Friday, January 4, 2019

Letting Go of Stress

Hey! Happy New Year!

How was it? Did you enjoy bringing in the New Year? Did you start your New Year off right?

Well, I pray that your experience in bringing in the new year was perfect, and if not, let it be water under the bridge. That's an old saying for letting it go.

Stress is provoked by fear. Did you know that? 

Doubts and worry about the future are fear, provoking stress.

Anger is the fear that one will not be okay if things don't go his/her way, and it provokes stress.

Anxiety is severe worry about future events, and it provokes stress.

Depression is practiced fear that one is not good enough. Stress!

I understand that many people would disagree with what I have just written, and that's alright. 

I also understand that people don't want to hear certain things about themselves because it makes it seem like it's their fault, but it's not.

Negative emotions are never anyone's fault. Negative emotions are normal human behaviors and conditions.

So, if you're not mad at me for saying those things, I'd like to give you a way to release your negative emotions or at least minimize them if you'd like to. 

A really great way to minimize stress is practicing appreciation because when we are thankful, we focus on what is right in our life rather than what is going wrong.

The scriptures say to be thankful for all things, which is one of the most brilliant pieces of advice. 

It is my humble opinion that if God were to speak to us, He would tell us how great we are doing because He would be focused on all the good we do. He would also tell us we are too hard on ourselves, which is the foundation of our negative emotions.

So! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to practice appreciation more often and watch how things feel better. Just focus on what's right in others, your environment, and yourself. 

That's it, except Happy New Year, my wonderful friend! And I pray you will have the most abundant and happy year yet! 

God bless you!

I love you!

Take care...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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