Saturday, February 9, 2019


Well, hello!

How are you doing today? I pray you are alright, and I also pray you are having fun!

Got another fun exercise for you to destress yourself, but first I gotta explain about dragons. Stick with me, please! It will all make sense at the end.

Do you know what a dragon is?

To me, a dragon is a person who is mean. Normally, really, really, really mean. I call the meanest people in the world dragons because they are mean and misunderstood.

Dragons, in the fairytale sense, are very lonely, mean, and misunderstood.  They are misunderstood because they are always alone and being hunted. Who wouldn't be mean if you had no one by your side and people were trying to kill you all the time?

Dragons, aka really mean people, have had stressful events, and/or are having a devastating experience, which can, and does, create beliefs they are all alone in the world and most individuals are against them. These are often people who are angry at God, or don't believe in God, because they may not know about the love God has for them, their power, and potential spiritual expansion.

In my younger years when I was a stressed mess, if someone was mean to me, I would return the rude, unkindness, usually multiplied. In other words, I would turn into a dragon.

I was a dragon!

Now, in my calm, relaxed state of striving to be connected to, and cooperative with God, I understand that when people are rude it's because they are suffering over very stressful things that I have no idea about. In order for me to understand misery I must attempt to see through the eyes of God's understanding of compassion and unconditional love.

It is my belief that God sees us as toddlers in our spiritual growth.

Have you ever seen that video when the toddler is in his feetsies pajamas pouring juice, or something, into two glasses, and then he spills a glass? He gets paper towels, cleans his mess, and then goes to fill up the glass he spilled. He says, "I won't pil it." He then spills it and says, "Ope, I pilt it." As he goes to deliver the glasses of juice, where ever he's going, he slips and falls in his original spill.

That video is so cute! That video, in my humble opinion, is how God sees us.

God sees us through loving eyes because he is love! Unconditional love! God sees us as a holy child, and nothing we do will change His love for us. He is always there for us, we just don't know it until we turn to Him.

I want to see others as God sees us! I want to see through God's loving eyes! I want to understand that we all have misery, and some of us are overwhelmed by that misery. I don't want to make anyone's misery worse by returning unkindness for unkindness.

I don't want to be a dragon to those who are dragons. I want to understand with God's compassion and love.

I want to be a dragon healer! 


So, your new mission for this coming week, should you choose to accept it is to see people, whom you believe are being mean, aka dragons, through loving eyes. See them as toddlers in feetsies, talking like a child, and spilling juice. When we see toddlers, we don't get angry at them for spilling juice.

The goal is to see dragons (people we think are being mean) as toddlers, and think with thoughts of compassion and love for them. It will be fun, and it will be funny.

Trust me!

See mean people as little children with messy hair who just woke up out of bed. Create that visual.

We cannot, and it is not our business to, control how others behave in order to make us happy. 

We can control how we see things that happen to us in this world, and that is our authority, power, and responsibility! 

Allow yourself to participate in this exercise, just like the last one, you will see the silliness in it, and it will make you laugh out loud.

Also, continue last weeks fun exercise along with this one.

Love it! And see toddlers! He he he...

This is for you! 

Do this for you and watch yourself destress a little bit more.

Don't forget to write in your journal so you have something fun, and funny to look back on especially if you are ever feeling down and out anytime in the future.

No complaints!

No criticism!

Just favorites!

Just fun!

Just funny!

You got this!


Praying a special prayer that you will do this for you! 

Praying a special prayer that you will see, if you don't already see, your authority and power over your life, and your value and worth as a spiritual being...

That's it!

Except, I LOVE YOU!!!


Speak soon...