Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Destress Yourself by Knowing

 Hello, my friend! How are you doing these days? I'm hoping and praying you are doing okay.

It's been a while since I posted, and I wanted to share my experience and thoughts.

The other day, I talked to someone who lost her son earlier this year. She said, "anything else that happens to me is nothing. I know I can handle anything that comes my way because losing my son was the worst, and I survived." In other words, she handled it and now knows she can handle any other challenges. She is aware that she will be alright.

One of the reasons we become so stressed and overwhelmed when something happens to us is we believe that we will not deal with the particular situation or think we will not be okay. Our own history tells us that this is not true. If we look back at all the difficulties that we have been through, we can see that we survived.

One of the most incredible things we can do for ourselves when we become overwhelmed and stressed is to convince ourselves that everything will be alright because it always is.

Another awesome thing we can do for ourselves is learning the habit of calm and confidence. We can be relaxed and confident whenever we have a stressful situation by knowing everything will be fine. The ability to do this is a very successful practice that can eliminate the stressful habit of panic.

I can hear you now, "easier said than done, Elizabeth." This may be true; practice makes perfect. Therefore, the hard part is the practice.

My Dad passed away a year ago and is one of my best friends. I say "is,' because I believe he is still alive in the spirit. We are eternal beings having a human experience. I resonate with what the woman who lost her son is saying. I've had a few devastations in my life, and I know enough that I am getting better and better at handling them. It's about appreciation, faith, love, patience, and trust. Those are the lessons of life.

The holidays are the hardest for those who miss loved ones who have gone beyond the veil. If you are like me and will miss the ones you love during the holidays, I want to lovingly encourage you to practice knowing you are alright and doing great now. 

Your mission, should you accept it, is to persuade yourself that everything will be alright and develop a habit of calm and confidence when facing adverse emotions. Remembering appreciation for what you have, faith in life, love for yourself, patience with others, and trust in God is the practice and the truth.

Until the next post, don't forget there are no things you cannot handle.

Elizabeth Stanfill

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