Monday, June 28, 2010

A Very Stressful Habit

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Today, I want to talk about a very stressful habit.

A very stressful habit is not paying attention to and creating our thoughts. Often times, we allow our thoughts to run on autopilot. When our thoughts are on autopilot we may think about the worst thing that could happen, in any situation, and that can cause us stress, rather than focusing on what we want. When we focus on what we want we are more focused, organized, and productive.

So, living our lives with our mind on autopilot can be a stressful habit, and paying attention to and creating our thoughts is a successful practice.

Practice paying attention to and creating your thoughts.

When we pay attention to our thoughts we can notice the mood of our mind. Our mood may be doubt in ourselves, fear about the future, or worry about outcomes.

When we create our thoughts we can think about our goals and what we want, we can think about having faith in ourselves and others, we can think about faith in the future and confidence in our outcomes.

We have a choice! We can allow our minds to run on autopilot and let our stress run our lives or we can pay attention to and create our thoughts and build confidence, certainty, and faith.

Decide what you want! Always think about what you want and move towards that!

The goal is to get better and better, at life, as we age, and that includes getting better at what we think about.

The goal is to get better and better, at life, as we age, and that includes getting better at what we think about.

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