Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello there, day 11 ;0)

It is post-election, and there is lotta anxiety in the air, so I just wanted to talk about it a little bit.

In the general sense, anxiety is worry and fear.  What I mean by general sense is in the nondiagnosable state.  Anxiety is a diagnosis that is very dangerous to the body, mind, and soul.

Anxiety comes from thoughts of fear and worries about anything.  It could be fear or worry about the future, the past, or the present. 

know about anxiety because I have been dealing with it for a long time.  When I was in the emergency field, I talked thousands of people out of anxiety attacks, and now that I help people with stress, I continue to and have talked tens of thousands of people out of anxiety.

So often, people think that anxiety is done to them and that they have no control over it but do.  How do I know?  If I can talk you out of an anxiety attack, then you can talk yourself out of an anxiety attack, and that constitutes control.

People go to their doctor for anti-anxiety medications, which is fantastic, but we must also learn to overcome the fear causing it.

This is what I tell people who have any kind of anxiety, nervousness, fear, or habits of worry..."Fear is a profound, habitual way of thinking; anyone can evolve that chronic fear into practiced faith.  The greatest thing you can do for your anxiety, in addition to seeing your doctor, is to develop the mind to a more relaxed faithful state.  Calm, certainty, and confidence are the way of faith and the opposite of doubt, fear, and worry, which causes anxiety."

There is a whole lotta denial when it comes to anxiety.  People deny that they have it, and people deny that they have one ounce of control over it.

If you are a reader of my blog, you know that anxiety mimics the stress responseWhen the stress response is activated, blood pressure and pulse rise, blood flow shifts, body systems shut down, especially the immune system, and hormones become unbalanced, causing belly fat, memory loss, fatigue, and undesirable outcomes.

So, awareness is critical... If you have fear, nervousness, and worry habits, chances are pretty darn high that you have anxiety. 

What do you gotta do if you have anxiety?  Stay tuned... for the next post.

Love and Huggies ;0)

Elizabeth Stanfill

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