prayer in my heart that you will stick with you, by sticking with me, because I will stick with you.


Enjoy your day beautiful!

Hug! Hug! Hug!


I love you baby boo!


Speak soon...


Sunday, February 3, 2019


Hello there beautiful!

You are beautiful!

You are beautiful and brilliant!

My prayer for you is that you know how beautiful and brilliant you really are and if you don't know it, I pray a powerful prayer I may point you in the direction of knowing it.

Let's have some fun!

Did you get your journal? I'm praying you did. I'm praying a prayer that you care enough about you, and your human journey to do the little things to make this life better for you! 

The reason I want us to have fun is because I want to show you that we have the authority to govern our focus, and the power to replace stressful habits with happier fun habits.

Please know, I am not asking anyone to ignore what is wrong in life, I'm asking, more like suggesting, to stop ignoring what's fun, funny, and joyful in life.

It's all about the focus. 

It's all about the desired exquisite focus!

There is so much more good in life than there is bad. The human conditioning and training are focused on discouragement and fear, and so it seems normal to focus on what is wrong.

Let us focus on the good, what we want, not what we don't want, and we can do that by using our authority to choose our thoughts.

If you like to have fun, this will be easy for you. If you aren't practiced at the art of using your deliberate creativity, and having fun this may not be easy to get yourself to do this but, it will be good for you. MY OPINION!  he he he...

Here we go...

Your assignment, and mission, for this entire week, if you choose to accept it, is a very basic and simple practice that I've written about a couple times before...

Whenever you are presented with someone, or something that provokes a negative reaction in you, like anger, anxiety, awkwardness, boredom, depression, embarrassment, frustration, irritation, and or nervousness, you are going to love it!

That's right! Love, love, love it! LOL

How do you love it? You say nothing audibly, you just smile, and say in your mind, "I love it when..." fill in the blank with the thingy that is provoking your negative reaction.

Then, repeat it over and over in your head until you get the ridiculousness in it instead of the negative emotion. Say it three, six, or nine times. However many times it takes to interrupt the negative emotion.

Yes, yes, I know, it's silly but no one will know you are doing it and it will make you laugh, or at least break up the negative emotion with a smile. It will be so dumb to you, you will laugh.

That's it! So simple! You can do it!

Do you see what will happen? Instead of complaining about and criticizing the person or thing in your mind, you will interrupt that habitual reaction with a funner one. You will lighten up and recondition just a little bit at a time.


This exercise is going to show you three things: you have the authority and power to choose your thoughts and words, you are creative and fun, and you may have been or are too hard on others and yourself.



Your assignment, and mission, for this entire month is to write at least one sentence in your journal about this experience slash experiment every day. If you get really good at the writing thingy, write as often as you'd like, all day. It's up to you! 

Carry that journal with you.

Please, please, please write at least one sentence everyday, before the day is done. Do it for you! You are so worth it! Worth at least one sentence a day. 

If you do not see your value and worth as beautiful and brilliant, you gotta start doing things for you spiritually in order to get a glimpse, a hint... and then it will get great momentum like an addiction, and life will give you unexpected joys you would not otherwise have known.

What will you write? Write your favorite, fun, or funny. 

Favorite, fun, and funny is our focus.

No complaints or criticism allowed!

It is my most humble prayer that you will do these things for you!

You are the most important person in your life, and if you are willing to do simple things like this for you, it is my belief, and prayer, that you will begin to know, if you don't already know, how beautiful and brilliant you are.

This is all about discovering your value and your worth, and oh what a magnificent, spiritual life it is when you do!

God bless you Sugar Booger!

Ha Ha! 

Have fun!

Be playful!

I love you!

I truly truly do! 

Oh yes I do too!!!


Speak soon...


Thursday, January 31, 2019

February Fun!

Hey! Hey!!!

How are you doing today?

I am fantastico, as usual... (wink~wink, with tongue hanging out)

I pray, I pray that you are happy and safe today!

I'm linking the January 2019 posts here just in case you missed them, and I'm setting you up for February because we are going to have some fun!

Fun is oh so very important to happiness and joy. I believe that the more fun we have the more energy we have, and it takes energy to release and relieve stress.

So, if you are ready to have fun, I'm going to give you weekly activities slash experiments in February in honor of my Agape's birthday. That's my only noble offspring, and he is one of the funnest persons in the Universe.

Quick assignment for you though... get a journal! 

Something simple and inexpensive if you'd like, or something expensive and beautiful. It's up to you!

The goal here is to take a daily note for you. Just a sentence or two, or pages if you'd like. It's up to you!

This is so very powerful for three reasons: 

First, you get to see your progress. 

Second, you have something to look back on and give yourself a smile (trust me on this I've been writing in a journal since I was a little girl).

And finally, I believe with all my heart and soul that sacred words written here on earth are kept in heaven for all eternity because I believe God wants us to journal, it has a whole lot to do with faith. 


Fight me! 


Just kidding, don't fight me, don't even believe me, do it, and find out for yourself. But do it for you, and just watch yourself begin to see your value and worth if you haven't REALLY seen it yet.

Here are the links to January's posts...

Letting Go of Stress by practicing appreciation more.

Connecting to God by practicing love more.

Purpose in Life in helping others.

Relieving Despair by being for others what you need for others to be for you.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss is about relief from feeling bad.

Is There a Science to Behavior? Is about using the science to heal and help yourself rather than continuing any hurt. 

Thank You! Just thanking you for the email.

Releasing Negative Emotions with a simple exercise to heal.

Repetition is a great law to learning.

It's all about focus and practicing into permanence.

Life is a science experiment, find out what works, and keep doing that.

We have the authority, power, and responsibility to govern our beliefs, and behaviors so that we may live a better life.

We are here to learn spiritual expansion and we do that by connecting to God and overcoming our habitual human hurtful behaviors.

That's it! 

Except, I love you!

And get that journal! 

Get it for you! 

Hug! Hug! Hug!

Speak soon...


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Releasing Negative Emotions


How are you doing my dear sweet friend? I pray that you are having the most wonderful time in your life. That is my prayer for you...

It has been a looooooooong time since I've had negative emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, doubt, fear, irritability, moodiness, or worry. I'm not talking about the normal everyday glimpses of mild negative emotions. I am talking about the I want to kill you anger, anxiety attack anxiety, and the want to die depression.

I know, without a doubt, what negative emotions feel like, why we have them, and how to release them. I'm an expert on negative emotions because I lived with them for years, and I'm an expert at releasing them because I haven't had them for years. Not only have I NOT had them, I've helped thousands of people, if not more, release and relieve them. I don't say those things to brag, I say them to convince you that I quite possibly may help you release your negative emotions.

Do you believe, as I believe, that we are born innocent beings straight from God with the desire to grow by learning, listening, and loving? Think about that one for a sec. You know when you hold or see a baby there is pure unconditional love, so eager to learn.

When we are born, I do not believe we have an ounce of negative emotions. It is the human experience and existence that teaches them to us.

Think about the negative emotion that you feel the most often. Is it anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, irritability, moodiness, or maybe insecurity? I'd venture to say you could look at your life experience and figure out who taught you that particular emotion.

The greatest thing about life is we can, and many do, go back to that innocent unconditional love that we were born with, and with all the knowledge that we/he/she has gained in life thus far. It is my humble opinion that is why we are here... to gain spiritual enlightenment by returning to the love that we are.

Okay, okay, ramble, ramble, lol, getting to releasing negative emotions.

One of the best things to know when one begins to release the negative emotions that don't belong to us is that they don't belong to us. We are not our negative emotions. We are so much more than that. We are eternal, spiritual beings having a human experience to gain and grow.

Knowledge is very helpful to healing.

So, I gotta mission for you... if you choose to accept it.

This is so very simple but may not be easy.

Here we go...

This week, when you are experiencing anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, or any other dominant negative emotion, say to yourself, "This does not belong to me! This negative emotion does not belong to me!" Then, take a deep breath in and exhale, imagining you releasing the negative emotion.

Side note: you may not want to do or say this out loud (wink~wink). Just do and say it inside your head, secret like.

Do it for a week, and if it works, keep on a doing it. Life is a science project... hypothesize, experiment, and keep on a doing what works. Practice into permanence. Practice into a habit that is healing and healthy.

Practice destressing you!!!

Too simple? Good! It ought to be easy. It is effective, trust me on this. I have years of experience soothing people out of negative emotions in several unique capacities, and I've become really, really, really good at it and I know you can too for you!

Got it? 


I've got a prayer held tight in my heart for you that you will venture this journey so that you may heal. 

I believe you can heal!

I know you can heal! My personal opinion because I know your value and your worth as a human and a spiritual being!

You Got This!!!

I LOVE YOU!!! (singing in my not so in tune opera voice)

God bless you Sugar!

Big Hugs!!!

Speak soon...


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thank You!

Hey there! 


How are you my friend?

Praying a prayer in my heart you are alright, you are doing fine, you are discovering how brilliant and beautiful you are, and you are connecting to God for your comfort and strength.

I just want to say thank you so much for the email because I don't always answer them. But, I want you to know I appreciate the comments.

There are three kinds of emails that I get: the appreciation, gratitude, and thankful emails, the questions seeking answers emails, and the complaint or criticism about my blog or a post emails.

It is my hearts desire to convey to you that I truly appreciate each and every email. Normally, I only answer the ones that ask a question and I want to answer because I truly want to help.

So thank you!

I've been blogging for over ten years and a lot of people are reading this particular blog and I know that God wants me to continue to help others in anyway I can. Relieving despair, or any kind of emotional harm or hurt is very important to God, and it's important to me too.

I know without a doubt that God wants you to be happy, and I do too.

I know without a doubt that you can lift yourself from any hurt you are suffering, and I want to help you do that even if it's just a little bit at a time.

Thank you for the email! It's encouraging to me and just confirms my belief that relieving any emotional anguish is imperative even if it's through a blog.

That's it...

Except, I love you!

God bless...

Take care...