Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Destress Yourself By Creating More Faith

Destress Yourself by creating more faith is what I wanna talk about today.

Hello there my lovely lovely friend.  How are you this magnificent Tuesday?  I hope you are doing so very well that you are crying tears of gratitude.

Did you happen to read my last post on "How To Destress By Creating Faith"?  And did you do the simple exercise on quieting your mind and being fully present in faith?

That particular exercise is so very powerful because when we have a lot of stress our mind tends to race in the very mood that we have the majority of the time.  Our mind may be racing in the mood of anger, anxiety, depression, or worry.

We can destress when we create more faith by changing the mood of our mind from anger to charity, from anxiety to confidence, from depression to gratitude, or from worry to faith.  We can change the mood of our mind by the very exercise I shared in my last post "How To Destress By Creating Faith."

As we attempt to do the exercise mentioned, we can change the mood of our mind by using particular mantras that we can contemplate.  In the exercise, we used the mantra, "I am," on inhalation, and "fully present in faith," on exhalation.

So, I wanna give you some more mantras to contemplate so that you may attempt to change the mood of your mind if you are having negative thoughts that promote stress.

A mantra for anger would be, "I am," on inhalation, and, "understanding," on exhalation. 

A mantra for anxiety would be, "I am," on inhalation, and, "relaxed and confident," on exhalation.

A mantra for depression would be, "I am," on inhalation, and, "happy and grateful," on exhalation.

A mantra for worry would be, "I am," on inhalation, and, "calm and certain," on exhalation.

The reason mantras are so very powerful for stress relief is because we can change the mood of our mind and take responsibility for our thoughts as we direct them in a more positive way by breathing and contemplating the mantra frequently.

Please, please, please, if you are stressed and are expereincing negative emotions (you are stressed if you have negative emotions...just sayin') just try the quieting the mind, relaxation, mantra contemplation.  I promise you if you do it often, like three or more times a day, for at least a month, you will see a change in your stress level.  If you are brave enough make it a permanent habit, for the rest of your life, and just watch yourself live destressed.

Try it!  You will love it!

Have a super duper allie ooper day.

Love and hugs to you my friend.

Speak soon...