Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Persuasion for Meditation

Hello there, my friend!

Persuasion for meditation is what I'd like to write about this day.

How are you doing? I'm ever praying for your comfort and connection to God.

In my last post, Increase in Stress, I discussed meditation and how it is the number one thing I recommend to destress. 

Holidays are on the way, and preparing for and preventing stress is wise.

Meditation is one of the most excellent exercises we can practice to destress our minds. Many people do not participate in this practice because they are unaware of the benefits of meditation or believe they cannot meditate. 

To convince individuals opposed to meditation, one must look at the benefits. Before discussing the advantages, let us keep an open mind to possibilities in our lives that we may learn about and improve our current circumstances.

When stressed out, our mind is constantly going and racing. 

Meditation is a way to rest, quiet our minds, and increase our ability to silence our minds throughout the day so that we can handle daily stress easily. 

Meditation helps by creating a habit of having a clear mind so that we can bring ourselves to a place of peace at any time and anywhere regularly.

We need peace because, in our fast-paced world, we experience many stressors. The number one stressor is a habitual, harmful mind full of doubt, fear, and worry. One may have a chronic racing mind, which creates habits of insecurity and self-doubt on autopilot. 

When a person is on autopilot, they may unknowingly focus on thoughts of lack, other people's offenses, and the unfairness of life. In addition, thinking things  aren't going their way, or they need to control others' behaviors to believe they will be okay. 

Beliefs like the ones mentioned above give way to the inability to enjoy life because of unwanted emotions of fear, insecurity, and stress. Stress displays its unwanted self as anger, anxiety, depression, irritability, or moodiness, which, more often than not, creates despair.

Unwanted negative emotions deplete and drain our energy. Negative emotions are the real vampires of energy.

Another stressor is the powerlessness to fall asleep at night, stay asleep, or get essential hours of sleep due to a noisy mind.

One can resolve many of the mentioned stressful habits by learning to meditate. By teaching ourselves to quiet the mind, we discover and create a pattern that will make our lives happier and healthier because of the art and skill of calm, peace, relaxation, and silence in our bodies and minds. 

Being still is to understand the ultimate control of and patience for life. When we learn to control our body and mind, we have authority over two of our most valuable assets. If we become patient, we will have a less stressed and happier life.

Meditation can and will help anyone find a Spiritual place and space. 

Finally, meditation will better assist us in hearing that still small voice of guidance and inspiration from God, which comes more easily when we have a calm, confident connection to our Father in Heaven.

It is my humble opinion, from education, evidence, and experience, that it is more common to feel and hear the Divine Guidance and Love of God more readily with a quiet, still, mind. 

Wouldn't you love to increase your connection to God?

Wouldn't you love to feel God more?

Do you know what God feels like?

God does not ever feel like negative emotion because God is love.

God feels like love, which is what everyone wants to feel.

We have the authority and power to quiet our minds through meditation and create a calm, confident connection with God.

We have the authority and power to receive guidance and inspiration from our Father in Heaven more readily by quieting our minds. 

We have the authority and power to develop and discover more energy, more love, and more joy in our lives through quieting our minds by practicing meditation regularly, and one can begin with five short minutes a day.

What do you say?

Have I convinced you to begin meditation or increase your current practice? 

If so, click here to begin by listening to the sounds of this five-minute meditation video.

If you would love a blissful life of energy and being in love, I would invite you to begin a meditation practice and never give it up. 

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Big Hugs to you, my friend!

Big Hugs and Big Prayers!

Speak soon...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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