Sunday, January 31, 2021

Breaking Point

Hey there.  How are you?  Praying you are alright! This is an old post that I feel guided to repost. It has a few links in it that may help anyone destress.

Praying for your faith... enjoy...

Have you ever felt like you were at a breaking point?  If you have, you know what it is, and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

A breaking point is an emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual place where you feel like you just can't take anymore.  It is a place you are so overwhelmed you feel like you just want to give up.  I have seen this place, I have seen it in my own life, and in many other lives.  

Do you feel like this is something you are going through?

When a person experiences something like this, it can make'em or break'em.  This is a place I have heard hundreds of individuals describe.  They say they can't take it anymore, and they feel like they are 'losing it'.

The breaking point is usually when an individual feels overburdened and everything is in his or her face. They may think, "What am I going to do?" 

Feels like being submerged in overload. 

Often, when one is at this point, he or she may be thinking of all the things that are wrong, and about the worst possible outcomes that can happen.  This is major fear, and this is major worry that can cause major anxiety.

This can be a very critical point in a person's life.  This can be a short moment in time, many months, or even longer, of feeling weighed down.

Through the years, I have worked with many individuals who were at this point.  A couple of the people I have worked with were teenagers, who were in a situation at home that was causing severe anxiety, and/or depression.  Some others, I have worked with, had severe financial difficulties, and lost everything tangible.  

Additionally, I have worked with people who have been emotionally spent due to loneliness, despair, or frustration.

So, if you are at a breaking point, what can you do?

I am so very excited that you asked ;0)

If you are in a place as described above, the first thing you can do is ask yourself what the heck it is?  What is going on for you right now?  It may be fear of what might happen and the thought that you will not know how to, or if you can, handle it.  

Ask yourself, "What am I afraid of?"

After examination, and some possible clarity, it is my most humble opinion the absolute best thing anyone can do is pour one's heart out to God.  Talk to Him, and tell Him what you are afraid of, and what your biggest fears are.  

Why do you want to do this?  

You want to do this because you are Heavenly Father's child, and He loves you.  You are so very special to Him, and you will feel comfort from this because He wants you to turn to Him so that He can give you comfort.

Crisis asks for focus, and that focus is towards God. 

When we turn to God in crisis, we can discover God is very real!

After you have turned to Heavenly Father, you will feel comfort.

With all my heart, I believe that when we have troubles, I mean really big troubles, it is an opportunity to get closer to God.  Part of the reason He gives us trials is so we can learn to lean on Him more frequently.

In Romans 12:12, in the Holy Bible, KJV,  it says, "Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;"

Rejoicing in hope is being happy for your ambitions, aspirations, and dreams.  

Patient in tribulation is willing to endure the thing, or things, that are causing you pain and unhappiness.  

Continuing instant in prayer is carrying on and persisting in your conversations with God.

Mainly, focus on your dreams, be willing to endure the trial with trust in God, and persist, right now, in your conversations with God.

When we are at a breaking point, I truly believe it is very human to do the opposite.  To focus on what we don't want, being impatient and fearful, and forgetting to turn to God, is conditioning of the human experience.

My friend, my dear reader, if you can find it within, dream big, focus on what you want, be willing to endure your trials with trust, and be constantly in conversation with God.

You can do this.  

You got the power.  

You are so very special and you can remind yourself of this in the moment of a breaking point, and the entire time you have the struggle you are going through.

Get your journal, write down all the things you dream of in your life, and write down all of the evidence, your successes and accomplishments, that remind you that you can have them.

And know this...  You can handle anything you are going through, you can handle anything that comes your way, and you will manage this because you always have overcome your trials in the past. 

You are so very capable, you are so very smart, you are so very strong, and you are so very divine.  

The thing is, if you are at a breaking point, you may have just forgot all of your divinity.  You are a child of God, and that makes you divine.

You can be, do, and have anything your heart desires, believe in this, and believe in yourself.  Have faith my friend!  

God has faith in you!  

I have faith in you!

Focus on faith in yourself my dear friend, if you feel like you need to!

God wants you to remember how special you are!

You are His child!

God wants us to remember how special everyone is!

Remember how special everyone is because others may be at their breaking point, and we can lift them by loving them.

Big Hugs...

Speak soon...