Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How To Destress Yourself With A Mantra

How to destress yourself with a mantra is what I wanna ramble bout today.

Hey hey, my lovely.  I am so happy I can burst out of my own skin.  Why in the heck am I so happy?  Because my son graduated college, last May 23, and today he text me that he got a job.  Not only did he get a job, but he also got a job he truly wanted.  Wooo Hooo! Excellent news wouldn't you say?

Also, the other day, I was able to attend my nephew's high school graduation, and it is always fun to see family on such wonderful occasions.  My brother and his wife are so very proud of him because he is making excellent decisions, and off to college he goes.

Remember when you were young, had goals, and were diligently obtaining them?  Maybe you are young, have goals, and are determined to obtain them.  

I remember when I was young and was so very focused, organized, and productive.  Shoot, I still am focused, organized, and productive.  Did you know that I wrote two books, and they were both published earlier this year?  Both books were on stress, and both books were on Amazon's best sellers list.  Matter of fact, as of this post, my EMS Stress book is in the top 100 in Amazon Kindle eBooks.

Wow!  That sounds super arrogant of me to brag like that, doesn't it?  The point I am trying to make here is I believe, with all my heart and soul, in mantras.  My very first, and most successful, mantra was (sometimes still is), "I am focused, organized, and productive."  I also believe, with all my heart and soul, that we have mantras by default, and that we can make mantras intentionally.  

For example, my mantra in my head could have been, "I can't do that," or, "I am not smart enough," or, "I cannot focus," or, "That is too hard."  If these were my mantras, they would certainly be by default, not by desire, or intention.  When we have negative mantras by default, we tend to move in negative directions, and that creates worry and stress.  Is this making sense?

When we are young, many of us have great confidence in ourselves, like my son, and my nephew.  In addition, when we are young, or old, there are times when we do not have such great confidence in ourselves, and whatever level of confidence we have is going to determine our mantra by default.  

Why not make a mantra of what you desire?  When we make mantras by desire we will help ourselves focus, organize, and produce just by reminding, which will slowly, or quickly, change our minds.   

In my last two posts, Destress Yourself By Creating More Faith, and How To Destress By Creating Faith, I discuss how to do mantras, and gave a few that anyone may use.

Mantras are the way to change your mind so that you may change your heart.  Whatever it is that you want, that you are not producing in your life, make it a mantra, and I promise you that your mind will be more focused on what you want.  

When our mind is more focused on what we want, we worry less, and we tend to move towards better things.  When we move towards better things, we feel better, and that, my friend, is what destressing yourself is all about.

Try the mantra thingy, my friend, and watch yourself destress into success.

Have a great day!

I love you, I definitely do.

Speak soon...

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