Sunday, February 3, 2019


Hello there beautiful!

You are beautiful!

You are beautiful and brilliant!

My prayer for you is that you know how beautiful and brilliant you really are and if you don't know it, I pray a powerful prayer I may point you in the direction of knowing it.

Let's have some fun!

Did you get your journal? I'm praying you did. I'm praying a prayer that you care enough about you, and your human journey to do the little things to make this life better for you! 

The reason I want us to have fun is because I want to show you that we have the authority to govern our focus, and the power to replace stressful habits with happier fun habits.

Please know, I am not asking anyone to ignore what is wrong in life, I'm asking, more like suggesting, to stop ignoring what's fun, funny, and joyful in life.

It's all about the focus. 

It's all about the desired exquisite focus!

There is so much more good in life than there is bad. The human conditioning and training are focused on discouragement and fear, and so it seems normal to focus on what is wrong.

Let us focus on the good, what we want, not what we don't want, and we can do that by using our authority to choose our thoughts.

If you like to have fun, this will be easy for you. If you aren't practiced at the art of using your deliberate creativity, and having fun this may not be easy to get yourself to do this but, it will be good for you. MY OPINION!  he he he...

Here we go...

Your assignment, and mission, for this entire week, if you choose to accept it, is a very basic and simple practice that I've written about a couple times before...

Whenever you are presented with someone, or something that provokes a negative reaction in you, like anger, anxiety, awkwardness, boredom, depression, embarrassment, frustration, irritation, and or nervousness, you are going to love it!

That's right! Love, love, love it! LOL

How do you love it? You say nothing audibly, you just smile, and say in your mind, "I love it when..." fill in the blank with the thingy that is provoking your negative reaction.

Then, repeat it over and over in your head until you get the ridiculousness in it instead of the negative emotion. Say it three, six, or nine times. However many times it takes to interrupt the negative emotion.

Yes, yes, I know, it's silly but no one will know you are doing it and it will make you laugh, or at least break up the negative emotion with a smile. It will be so dumb to you, you will laugh.

That's it! So simple! You can do it!

Do you see what will happen? Instead of complaining about and criticizing the person or thing in your mind, you will interrupt that habitual reaction with a funner one. You will lighten up and recondition just a little bit at a time.


This exercise is going to show you three things: you have the authority and power to choose your thoughts and words, you are creative and fun, and you may have been or are too hard on others and yourself.



Your assignment, and mission, for this entire month is to write at least one sentence in your journal about this experience slash experiment every day. If you get really good at the writing thingy, write as often as you'd like, all day. It's up to you! 

Carry that journal with you.

Please, please, please write at least one sentence everyday, before the day is done. Do it for you! You are so worth it! Worth at least one sentence a day. 

If you do not see your value and worth as beautiful and brilliant, you gotta start doing things for you spiritually in order to get a glimpse, a hint... and then it will get great momentum like an addiction, and life will give you unexpected joys you would not otherwise have known.

What will you write? Write your favorite, fun, or funny. 

Favorite, fun, and funny is our focus.

No complaints or criticism allowed!

It is my most humble prayer that you will do these things for you!

You are the most important person in your life, and if you are willing to do simple things like this for you, it is my belief, and prayer, that you will begin to know, if you don't already know, how beautiful and brilliant you are.

This is all about discovering your value and your worth, and oh what a magnificent, spiritual life it is when you do!

God bless you Sugar Booger!

Ha Ha! 

Have fun!

Be playful!

I love you!

I truly truly do! 

Oh yes I do too!!!


Speak soon...