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Monday, December 10, 2018

Destressing Mondays

How to Destress Your Monday is what I wanna talk about today...

Hello there.  How are you my lovely lovely?  Today is Monday, and for some a very stressful day because of bosses, coworkers, a heavy workload, or no work at all.

Before I talk about Destressing Your Monday, Monday (in my singing voice), I wanna remind you that what we drink, eat, and think, especially over the weekend can bless or burden our Monday.  What I mean by that is, if you exercise, eat right, and have faith all the day long, and everyday, you will have plenty of energy on Monday.  How do I know?  Because of personal experience, and serious scientific evidence.  But you know what I am saying, don't you?

I am also saying, if you drink tons of alcohol, or caffeinated sugary crud you are going to feel like mud.  If you eat crappy, you are going to feel crappy.  Finally, if you have thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry, which all creates stress, you are going to be depleted of all energy.

With that said, it takes energy to handle stress, and if you are in a stressful career, job, or environment on your Mondays, it is very important to take care of you, on your weekends.

Now, two great ways to destress your Monday are practicing awareness, and relaxation.

Why are practicing awareness, and relaxation great ways to destress yourself on Monday?  That is an excellent question lovely.  Practicing awareness, and relaxation are great; wait, scratch that, are excellent ways to destress because when you are fully aware, and relaxed, you are the opposite of stressed.

Every morning before I do much, I sit upright, relaxed, take a deep breath through my nose, exhale through my mouth, and just relax my entire being into the moment.  I literally go into my heart beat.  I have been doing this for, oh say, nineteen years, and it gives me the skill of knowing how to be confident and relaxed at any time and any where.

Practice makes perfect, I always say.  Now, I can go into awareness, and relaxation at any time I choose, and so can you.  If you do this, and practice it often, you will know the meaning of fully present in faith.  This is Ninja Mind stuff, you know?

You wanna be a Ninja?  Half of it is being quiet in the mind, fully aware, and relaxed.  I say that stuffola because I think I am Ninja.  Ha Ha Ha, no really, I do think I'm Ninja.

If you do not find it easy to be aware and relaxed on your own, sit quietly, with your eyes closed, listening to this video, and focus on the sounds. Doing this is another way of practicing awareness and relaxation.

Well, God bless you, and I hope I have helped you Destress Your Monday.  If not, you can read my ebook...

How To Destress Book
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I know that I offered the PDF for free but, in honor of my Dad's Birthday, yesterday, I will offer it free on Amazon for three days. Hurry though, it's only free for three days.  The PDF is free on a regular basis via contact form request because I believe, with all my heart and soul, it helps people move from crisis to calm, and that is what I am all about. Serving others by relieving despair and stress.

Have a great Monday, and a great week, and a great month.  Love you so much my friend...

Speak soon...

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Craziest Thing!

Well hello there! How are you doing these days?

It is my prayer that you are doing really, really, really well.

The craziest thing happened to me yesterday. I received a post, from my blog, in my email yesterday from June 15, 2015. The thing is I haven't blogged on this particular blog in nearly two years.

The blog post was about three ways to destress right now.

After I read the post I happened to look at the stats of this blog and discovered there were 326 page views yesterday, and over 5500 views last month. All of this means only one thing to me and that is stress is high.

One thing I know for sure is that stress is always higher between October and April than in May through September. It has a lot to do with finances, and/or the holidays.

The reason I am sharing all of this is because I know that relieving stress, aka destressing, is God's work and I don't believe in coincidences, I believe that God is in charge.

My favorite thing to do is learn by listening so that I may understand this life more. I'm listening!

I've decided to try my hardest to continue this blog to help those whom are having stressful lives and situations.

I'm a writer! I write everyday! Everyday! And so, I'll try to include stress relief for those who seek it through this blog.

My first book that I ever wrote, How to Destress Via Stress Test & Stress Relief, isn't necessarily a great book but, it was my first book, and it continues to sell to this day. And I'd like to give you a free copy of it if you'd like one because I think it may help you destress. So, if you'd like a free copy just use the contact form in the right column of this blog to request a copy and I'll email you the PDF. Please be patient because it may take me up to three business days.

I feel very guided and inspired about this blog and post. There is one thing I know for sure deep down in my soul without any doubts and that is that you are very important to God! Yes You! You are so important to Him that this very post may be written for you! God loves you! God loves all of His children, and we are very, very, very important to Him. So important that He sends comfort, help, and strength to those in need.

Well my friend, that's all I got! A free ebook and love from God for you!

I love you! God loves you! God bless you!


Saturday, August 27, 2016


Focus, focus, focus is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Hello there my beautiful friend! How are you? I pray that you are having a wonderful day, but if you are not, possibly this post will help you destress.

One thing I know for sure is that the solution to any problem is in the difficulty.

Are you having a hard time in life?

Are things difficult for you right now?

If you are having a hard time, and things are difficult, I wanna ask you what you are focusing on?

Are you focusing on the problem by telling the story over and over and over again?

Do you know that if you tell your problematic story over and over and over that you are punishing yourself?

Why in the heck would you punish yourself by telling the story over and over and over so that you have to relive that poop over and over and over.

Well, if you are punishing yourself I'd like to suggest that you change your focus.

What would happen if you focused on the solution?

I'll tell you what would happen if you focused on the solution. For one, you'd begin to feel better. For two, you'd begin to think of things that you may be able to do to make things better. For three, you'd begin to see yourself living the solution rather than the problem.

If you begin to feel better, think of things you may do to make things better, and visualize yourself living problem free you would, without a doubt, build faith, hope, inspiration, and motivation.

How many times do we, as humans, lose faith, hope, inspiration, and motivation when we focus on our problems? A lot of times!

If you'd like to feel better, and if you'd like to destress yourself, then I suggest that you focus on what you want by focusing on the solution.

Right now, imagine yourself living what you want rather than living your problem. What is the solution?

Do you want more money? What is the solution? Focus on the solution!

Do you want a better relationship? Focus on the solution not the problems! What is the solution? Is it to be kinder? Is it to focus on what is good rather than nagging yourself, or others, on what is bad?

Do you want a better environment at work, or at home? What is the solution? Focus on the solution!!!

Focus, focus, focus! Hocus pocus focus...

Trust me on this focus thingy...

If you focus on any solution, and what you want, you will, anyone will, become inspired and motivated, and overcome procrastination.

Destressing yourself is all about the focus.

Overcoming negative emotions and moods are all about the focus.

Living with happiness is all about the focus! My prayer is that you try to focus on the solution, on the things you want, and then watch yourself increase in happiness.

Anyway, that's all I gots about destressing yourself.

Enjoy your weekend...

I love you!


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Are You Happy?

Happiness is what I'd like to discuss this day...

Hello my friend! How are you? Are you alright? My prayer, for you, is that you are happy and enjoying your life.

If you are not happy or enjoying life, I pray that this post will help you!

In my younger years, my emotional pain was like constant physical pain, always there, and I was unable to think about anything else.

You see... I had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and I had it for many, many years.

Before I began to heal my PTSD, I use to cry often because of my sorrows, and I use to get so angry over the littlest things. We are talking seriously violently angry, over the littlest things, and sometimes over things that weren't even there except for the made up story in my mind.

Now that I am older, more aware, better rather than bitter, and I specialize in destressing people I see what use to be my younger miserable self in others. 

That anger, irritation, and moodiness that people have? Ya! That was me but now, I do not have an ounce of anger, anxiety, or depression. Matter of fact, I live without emotional pain 99.999% of the time.

You may not believe me when I say that I do not have anger, anxiety, or depression, and that is alright, I understand that because in my younger painful years, I would have never believed anybody who said that either.

My declaration of the absence of negative emotions is not intended to boast of myself, it is intended, however, to convince you, the one that may be miserable that it is totally possible to live free of negative emotions.

When I was younger, I was so very good at anger, anxiety, and depression because I practiced it all the day long, and everyday.

When I began to meditate in 1999, I cultivated awareness, which ultimately showed me my negative thoughts and vocabulary. As I discovered my practiced negativity with awareness, I began to replace it with more meaningful thoughts and words.

Think about that for a minute...

First of all, practice does make nearly perfect, doesn't it?

We crawled until we walked, and then we walked until we ran. All of the people who run everyday are nearly perfect at it aren't they?

Just as with physical practice, emotional and mental practice cultivates near perfection as well.

What I am trying to say is... If you are unhappy, you may be practicing it frequently, and therefore you may be very good at it.

If you would like to create a happier life begin to practice being happy.

How do you practice happiness you ask? The answer is awareness. Are you aware of your unhappiness? Could you become more aware of intentionally being happier?

One of the best ways to design a happier life is to focus on what you are grateful for.

When I work with individuals whom have depression or sadness, I tell them to write a list of thirty things they are happy about, every morning, for thirty days.

If you find that you are not happy about anything then write a list of all the things you are grateful for. 

Try it! And please, please, please do not believe me. Try it, and find out for yourself, and watch yourself live in a much happier place.

The other thing I would suggest to you is developing awareness, true awareness, by starting a meditation practice. 

I want to teach the world to meditate! Meditation has not only made me better, rather than bitter, it has also made my life amazing. Living an amazing life is the best, and it is all about the focus. Meditation will create the focus that anyone needs. 

Try it! You are worth it! It's as easy as deciding.

Alright then... Enjoy your weekend! 

Practice happiness! 

Have fun! 

Be playful!

Love you...


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Friday, July 29, 2016

Three Habits to Destressing Discontentment

Destressing discontentment is what I'd like to discuss this day.

eBook How to Destress
Hello my amazing friend! How are you? It is my prayer that you are enjoying your life, and your summer or winter (depending on which side of the world you are on).

If you are not enjoying your life, it is quite possible that you are experiencing discontentment, and if this is true, I'd love to give you three ways to destress your discontentment.

The three habits to destress that I am about to discuss are habits that you may want to create so that you will feel happiness, joy, and vitality more often than you do on a regular basis.

It's all about destressing the stress.

Number one: Bask in the deliciousness of your life.

This habit that relieves discontentment is done by starting your day waking up on the right side of the bed every single day. This is so very simple, but not necessarily easy.

How do you wake up on the right side of the bed every day? First thing, as soon as you wake up, you just appreciate. I've been doing this for so long now that I am appreciating all the time, even in my sleep. 

You see, the thing about appreciation is that it feels so similar to love, and love makes everyone feel great.

When I wake up, I feel the softness of my bed, sheets, and pillows, and I just think and feel gratitude for them. Then I begin to think of all the things I am absolutely grateful for like my son, my parents, all of my wonderful family and friends. This begins my day with the acknowledgment that I am super duper allie ooper lucky.

This is so very powerful, especially if you are discontent with your career, job, or place of employment. One thing I know for sure, if we are discontent, we are focused on all the things that are not great.

Years ago, I had a boss from hell. Literally, she was the devil. I'm laughing out loud because it really felt that way when I had to go to work and see her everyday. But, I knew that everything else about my job was amazing. My coworkers were amazing, my paycheck was pretty close to amazing, and my actual duties were a delight. In order to enjoy my work, I had no choice but to focus on what was great, and take my focus off of Ms. Satan.

Guess what? It worked. It not only worked for me, when I began helping others, it worked for them too. 

So basking in the deliciousness of life is focusing on all the things one can appreciate. Doing this first thing in the morning will make the world of difference in one's life, and if done every morning, it will no doubt become a habit.

Number two: Fix your visual.

This habit of destressing discontentment will create great hope, inspiration, and great motivation.

Fixing your visual is all about designing the perfect life in your mind and thinking about it often.

I've been doing this, and teaching this, for many many years now.

What I do is I think of the perfect life like living in a beautiful house with an ocean view, and  doing what I love to do everyday. 

Everyday, I do what I love to do, and I got here by focusing on it. I got here by visualizing the perfect life, and thinking of that instead of thinking about the life I would have if I fail.

Thinking about the absolute best possible life keeps me focused on my hopes and dreams. When I am focused on my hopes and dreams life is joy. This wonderful habit has helped me enjoy the journey of my life. This wonderful habit has kept me moving forward with faith, and hope.

Hope and faith feels really really really great!

Number three: Consciously compliment and encourage.

This habit is magnificent! In my younger years I use to criticize and discourage people because it truly is a habit of human nature. Some people say it is normal to criticize and discourage. If that is true, I certainly do not want to be normal. 

The thing about criticizing and discouraging is they come from a place of competition, and from a place of insecurity. It is totally okay to compete with others in appropriate situations like sports or interviewing for a position but, it is unnecessary to compete with people in every day life.

When we criticize and discourage from a place of insecurity it is a false sense of needing to be better than another, or needing to be right by making others wrong. I use to do this all the time, and it is, and was absolutely unnecessary.

I guess what I am trying to say is criticizing and discouraging others is an unhealthy stressful habit because it doesn't help anyone feel good. Destressing is all about feeling good. Destressing is all about contentment in life.

When we create the habit of complimenting, and encouraging others, we create a very happy, and healthy habit that makes us feel real great. We feel great because not only are we focusing on the good in others, we begin the habit of complimenting and encouraging our selves. 

Whether we compliment or criticize, or we encourage or discourage, it is a habit, and it is a habit of focusing on the great or not great depending which habit you have.

So there you have it...

Three healthy habits to destress discontentment.

Bask in the deliciousness of your life.

Fix your visual.

Compliment and encourage.

Be brave my friend, and choose one or all of these habits and make them a regular part of your day. If you do, you will just observe the stress dissolve,  you will see the negative feelings fall away, and you will create happiness, energy, and vitality. 

Not only will you create happiness, energy, and vitality you will learn healing habits that will allow you to live the journey of life with passion and purpose.

I know that this is so...

Enjoy your weekend!

I love you! You know I do!


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Private Coaching & Mentoring

On occasion, I offer a few individuals who are going through a hard time to work one-on-one with me. The individual and I will work privately together to assess and evaluate present stress and develop a powerful strategy to strengthen his or her lifestyle. This guidance is appropriate for persons that know or want to discover that by governing thoughts, feelings, and actions more closely one can, and will change and evolve hurtful habits. This training is for the person who desires to pursue authentic, genuine, and lasting change. If this intrigues you, kindly use the Contact Form for Inquiries so that it may be determined if this type of program is a fit for you.

God bless...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Are You In Crisis Mode?

Crisis mode is what I wanna discuss this day.

Hello there my beautiful friend. How are you? It is my prayer that you are enjoying every minute of your life but if you are not, then this post just may help you.

What is a crisis?

A crisis is when an individual is experiencing an emergency of some sort.

A crisis is when a catastrophe or disaster has hit.

What is crisis mode?

It is an emotional, mental, and physical reaction to a presented crisis.

Are you experiencing a crisis? A catastrophic event? A major disaster?

If you are, please let me speak words to you that will bring you from crisis to calm right this moment.

First of all, you are very very very important to those around you, and you are very loved. Sometimes we don't believe that but it's true. People in your life love you, and if they aren't showing you that they love you the way you want them to it's only because they only show love the way they know how to.

Second, do not go through this crisis alone. Please, please, please choose at least one person you trust to just listen to you and support you. If you do not believe this person exists, and you do not believe anyone is there for you then, if I were you, I would get down on my knees, pour my heart and soul out to God, and ask Him to help.

If you, do not believe in God, for what ever reason, here is your chance to be proven wrong.

I have struggled the pains of crisis, and the most deepest moments of despair, every time I have turned to God, from my knees, and He has comforted me. This is how I know deep down in my soul that God is real.

If you are truly alone, this is the perfect time to test your theory about God, and just watch the comfort come.

God never ever ever promised this life would be easy but He did, and does, promise that He will comfort you when you turn to Him.

Third, you are going to get through this! You are a very strong person, and you quite possibly have been through worse than this and made it through. Keep encouraging yourself with the words, "I'm going to get through this, and I can do this!"

So often we look to others to encourage us when we can do it for ourselves. 

You got this!

You can do this!

You can handle this!

You are a friggen warrior!

You are a child of the most high God, and He has your back!

Fourth, you are never alone! If you think you are alone, you are wrong. There are unseen forces beyond the veil of life and death. You have guardian angels, people who have left this life, who are watching out for you.

I know, I know, I sound friggen cray cray crazy but! But!!! It is true... That is all I can tell you.

Fifth, and finally, you are safe right now. Your mind may tell you otherwise but if you are able to sit and read this blog post, I would venture to say you are safe in this moment.

Our mind tells us we are in crisis because of our fear of what the future holds but often we are not in crisis mode at all. Often, it is our mind that tells us we are in an emergency state.

Now if your neighborhood is on fire, or there is a mad man with a machete in the house, then you are definitely in crisis mode. Otherwise, if there is not an immediate impending doom then you are alright at this moment, right?

Could it be possible that you are living in a state of fear when in reality you are alright?

Could it be possible that you are practicing anger, anxiety, depression, doubt, fear, or worry and you are getting really really good at it with great momentum?

Either way, practice knowing that you will be alright.

I know that you will be alright. I don't even know you, and I know you will be alright.

How do I know this? Because life is full of stuff that we love and don't love, and no matter what we always manage to make it. It all depends on how we are looking at things that determines if we make it through with difficulty or ease.

I have no idea what you may be going through but I do know that you are going to make it through it.

Have faith my friend!

Hope for better things and better times!

Be kind to yourself, and believe in you!

You are so very important!

Do not go through this alone!

You are going to get through this!

You are never alone!

You are safe right now!

Believe me when I say, you are getting better and better at knowing all of these statements I have just proclaimed! I know that this is so because that is what life is all about.

God bless you my friend!

I love you...

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Destressing Alcohol Addiction

Destressing Alcohol Addiction is what I would like to discuss this day.

Hello there my friend. How are you? I pray that you are happy, healthy, and feeling love in your life.

In my last post I wrote about Destressing Addiction, and I received a couple emails about alcohol addiction so I decided I would talk about that today.

First of all, I want to define alcoholism. If you have been reading my blog for a while you must know I have my own definitions for words like alcoholism, and addiction. There are definitions for the word alcoholic by professionals who research, study, and write about it but I'm gonna give you my definition.

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Okay, so an alcoholic is someone who is unable to stop their drinking. It could be on a daily basis where the person just has to have a drink every day or it could be on an occasional basis where the person can't stop drinking on that occasion. Does that make sense?

If a person has there mind on alcohol through out the day, and is thinking they can't wait until they have a drink, he or she is an alcoholic.

If a person is drinking at anytime, and they can't stop, he or she is an alcoholic. For example, if someone is out to dinner, or at a special occasion like a wedding or party, and he or she is drinking, and keeps drinking without the ability to stop, he or she is an alcoholic.

In my last post on destressing addiction, I explained that an addiction is something we are unable to quit.

So, if you are an alcoholic, how do you destress your addiction?

The most important thing is awareness. What do I mean by awareness? 

Awareness is a knowing the truth rather defending one's behavior. 

Let's say you have a story in your mind why you must drink. This story may be that alcohol helps you relax, or it makes you feel better. These stories may be true in a way but, if you really seek the truth then you are able to see that addiction to alcohol makes things worse, not better.

If alcohol helps a person relax and feel better how does it make things worse? It's an instant gratification versus a long term satisfaction. Alcohol causes long term dissatisfaction.

In my nearly fifty two years of living, I have known my share of alcoholics, and they, and the people that are around them, are truly miserable individuals. 

In my nearly fifty two years of living, I have learned that alcohol only hurts, and never helps with the exception of instant gratification of numbing, and momentary relaxation.

Knowing this truth about alcohol is awareness. Nearly everyone I have dealt with knows this and yet those who drink continue to drink because addiction is real.

Awareness is also knowing that habitual thoughts can heal or hurt the self.

When an individual thinks thoughts like, "I can't wait to have a drink," or, "I need a drink," or, "I have to have a drink," they are living with habitual repetitive thoughts that are hurtful mantras.

If we are aware of these thoughts, we are able to turn them around with healing intentional mantras like, "I don't need a drink today," or "I don't need a drink," or, "I don't have to have a drink today."

This may be so very simple to you that you may be thinking, "That shit ain't gonna work." But guess what? It will work! If you are an alcoholic that can't go a day without drinking, and if you do this, you will find days you will go without drinking.

No shit! Seriously! Sorry about the cuss words but I just want to deliver emphasis.

I want to provide emphasis because NO THING, NOT ONE THING, good comes from drinking alcohol. Matter of fact, I believe there are more direct and indirect deaths caused by alcohol than smoking causes cancer.

Not only does alcohol cause death, it causes destruction of peoples' lives and property. It causes devastation of lives, and it causes divorce, which is a very specific devastation of MANY lives.

Awareness is the key to destressing alcohol addiction!

If you are an alcoholic, begin destressing yourself with awareness, healthy intentional mantras, and watch yourself drink a little less. Drinking a little less is so very powerful because it will show you that you can, and will, not only slow the process of drinking but, eventually quit the drinking.

One last thing...

In early stages of alcoholism, many people believe that everything is hunky dory because they have not lost anything yet. Is that you? If it is, let me ask you this...

Are you in the constant state of going nowhere? In other words, are you in the same place you were last year, two years ago, three years ago, or five years ago?

Better yet, are you in a worse place than you were in last year, two years ago, or five years ago?

If the answer is yes, and you are a drinker, I would urge you to consider destressing your alcohol addiction with awareness, healthy intentional mantras, and the beginnings of watching yourself drink a little less.

In my nearly fifty two years of living I can tell you this... I have meditated for over sixteen years, and I have overcome nearly every hurtful addiction through my awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Yes! Even alcoholism. 

Life is suppose to get better and better!

Life is suppose to be fun!

Life is suppose to be joy!

I believe with all my heart and soul that life can, and will, get better and better, be more fun, and have more joy for anyone who develops the art of meditation as a regular exercise in their life.

And that is why I want to teach the world to meditate. But first, I have to convince them to.

If I have convinced you, and/or you'd love to learn how to practice awareness, you may click on Meditation for an Addiction Free Mind.

Currently, this meditation audio is on sale for under $5, for a very short time, so that you may be enticed to change your life through meditation.

That's all I got!

If you are a drinker, I hope and pray I have touched your desire to destress your alcohol addiction.

I love you... You know I do!

God bless you my friend...

Speak soon!


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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Destressing Addiction

Destressing addiction is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Hello there, my friend. How are you on this beautiful day in July? I pray you are doing alright. It is always my prayer that you are not only doing alright, but that you are doing better and better everyday.

In order to destress from an addiction there are a couple of things we ought to know first. Actually, there are three things and they are first what an addiction is, second why we are addicted, and third the very first step we can take to relieve ourselves from it.

Get Destressing Addiction Meditation Audio here.

An addiction is a habit that we have that has such great momentum we can't quit it. There are healthy addictions, and unhealthy addictions.

Some healthy addictions are eating right, exercising, getting plenty of rest, relaxing, good hygiene, and being kind. These are things that some of us do that we simply cannot quit because the habit of it has such great momentum.

Some not so healthy addictions include alcohol, anger, anxiety, debt, depression, drama, drugs, eating way to much, gambling, insomnia, meanness, and worry.

I understand that you may be saying that your anger, anxiety, depression, drama, insomnia, meanness, worry, and/or any of the other things I mentioned are not addictions. Believe me, I get that but, if an addiction is something that you cannot quit then just consider the thought for now. Consider that if you have an unhealthy behavior, and you are unable to stop it that it quite possibly is an addiction.

Now, the reason why we are addicted is because we start something, it becomes a habit, and then our subconscious mind kicks in and solidifies it with great momentum.

Our subconscious mind is our habitual mind, and it is there to help us and it does that by the sustaining of the idea that if we practice something a lot, we will get nearly perfect at it.

Consider your daily behavior like getting up, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, getting ready for the day, and driving to work. You have done this so often that you are nearly perfect at it and you could even do it in your sleep. This is all possible because of the subconscious mind sustains habits.

Before I discuss the step to relieve the self from addiction I just want to share how you may tell the difference between a healthy addiction and a not so healthy addiction. A healthy addiction makes you feel really really good about yourself. A not so healthy addiction may make you feel really really good at first but then it ultimately makes you feel really really not so good about yourself.

A good example of a not so healthy addiction is drinking alcohol. Alcoholics love that first drink but, in the middle of the drinking, and there after he or she feels horrible about his or her self because it may be ruining the family, finances, relationships, and the career. Trust me, alcoholics verbally beat themselves up for drinking. It's a love hate relationship. They love the alcohol but hate themselves for not being able to quit.

It is the absolute same thing with any behavior we want to quit deep down in our heart but are, for some crazy reason, unable to.

The unhealthy addiction is the thing that you can't quit and you are not liking yourself so much for it.

The unhealthy addiction is the thing that you beat yourself up over.

The unhealthy addiction is the thing that you know is, deep down inside, ruining your life.

The unhealthy addiction is the thing that keeps you in the constant state of going nowhere.

The unhealthy addiction is the thing that is digging a whole in your life that you may not get out of.

The unhealthy addiction is the thing you believe, no matter what you do, you are unable to quit and that brings me to the step that will relieve your self from addiction just a little bit. Sometimes a little bit at a time is all you can do, and all you need for now.

The very first step you can take to begin to relieve yourself from addiction is awareness.

Awareness that we cannot quit something we believe we do not want to when, in essence, we really want to.

Awareness that we really do want to quit the addiction that is hurting others and our self so much. 

Awareness that we are constantly convincing ourselves that we are unable to quit, when we are able to convince ourselves otherwise.

Awareness that we are absolutely capable of quitting what ever it is that we are determine to quit even alcohol, anger, anxiety, debt, depression, drama, overeating, and worry.

This awareness that I am articulating comes from being still, quieting the mind, and recognizing the hurtful thoughts that are holding us back. Hurtful repetitive thoughts like, "I need it," or "I've tried everything, and nothing works," or "I can't quit." These thoughts are negative affirmations that keep the momentum of the addiction going. 

These negative thoughts are on auto pilot from the subconscious mind, and are the mantras we repeat moment by moment.

Once we are aware of these thoughts we can, and will, change them with more positive ones like, "No! I don't need it," or "I can quit," or "I really want to quit." These thoughts are much more encouraging, and more deliberate.

The subconscious mind keeps our thoughts on constant auto pilot, and we can be more deliberate in our self encouragement rather than being unaware of our hurtful thoughts that keep us in the constant state of going nowhere.

Do you want to quit?

Do you want to quit whatever the unhealthy habit is that is keeping you in the constant state of going nowhere?

Do you want to quit whatever the unhealthy habit is that is digging that deep hole in your life that will, some day, be very difficult to get out of?

If you want to quit, begin with awareness. Begin with the awareness of the habitual mantras you are stating to keep you in the addiction. Begin with the awareness that you are able to quiet your mind, and deliberately create the new healthier mantra.

Lookie here, it won't happen over night, and neither did your unhealthy addiction but, it will happen if you practice it.

Practice makes nearly perfect. However long you have practiced your unhealthy addiction, is how long it has been gaining momentum. So, now it's time to start practicing the healthy, and remove the unhealthy.

Your thoughts have value!

Your thoughts are governing your life!

When we govern our thoughts, we begin to be more deliberate in our living, and this caution and care will create more happiness, more joy, and more vitality.

One more thing!

It is human nature that makes us despise people who condemn us, criticize us, discourage us, or judge us, and that is why I have tried with all my might to eliminate these behaviors from my life. This includes condemning, criticizing, discouraging and/or judging myself.

If you tend to condemn, criticize, discourage, or judge others, I can almost guarantee it's a habit. Therefore, I can almost guarantee you are condemning, criticizing, discouraging, and judging yourself.

What I am trying to say is, do not beat yourself up! 

Part of practicing awareness is recognizing all unhealthy thoughts including self condemnation.

I really want to teach the world to meditate because it is the only way to really practice awareness. When I work with anyone, I am always trying to persuade them to meditate because I know the power in it. Many people I do work with end up meditating, and have for years.

Because I am unable to teach people to meditate on a regular basis, I have created these simple meditation audios for beginners. I have provided a link above, under the picture, if you would like a way to create and provide awareness on a daily basis in your life.

These meditation audios are there to teach you to meditate so you may do it eventually on your own. They are basically just meditation aids.

You can get the meditation audio by clicking on Destressing Addiction. Also, I have dropped the price by nearly 75% because if you are having financial difficulties, I want you to be able to afford it.

Well, that's it! My ramble on destressing your addiction.

Have a fabulous day my friend.

Love you lots!

Speak soon...


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Monday, June 27, 2016

Destressing is All About Focus

Destressing is all about the focus is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Hello my friend! How are you? I am so happy and grateful for you. It's gonna be a great week.

I just want to say something very short and sweet because I truly care about you and I want you to be alright.

What I want to say is whether you are in a place of anger, anxiety, depression, or misery it's all about your focus. Yes, it sounds very simple and I know that these emotions are very complex but, lets talk about the basics, shall we?

The world is full of happiness, hostility, and misery and we can choose which we will focus on.

I try my hardest to focus on all the things that are right because it makes me feel good. Some people tell me I look at life through rose colored glasses. But, looking through rose colored glasses is perfectly okay.

When we are with friends and family should we enjoy the moment we are in or should we complain and whine about all the misery in the world so everyone can feel like crudola?

Right here, right now, we are okay, we are safe, we are secure and so why ruin the moments with thoughts, words, and stories of misery?

Why not focus on what is great in this moment like family, friends, and fun? It's a choice.

Joy is all about the focus.

Many of you are there, in that joy, and this may just be a reminder, but for those of you who are not there, my plea to you is to focus on the joy of the moment, and all the things we are blessed with.

We ARE truly truly blessed, aren't we?

It's my favoritest weekend of the year coming up. The fourth of July holds a very special place in my heart and I celebrate it well every year, and I pray that you will not only choose to celebrate this weekend, but your entire life in every moment, of every hour, of every day, of every month, of every year.

God bless you my friend, I love you! I truly do,

Happy Fourth of July!!!


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