Thursday, March 24, 2011


You are lovable! 

You are a divine being from your Heavenly Father!

It is my humble opinion, from experience, that when people are in a state of hate, they are unable to see the love that they are.

When people are in a state of appreciation and giving love, it is much easier to know love.

The only reason someone does not know they are lovable is that they are in a state of hate and unkindness to others and the self. This place gives way to believing one is not good enough. This can and does make one feel horrible about the self and life.

Love is for giving!

Give love to yourself!

Be kind to yourself!

When you do this, you have love to give!

In my younger years, I was so angry, anxious, and depressed much of the time, and it was because I was so critical and discouraging to others and myself.

If we are critical and discouraging, it just means that we think it's okay, and then it becomes a habit of reaction.

As I got older and experienced life more, I decided I did not want to be unkind, so I began complimenting and encouraging.

This new way of being and training put me in a state of appreciation and love.

This love I now have replaced my self-hate and unkindness towards others.

This love I now have fills me and continues to do so, and now I have plenty of love to give.

This love shows me that I am lovable because I am full of love.

I have always known that I am a divine being, a daughter of my Heavenly Father, but I sure wasn't acting like it.

But now, I act like I know I am a divine being because Heavenly Father is love, and I come from Him; therefore, I ought to be love, right?

If you feel unlovable, you must know that the key to love is inside you. 

Love begins with appreciation and kindness. 

Begin to compliment yourself rather than criticize and encourage yourself rather than discourage. If you do this, it will become a habit overflowing to others.

It is all about the focus. We are free to focus on what we want, and if we believe in God and Jesus Christ, then we can focus on the lessons to love.

Practice, practice, and practice some more, and you will become nearly perfect!

You are lovable!

You are a divine being!

I love you! And your Heavenly Father does too!

Speak soon...

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