Sunday, January 27, 2019

Releasing Negative Emotions


How are you doing my dear sweet friend? I pray that you are having the most wonderful time in your life. That is my prayer for you...

It has been a looooooooong time since I've had negative emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, doubt, fear, irritability, moodiness, or worry. I'm not talking about the normal everyday glimpses of mild negative emotions. I am talking about the I want to kill you anger, anxiety attack anxiety, and the want to die depression.

I know, without a doubt, what negative emotions feel like, why we have them, and how to release them. I'm an expert on negative emotions because I lived with them for years, and I'm an expert at releasing them because I haven't had them for years. Not only have I NOT had them, I've helped thousands of people, if not more, release and relieve them. I don't say those things to brag, I say them to convince you that I quite possibly may help you release your negative emotions.

Do you believe, as I believe, that we are born innocent beings straight from God with the desire to grow by learning, listening, and loving? Think about that one for a sec. You know when you hold or see a baby there is pure unconditional love, so eager to learn.

When we are born, I do not believe we have an ounce of negative emotions. It is the human experience and existence that teaches them to us.

Think about the negative emotion that you feel the most often. Is it anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, irritability, moodiness, or maybe insecurity? I'd venture to say you could look at your life experience and figure out who taught you that particular emotion.

The greatest thing about life is we can, and many do, go back to that innocent unconditional love that we were born with, and with all the knowledge that we/he/she has gained in life thus far. It is my humble opinion that is why we are here... to gain spiritual enlightenment by returning to the love that we are.

Okay, okay, ramble, ramble, lol, getting to releasing negative emotions.

One of the best things to know when one begins to release the negative emotions that don't belong to us is that they don't belong to us. We are not our negative emotions. We are so much more than that. We are eternal, spiritual beings having a human experience to gain and grow.

Knowledge is very helpful to healing.

So, I gotta mission for you... if you choose to accept it.

This is so very simple but may not be easy.

Here we go...

This week, when you are experiencing anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, or any other dominant negative emotion, say to yourself, "This does not belong to me! This negative emotion does not belong to me!" Then, take a deep breath in and exhale, imagining you releasing the negative emotion.

Side note: you may not want to do or say this out loud (wink~wink). Just do and say it inside your head, secret like.

Do it for a week, and if it works, keep on a doing it. Life is a science project... hypothesize, experiment, and keep on a doing what works. Practice into permanence. Practice into a habit that is healing and healthy.

Practice destressing you!!!

Too simple? Good! It ought to be easy. It is effective, trust me on this. I have years of experience soothing people out of negative emotions in several unique capacities, and I've become really, really, really good at it and I know you can too for you!

Got it? 


I've got a prayer held tight in my heart for you that you will venture this journey so that you may heal. 

I believe you can heal!

I know you can heal! My personal opinion because I know your value and your worth as a human and a spiritual being!

You Got This!!!

I LOVE YOU!!! (singing in my not so in tune opera voice)

God bless you Sugar!

Big Hugs!!!

Speak soon...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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