Monday, January 7, 2019

Connecting to God

Well Hello! 

How are you doing today? I pray that you are happy, healthy, and wealthy! (insert me winking here)

In my last post, I wrote about letting go of stress by appreciating more. Did you read it? If so, did you practice appreciation more?

When we are feeling appreciation we are so close to the feeling of love and it's a great way of connecting to God.

The scriptures say to be thankful in all things. They also say that God is love and when we love God abides in us.  Therefore, appreciation, which is so very close to the feeling of love, and loving others is a great way of connecting to God.

When we connect to God we feel good and that's probably why people go to church every Sunday, or when times are really hard. When times are difficult, everyone wants to feel better, and that's why we turn to God, we feel better, we feel good, we feel love, and we feel relief from our stress.

I hope with all my heart and soul you took upon yourself the mission to practice appreciation by searching for the good in others, in the environment in which you stand, and in yourself.

I also hope and pray that you will practice loving the person before you, the environment you are in, and yourself more. When you do, you connect to God, and that provides amazing relief from stress, it destresses you!

It's all about focus and practicing into permanence. We have the free agency to choose what we focus upon. We can choose thoughts of happiness or heartache. We can choose to heal our beliefs, behaviors, and emotions or we can choose to hurt them. Desire versus default.

Holding on tightly in your mind to what is wrong makes it difficult to see what is right, and makes it challenging to heal.

Hold on tight to what is right, what you appreciate, what you are thankful for, and what there is to love in life, and let what's wrong dissipate and fall away, it's the law of faith.

If you find no things to appreciate or love it may be a big indicator you are very much out of practice. 

What about appreciating the simple things like eyes to see with, a nose to smell with, a tongue to taste delicious food, arms to hug your loved ones with, legs to walk on, ears to hear awesome music, and family and friends that are always there for you?

My dear friend, my sweet friend, my prayer for you is that you may consider connecting to God in these big ways of practicing appreciation and love more.

That's all I got, except a prayer held tight in my heart that you will consider these things for you because you are the most important person in your life, and you are very important to God, and to me.

God bless...

Take care...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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