Saturday, February 16, 2019

Fun Relieves Stress!

Hey! Hey!

How are you doing today?

I have hope, and I pray that you are being kind to yourself everyday.

I have another assignment for you to destress with fun, but first I'd like to put some thoughts into perspective.

Everyday I have the fortunate opportunity to speak to total strangers, whether it is in a personal or professional environment. Many times, people I have never met before tell me much about themselves, and their stress. My Agape once said it's the therapist in me. Ha!

I am not a therapist, I don't even really believe in therapy, I am an unconditional lover of others. *INSERT ME WINKING HERE*

There is no segregation between my personal life and my professional life. I am a daughter of the most High, God, Heavenly Father, and I will learn about and lift the person in front of me by listening, loving, and understanding because that is why I am here. 

That is why we are all here! 

That is the spiritual expansion overcoming the stressful human conditioning.


The other day, I spoke to a young woman who could not stop talking about how she had been wronged. I do believe that she told me about every man in her life who had ever wronged her. This continued story telling is causing much of her stress.

Right now, she is with an amazing man who loves her very much, and who treats her a thousand times better than any man she had ever met but she continues to tell the stressful story of being wronged.

Her human conditioning has made it so she is focused on what has stressed her out in life. Do you see her experiences have given her a habit that is very critical and focused on what has made her unhappy?

She could create a habit of incessantly speaking about the amazing right things her new man is doing couldn't she?

I totally understand where she is at because I was there too in my younger years. I could, and would, go on and on about how people wronged me. The crazy thing about that is I had so much right in my life, I could have gone on and on about what was right.

Now, that's exactly what I try to do!

I've always had an amazing career, an awesome home, and beautiful and brilliant beings in my life but all the while I was complaining and criticizing. 

Complaining and criticizing are just habitual focus by default.

Don't believe me?

Do you ever drive to work in the traffic and notice the thousands of people who are following the traffic laws or do you allow the few drivers that are impolite and unkind to stress you out?

Do you ever notice how lucky you are to have arms to hug others, ears to hear, eyes to see with, and legs to walk on or do you complain and worry about your body?

Do you ever tell your favorite fun, funny experiences over and over and over again to others and make them laugh out loud and smile? Or do you tell the devastating story about how something went wrong to someone else, or to you, over and over and over again in the same day and bring others and yourself down?

Do you ever think about lifting others, and yourself by your actions and words or do you tend to dramatize and gossip about others?

It's human to focus on what is stressful and it takes spiritual strength to change that...


Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it is to pick a favorite, fun, funny story about others, or yourself and tell it over and over and over again. If you can't think of fun story then tell a sweet one.

Do not! I repeat!!! Do not pick a story that belittles or makes fun of anyone, that is defeating the purpose. Stories that make fun of others are negative, and this exercise is positive!

One of my favorite things to talk about is my Agape (my one and only offspring) because he is so fun, funny, kind, and so loving. Every time I visit him he does something funny, or really sweet, and when I return to work I talk about my experiences with him.

He's amazing!

He's beautiful and brilliant!

Repeat and speak of the amazing, beautiful, and brilliant things!

This exercise is intended to do two things...

First, it is creating a less stressed, more fun environment where ever you are.

Second, it is creating a habits of desired focus on fun rather than a default focus on what is stressful in life.

That's it!

Oh, except keep up the other exercises of loving it, seeing dragons as toddlers, and don't forget to write at least a sentence of favorite, fun, or funny in your journal!

It's all about destressing yourself!

Have a wonderful day my dear sweet brother/sister of this world.

God bless you!

I'm praying, and rooting for you!


speak soon...