Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Powerful You!

Hello there!

How you doing today my dear friend?

I hope and pray that you are doing alright today!

I'm not going to ask you if you did the fun exercise.

I'm going to tell you that I pray you did it and you had fun!

I'm also going to tell you that I pray you didn't criticize yourself for not doing it.

Self-criticism is a path to emotional hurt, and a block to creative energy.

Today, I'd really like to articulate your power as a human and spiritual being. A subject that would take a three hundred page book, but stick with me, this is going to be good because it is going to be for you.

I don't ever talk much about where I've been and what I've been through because I know that discussing my struggles is reliving the bad over and over again. Making myself relive the horrible struggles I have endured will bring others down, it will bring me down, and it is like a self punishment.

It is my dominant intent to lift others and myself and I do that by the thoughts I think and the words I speak. The thoughts I think and the words I speak will bring others to where they want to go, and hopefully, they will not keep them in their discontent. That is the very beginning of my power, and that is part of your power.

Human Conditioning vs Spiritual Nature

Human conditioning is very competitive and fearful, and Spiritual nature is very cooperative and loving.

Competition is very healthy when we are playing sports but when it is pertaining to life we become very arrogant or very insecure because it is based on a you against me idea. The funny thing about that is, arrogance is insecurity because when you are arrogant you think you are better than others, which is an illusion of confidence. Having the desire, or needing to be better than others is insecurity.

Spiritual Nature is not competitive, it is cooperative with God. When we are cooperative with God, we are cooperative with life, others, and our selves. When we learn to cooperate with God we can, and do develop a calm, certainty, and confidence for life, others and our selves.

Our power is in that cooperation with God. 

Our power is in that calm, certainty, and confidence for life, others, and our selves.

The human conditioning is a contradiction to that power because when we think we must compete with others it provokes fear of the future, fear that we are not okay, and fear that we are not, and won't be good enough. These fearful beliefs generate and sustain habits of anger, anxiety, and depression, which are negative, practiced, stressful emotions.

Negative emotions disconnect us from God. They disconnect us from faithful beliefs and behaviors. 

We are not born with these beliefs, we are trained up in them. Therefore, we can, and many do, train ourselves out of human conditioning.

Sure, some people were lucky enough to have faithful and fearless parents who taught by example the spiritual nature. So many people remain there. The thing is, suffering is not reserved for only a select few. Suffering isn't only happening to those who were not trained up in Spiritual Nature. 

Suffering happens to everyone, but we only know about those who suffer greatly because they keep repeating the story, which brings the self down because it is reliving the misery and provides a self punishment. That kind of punishment can, and will keep anyone in despair.

The happiest people I know have had the most stressful lives and because of that distress, they are in an immense appreciation for their happiness and relief. 

If you are struggling, and suffering, I know with all my heart and soul, there is relief. That relief is inside of you! That is where your connection to and cooperation with God resides. 

Cooperating with God is knowing that God is in charge, and all things are for your good. That good is the lesson, it is the spiritual expansion, and the lessons are always faith and patience.

If you do not have faith in or patience for others, I'd venture to say you do not have faith in and patience for yourself because they are habits.

Human condtioning is based on fear and Spiritual Nature is based on faithfulness and fearlessness.

Human conditioning trains us up in negative emotions based on fear, which disconnects us from God. 

Faithful and fearlessness makes our connection to and cooperation with God stronger.

Your power is not only in the understanding that, but in the belief in it so that you may have behaviors in that.

Your power is in the beliefs, behaviors, conditioning, and training of Spiritual Nature so that you may overcome the Human conditioning.

Your power is in the knowing that you are the most important person in your life, and you can, and will, change your life for the better if you believe you can.

Your power is in the knowing that no one but you, is responsible for your happiness, joy, and vitality.

Your power is in the knowing that you are worth every thought that you think and you can think thoughts in favor for yourself.

Your power is in cooperating with God by connecting to God in a most personal level. 

God is my best friend. I have, and do turn within to Him in most moments of the day. 

If you have not discovered your power in your chosen beliefs, and behaviors, I pray you will by doing the silly little exercises I present to you. These exercises are solely to help point you in the direction of your power, and once you discover and know that power you will know your value and worth.

Holy moly guacamole avocado sauce!

That was a ramble!

It is my most humble prayer, for you, if you do not know your power, you will discover it, and want more of it. I know, without a doubt in my heart and soul, when you discover how powerful you really are, you will be happy, and joyful, and vital. 

You will be eager, excited, and exhilarated for everyday. 

You will continuously lift life, others, and yourself! 

You will know your value and worth.

All you gotta do is cooperate with God by connecting with God.

All you gotta do is practice desired, exquisite, focus for you.

That's it!

Praying you stick with you by doing the silly little fun exercises that may point you away from stress and towards your power.

Praying a special prayer in my heart that you will stick with you, by sticking with me, because I will stick with you.


Enjoy your day beautiful!

Hug! Hug! Hug!


I love you baby boo!


Speak soon...