Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Destressing You?


How you doing?

I pray, I pray you are wonderful today!

Are you doing the fun exercises I've provided for you recently?

If not, I just want to throw a thought your way and that is...

Regular doses of fun and laughter can help you create energy and relax, which will assist you in destressing your life.

If you do not have fun on a regular basis, it may just be that you are out of practice. As you know, practice at anything can make you really, really, really good at it.

You have the power to create whatever you want in your life. That power is what separates us humans from animals. We have the intellect to choose.

If you are not choosing fun, could you, would you at least try for you?

The most stressed out people in this world may not even know they are stressed out. They may not even know they have the authority and power to change their fatigue to energy, unhappiness to happiness, or their misery to fun.

Just a thought I'm throwing your way...

Consider it won't you?

Have a great day Sugar!

Big Hugs...