Sunday, August 2, 2020

Creating Energy Over Exhaustion

Hello! How are you doing?

I hope and pray, you're doing okay!

I really, truly do hope and pray you are doing okay because I know what a life full of anger, anxiety, depression, and/or despair can feel like, and I don't want anyone to experience it.

There are people I talk with whom experience deep despair. After listening to their story, it is, quite often, easy to help them face the direction of healing. This healing I am talking about is moving in the direction of energy, love, and joy.

Love, and joy give energy, and the opposites, fear and despair, take it away.

I'm learning that most people will go through exhausting times of fear and despair. Some individuals remain there for quite sometime. It is my humble opinion that those who remain there, do not know the way out. 

I have seen the most miserable people become the happiest, and the most successful people become the worst sort of individual. Things happen in life and it causes leveling up, or leveling down.

In my humble opinion, we all go up and down but, some of us go really high, and really low. As where some individuals' ups and downs seem minimal.

A very important key to leveling up is believing in the self. Whether a person believes in God, or not, if they don't believe in themselves that individual won't even think a thought in his or her favor. If a person will not even think a thought in his or her favor, it is very likely that individual will remain in a rut for quite sometime.

Anyone can search for, and find instructions on how to be the most successful person in his or her world, but if he or she doesn't believe in themselves, there is less likelihood of self initiation on the training.

When a person does not believe in his or herself, the mind is closed shut to any kind of guidance or help to live a life of love. A life of love gives energy.

Love is the most powerful energy in the world.

God is love. It says so in the scriptures, and it also says, "When we abide in love, God abides in us."

Think about it for a minute. Have you ever been in love? When anyone is in love, the energy and happiness is through the roof, is it not?

A life of love is all about focus.

If a person is unhappy, and they ask me for help, I always point them in the direction of focus. 

You could have twin brothers or sisters, one is very happy, and the other is miserable. What is the difference? Habitual focus is the difference. Same home, same family, same lifestyle, and same world, just different habitual focus.

People who are in the past, or are afraid of the future, and/or have given up on themselves, i.e., don't believe in themselves create exhaustion. It is absolutely exhausting to live a life without love for others, and yourself.

Why am I rambling about energy versus exhaustion? Because it takes energy to sustain a life of love during stressful times. Stress is exhausting. Anger, anxiety, depression, and despair are exhausting because they are stressful habits of focus.

I've listened to people who've told a story of sadness and/or trauma from the past. These individuals have, sometimes, been telling the same story for years, on occasion, a decade, or decades. This rehashing may keep them in a place of despair for several reasons.

First of all, telling an unsuccessful story that happened in the past, over and over, beats the self up by the constant reliving of the unwanted. That person is literally verbally abusing him or herself. Why would anyone do that? Because they don't know better. (Partly why I do not believe in therapy.) My opinion!

Second, if an individual is so stuck in the misery of the past, he or she is unable to enjoy the present moment. This is not only confusion, it is a very distorted view of reality. It's not normal to repeat a story from ten months or ten years ago that will bring anyone down, especially the self. Doing this ruins the moment of life, and kills the goal of enjoying the journey.

Thirdly, when anyone behaves by default on a regular basis, he or she gives up his or her power, value, and worth. The person who knows how to direct thoughts by desire stands in his or her power, value and worth.

Finally, it's exhausting. The self abuse, inability to enjoy life, and lack of power, value, and worth, creates and sustains exhaustion. Emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual exhaustion manufactures burnout on life, which leads to despair.

It's not normal to live in the past! Living in the regret of the past is so very draining.

It is absolutely normal to believe in yourself! Living with a life of focused, organized, and productive thoughts for the self gives magnificent love, and mighty energy.

I'm rambling, I know!

It's just that I talk to people who want help, and some get the focus by desire, and some don't. Some people come back again, and again for help, and sometimes get it little by little, and that's actually okay. Little by little is how we level up in all things.

Leveling up to a life of love gives glorious energy, and it takes focus by desire.

The life of anger, anxiety, depression, and/or despair, which are all states of fear, are exhausting. If a person believed in themselves enough to think a thought in his or her favor, he or she could, and would move towards more energy. 

What is the a thought a person could think in his or her favor?

It's simple...

"I want to believe in myself!"

This statement is a thought of desire for the person who would like to, not only believe in his or herself, but to increase energy.


All persons have a mood of their mind. Some have confidence, some have self disdain, and some teeter back and forth between the two. Confidence, and disdain, both come from behaviors, which come from beliefs, which come from thoughts that we keep thinking. The thoughts that we keep thinking create our reality. Like the twins, I mention above.

If you are exhausted from stress, anger, anxiety, depression, or despair, why not try a spiritual experiment with me?

Affirm, contemplate, focus on, and meditate upon the thought, "I want to believe in myself." Let it consume your thoughts. Do it for at least four days. And if you are brave enough, for an entire week.

I'll do it too. 

I know that repeated thoughts and words have great power to level up or lower down. This experiment is meant to lift, and dispute any thoughts of fear of the future, or unwanted stories from the past that you may have been thinking for too long.

I'm not asking you to ignore anything. I'm not even asking you to fake it until you make it. I'm suggesting a change in focus.

It's a spiritual experiment to assist in leveling up in energy and life. 

I'm rooting for you! I only want to point myself, and anyone else who may want it, in the direction of energy, love and joy. I believe this will develop more confidence, cooperation, happiness, and health.

Let's see how it goes.

Big Hugs dear reader. I appreciate you, I truly do!

Speak soon...