Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Destress Your Anxiety

How to destress your anxiety is what I wanna share with you today.

Hey there!  How are you?  Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

There is a reason I would like to discuss how we can destress anxiety, and it is because I hear words people speak that are words of worry and fear, which creates anxiety.

Every single day I hear people talk about what they are worried about, and this is totally normal in our society.  As we grew up, or are growing up, people are always speaking words of pessimism.  Some people say that they are being realistic but truly, realistic is pessimistic.

I heard from this guy the other day how he can't get a job because...  I don't want to bore you with the unpleasant details, let's just say he had excuses.  What are excuses anyway?  Excuses are us communicating that we do not believe we can do it, or we do not believe it (anything) can happen.

What if this guy said, "I am going to get a job, I just have to be disciplined and determined."

Same guy, different thought, and less worry, or reasons to have anxiety.

Whatever it is that you are pessimistic or "realistic" about, take a chance and turn it around.  Become your own cheerleader, and tell yourself you can do it!  You are going to do it!

The only thing that happens when we change this pessimism into optimism is we will have faith.  When we have faith, we eliminate worry, and when we eliminate worry, we eliminate anxiety.  When we eliminate anxiety, we destress.

That is what destressing yourself is all about; becoming more optomistic, which is just being faithful, and hopeful.



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