Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello my friend!  How are you?  Hope you are wonderfully happy! 

Lately, I have been helping individuals who are feeling quite overwhelmed.  Have you ever felt like that?  Like you just have too many things coming your way and it begins to ignite your worry and anxiety?  There are many turning points in my life that I have felt like this.

What comes to my mind the most is when I was a young single Mother, and money was super duper allie ooper tight.  I can remember feeling a whole lotta fear, even to the point of anxiety.  Another time that I think of being overwhelmed is when things at work were really tough.  They were tough because of having to meet others' expectations (deadlines, so to speak) as well as having to deal with people who were more about knocking me down and wanting me to fail, rather than lifting me up because I was a part of their team, and encouraging me to succeed.

This is what I have learned to do when I begin to feel overwhelmed...

#1 Believe that I can do anything I set my mind to.
#2 Believe that I am the one who has to set my mind.
#3 Believe that I have to have faith, faith in life, and faith in myself.
#4 Believe that in times of need I am truly the one who can encourage me.
#5 Believe that I am the one who has to talk myself into certainty, confidence, and faith in myself.
#6 And I have to remind myself that, "I can do this!" "I got this!"

For me, all of the above is so very easy because I have been practicing it for a long time.  Just think, what I have been doing to help myself deal with things that can be overwhelming only begins with a belief, a thought.  How easy is it to just think?  I do not have to exert myself physically, I do not have to go anywhere, and it doesn't cost any money.  How cool is that?  Just a belief, just a thought changes my entire state of stress to de stress. 

Believe you, me, it wasn't easy at first, but practice makes perfect, and I am not even perfect at it.  Nevertheless, it is a huge part of my personality, and my business of helping people.

Another thing that really helps me in this process of handling things when I am starting to feel overwhelmed is knowing the purpose of life, and knowing my purpose in life.  The purpose of life, for me, is truly spiritual.  It has everything to do with an eternal perspective.  My purpose in life was defined when I was a very young girl.  I knew with all my heart and soul that I am suppose to help others.  Helping others is the greatest of all blessings because it makes me feel good, all of the time, and it really makes me happy.

If you, my friend, are feeling overwhelmed, believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, and you are the one who must set your mind.  Have faith in the process of life, and in yourself.  You are the one who can encourage you, and talk yourself into certainty, confidence, and faith.  Remember, and remind yourself all day long that, "I can do this!"  "I got this!"

Please, please, please watch your vocabulary.  If you say to yourself, "But this is hard!"  "I can't do this!"  Then you will fulfill that prophecy.

Finally, what I do, everyday (morning rather) is I prioritize what I am going to do for the day.  Also, I prioritize a list of priorities (ha ha ha) for the week.  This keeps me focused, organized, and productive.  If you do not do this, try it!  You will be amazed how it will destress yourself.

Well, my friend, that is all I got...

Have a wonderful weekend, and I love you, I truly do. 

Don't forget!  Have fun!  Be Playful!

Speak soon...


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