Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Purpose in Life

Hey there! How are you doing today? I hope and pray that you are alright, and that you are enjoying life.

Today I'd like to ramble (I do ramble) a little bit about purpose in life. The entire reason I blog, and ramble is because I want to help people relieve any emotional heartache. I have suffered emotionally, severely and deeply, so I know what it's like to live misery. Misery is something I would never wish on anyone, and it is something I'd do nearly anything to relieve in another person.

The opposite of misery is happiness, joy, and vitality for life, and I have discovered this coming through pain and sorrow.

It is my humble opinion that the purpose in life is spiritual expansion. I know with all my heart and soul that we are eternal spiritual beings having a human experience and this experience is for our spiritual expansion.

Spiritual expansion is about developing a connection to God so that we may live above our human nature and through our spiritual nature.

When we connect to God and live a more spiritual life, we can and will find happiness, joy, and vitality. When we live from this place of spirituality we can and do discover our value and worth.

My purpose in life is to connect to God, which will expand my living from a more spiritual place. When I connect to God, He guides me, and inspires me. This connection provides me with the ability to learn of spiritual things, and listen to the weary soul from a compassionate place. This connection also allows me to have more charity for myself and others, which allows me to love unconditionally and understand the sufferings of my brothers and/or sisters in this world.

We are all brothers and sisters because we are all spiritual children of God.

I am compelled to blog for one reason, and one reason only! I blog because I could lift that one person from despair. I will write my little ramblings in the hope that you are relieved.

I know that when we lift another by relieving their misery, we lift them to a better place in life even if it is for that moment. Life is lived from moment to moment and it is my prayer that you, and I will live that moment connected to God with happiness, joy, and vitality.

My connection to God has shown me unconditional love for life, others, and myself, and that is my value and worth. If I could help you, and point you to the direction of connecting to God, I know, without a doubt that you can and will know your value and worth. This is the most highest value and worth because it comes from within the soul where God resides, and not from anyone else on this earth.

That's all...

Except, I love you!

Take care...

God bless...