Friday, December 16, 2011


Hey there.  How the heck are you?  I am very well, thank you very much.

I wanted to show you my journal.  That is a picture of it right there.

Pretty cool aye?

I just wanted you to know how serious I am about setting and obtaining goals.  It's not just about goals though, it is about being happy, and making things better and better, no matter what you are going through.

Last Tuesday, I wrote about Never Ending Goal Setting, because I believe, with all my heart and soul, that the only way to diligently progress and produce in this life is by constantly setting and obtaining goals, and by an enduring determination to evaluate our development so that we can continue to improve.

People are always complaining and speaking about how hard life is when in actuality, it really isn't that bad or hard.  I hear woman talk about how horrible a commercial is or how devastating someone's behavior is but it is all an illusion.  You know what is devastating?  Losing your legs, and not being able to walk, or losing a lung so that you are unable to function actively, not a commercial or someone's behavior.

What I think about these individuals who complain and cry woe is me, all the time, is that they are not learning or moving forward.  When you learn and move forward, you discover that life is not really hard (well sometimes it is ;)), and there isn't anything that you can't handle because you have become stronger and stronger from your challenges.

Trust me on this one ;)

One of the biggest things that has helped me move forward and discover that I can handle anything is my writing.  My writing began in my journals, then I did a lot in college, and now I blog.  My writing is not the best but, you should have read it before I went to college.  I was raised by a Mother who's second language is English, and it really shows in my journals.  It really shows on my blog, as well, but it is a lot better than it was. 

Tangent!  LOL

What I am trying to say is, I have come a long way because of my writing, especially in my journals.  I have set and obtained some serious goals, and I have overcome some serious challenges.  What is so cool is, I can look back at where I was in life, my anxiety, my depression, my alcoholism, or my PTSD, I know how far I have come, and know that I can handle anything.  It is because of this constant goal setting and evaluating of myself that has gotten me where I am now.

No!  I am not a millionaire, yet!  But I am stronger spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  The only reason I say that is because most people attribute moneys to success when I look at the ability to be happy and still move forward in life, under any circumstance, as being successful.  In order to be happy and still move forward, under any circumstance, one must be strong spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  The way you get there is learning more from your challenges, having faith in yourself, and having a very strong spiritual relationship with God.

There have been many times in my life when I have been angry, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed.  Those were my challenges, and I have learned from them primarily through the documentation of my thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes, and goals.

When I was a young single Mother, I use to have severe anxiety over money.  As I look back, and read my journal entries, I can remember the thoughts and feelings, and I can know, without a doubt, that if I made it through that, I can make it through anything.  This, my friend, is an unbelievable gift that I have taught to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

In my last post, I wrote that I too would get my journal and start my never ending goal setting process, and I have.  I wrote my goals for 2012, right after I wrote that post.

So, get your journal, take responsibility for your life, get ready to destress yourself for 2012, get back to the basics, start to overcome some amazing challenges, and do it with faith, RIGHT NOW!

Let's do this together.  If you journal, I promise you, you will see some amazing things happen in your life and it won't be just setting and obtaining goals, it is much bigger than that.

You can do this!

You got the power!

You can be, do, and have anything your heart desires in 2012!

Don't you wanna?  I know you do!

Good luck my friend.  Speak soon...

Don't forget!  Have fun!  Be playful!

Big Hugs...