Sunday, January 13, 2019

Relieving Despair

Hello my friend. How are you doing today? I pray that you are doing okay. I always ask how you are doing because I care! I understand that I can't hear your response, and I just want you to know I have a prayer in my heart for you, for the one whom is having a hard time or suffering.

For many years I suffered with despair, and through those years there were many people who were there for me. These individuals listened to me, and loved me no matter what. When I look back I know that I would not have survived if it weren't for them. They never abandoned me no matter how crazy or negative I was.

Now, I want to be that person for others that they were for me.

Despair is when a person loses all hope, it is when a person rather die than live, and it could create suicidal thoughts.

In my experience, the number one way to relieve despair is a person must have an open mind, and be willing to learn.

If I said to you that you could relieve your despair if you'd try certain things, to see what works but you are unwilling to try anything because you believe no things will work, that would be a very closed mind, and that could be the very obstacle to any relief.

Life is like a science experiment of trying what works and doing more of what works. If you are doing things that do not work repeatedly it could create constant havoc.

Do you suffer from despair? 

Wouldn't you like some relief? 

Do you have an open mind?

If you answered yes to all of the above, I'd like to propose you try something for an entire week to see if it works, and if it does, keep doing it.

What I'd like to propose is for you to be for others, what you need others to be for you. The reason I offer this is because I know that when we help others we feel better, and feeling better will relieve despair.  Also, when we are in the service of others we forget our own troubles, and despair is trouble.

Often times when we are in despair, we are so focused on what is wrong in our life that the despair gains momentum, and the feelings get unbearable.

What a person needs, when in despair, is for another to learn by listening and loving, and trying to understand.

So! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn about others by listening and loving, and trying to understand. No advice giving, no judging, and no words! Just learn, listen, love, and understand. That's it! For an entire week to see if it relieves your despair, and if you aren't in despair, try it anyway and see what amazing things come out of it! I'll do it with you!

Everyday, for at least a week, remind yourself this, "I will learn by listening and loving and try to understand! No words, just learn, listen, love, and understand!"

Do that, and watch yourself feel better, and feel God even more because all good things come from God, and what you are doing is not only good, it is great!

God bless you my friend!

I love you! I truly truly do, and if you've ever met, or meet me, you'll know it's true!

Speak soon...