Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Destress By Creating Faith

How to Destress Yourself by creating faith is what I am all about today.

Hey, hey, how ya doin'?  I hope you are full of happiness, energy, and vitality.  I truly, truly do. 

Today, I would like to discuss a little bit about faith and how it can destress anyone.  Seriously, just a little bit, watch...

If we learn how to be fully present in faith, knowing that we are fine right here at this very moment, we can destress immediately because we are not worried about the future and we aren't upset or obsessed over the past.

Fully present in faith is quieting the mind, which is the opposite of a racing mind.  It is quite normal for people to have a racing mind that causes anxiety, and depression.

When we practice being fully present in faith as we quiet the mind, we become very good at it, and then we can truly create faith in ourselves by knowing we are perfectly fine, right here, and right now.

Here is a simple practice that can help anyone feel fully present in faith as they quiet their mind in just 5 minutes. 

1.  Find a quiet uninterrupted place you can sit up straight for about five to ten minutes.
2.  As you sit up straight, take a deep breath filling your lungs to full capacity, and as you exhale imagine all the tension leaving your body. Repeat one more time.
3.  Sit and notice if you can feel your heartbeat.
4.  Just sit quietly and notice the still quietness in yourself.
5.  As you continue to relax, inhale, "I am," and exhale, "fully present in faith."
6.  Contemplate that very mantra as you breathe it.

Do that for about five minutes every day, preferably first thing in the morning, or at the start of your day, and notice that you can be fully present in faith.

Do this every day for at least 30 days, and if you are brave enough, make it a permanent habit for the rest of your life.  As you get really good at it try to extend it longer each week from five minutes to ten, and then ten minutes to twenty, etc.

Listen to me very very carefully because this is so very very important, and I am literally pleading with you about this...

If you learn to do this quieting your mind slash, being fully present in faith thingy, you can be very very great at governing your passions.  What that means is you can quit doing what you wanna quit doing, and you can start doing what you always procrastinate doing.  Trust me on this one.  I help people with this all the time, and I have been helping people do this for years.

Also, I do this!  I meditate and quiet my mind, which makes me very productive.  Boy, I say very a lot.  ;)

Everything we do, or don't do, is because of our very faith in ourselves; well, our faith, and our self-worth.

So, try the exercise and create faith, and destress yourself.  Okey-doke???

Have a great day!

I love you, I definitely do.

Speak soon...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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