Sunday, August 9, 2020

Leveling Up

Hello! Hello! My dear reader! How are you doing today?

I hope and pray, that you are doing okay.

That picture above is a very sweet memory of my son and I on his sixth birthday. It was a surprise party, and it was so sweet to see his reaction when he was greeted by all his family and friends.

What a wonderful moment, I shall never forget.

This young one of mine taught me what pure unconditional love is. Do you know that children are pure unconditional love? Sometimes they stay that way, and sometimes life teaches them, us, how to put conditions on our love, especially for ourselves.

In my last post, Creating Energy Over Exhaustion, I discussed how love and joy create energy, and hate and misery take it away. If you haven't read it, you can read it now by clicking here.

In this recent post, I invited you to do a spiritual experiment with me. Did you do it? If not, that's alright. If so, how'd it go?

I did the experiment, and I found out that I became more aware of two things. First, I became aware of thoughts I was thinking that indicated I did not, in fact, believe in myself in certain situations.

This is very enlightening for me because, I really believe I have great confidence. This shows me that I am not as confident as I believe, and not as aware of all of the thoughts that I think.

Second, I found myself considering the truth of who I really am. Intellectually, I believe that we are all love, unconditional love.

Do you believe that you, we, are love?

I believe it!

I say this so often.

When we are born, we are this cuddly little baby full of love, from God, and then life, parents, teachers, and society show us we are loved based on conditions.

What I mean is, when we are born we are pure love, all of the time. Then human conditioning shows us, through approval, and disapproval from others, we are loved when we do the things that please others.

The reason I found myself contemplating this is because I know that we are love. I believe love is the truth, and I believe I am love. So why do I not believe in myself in certain circumstances, and situations if I believe I am love?

Crazy, I know... It's my uniqueness.

The answer is, in my humble opinion, because of the human training that has taught me to put conditions on my belief in me, and my love for myself.

Do you believe you put conditions on how and when you believe in, and love yourself?

You are love! 

Love is the truth.

Think about the opposite, hate.

What does love bring to this world, to your world? What does love bring to the person you are with, and the environment you are in?

What does hate bring? 

What if, we considered the truth for a couple days? The truth being, we are love. 

Love feels great! 

Love feels like faith and fun. 

If you don't want to consider love as a focus, try asking yourself, and meditating upon the truth. 

What is the truth about you? Love maybe? It definitely is not hate. 

Unconditional love has no hate! Conditional love has hate when one does not love. Think about that!

This may seem abstract to you, and if it does, it's alright. The purpose of it all is to contemplate, focus, and meditate by desire on spiritual things.

If we are not choosing our thoughts, we are not actively choosing our actions, behaviors, and beliefs. We can leverage our habitual way of thinking by pointing ourselves in higher thoughts rather than lower ones.

I don't really know how else to say that.

We are living spiritual lives by desire, or we are living human conditioning by default.

Your mission, our mission, should we choose to accept it is to ponder, often, at the forefront of our mind, the truth that we are, in fact, love, or just contemplate what the truth is for you. 

It's just another spiritual experiment.

Here's to another successful week of love, and feeling good. Feeling God!

God bless you my dear reader.

God bless you with faith, patience, and trust.

Believe in God, wait on Him, and trust Him.

He will strengthen you no matter what you are going through.

Love, love...