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Destress definition is what I would like to blog about this day.

Hello my lovely love...

Oh my goodness... I love to blog and yet I have been slipping in my responsibility to you, my reader, and I ask for your forgiveness. There truly isn't a great excuse especially because some of my absolute favorite things to do are read, study, and write, and that is what blogging is all about.

Another one of my absolute favorite things to do is to help people, and I do that by loving them. Yeah! That whole loving everybody is another blog post in itself, and I digress.

First, I want to define the words destress and stress, and then I will give you three magnificent ways to destress, deal?


Okay, so destress means to remove stress, and stress is strain. Basically destress means to remove stress and strain, which is exactly why I named my business destress yourself. I have this magnificent desire to remove peoples' stress.


So, what is stress? The best explanation I can give is by way of the stress response.

The stress response is a natural instinct wired in the mind and body connection that we humans have named the fight-or-flight response. This all may sound very boring to you but it is very important to the actual destressing process so please hang in there, and read on.

This fight-or-flight comes from a perceived threat. The primary word here is perceived because it is a matter of opinion, especially these days, what a threat is.

Back in the day, I mean way back in the caveman days, people literally had to fight or flee for survival because of wild animals and the stress response has always been there to help us. Unfortunately, many people create a fear within their own mind, it activates the stress response, and then it reeks havoc emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When we have a perceived fear the stress response increases our breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, and specific hormones. During this reaction, the body's healing and immune systems are suppressed, and more than likely shut down.

Stress Is The Number One Cause Of Every Illness

Although this natural instinct is there to help us as humans for our survival, it is hurting us in our society today. It hurts us because we are mimicking the stress response by regular doubt, fear, and worry, which often times do not need the actual stress response defined as the fight-or-flight response. It is also hurting us because stress is the number one cause of every illness.

Think about that for a moment! We activate the stress response on a regular basis, toxic hormones bathe our insides, and the healing and immune systems shut down.

When we think thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry about life, others, and ourselves we activate the stress response. We may not activate it as severe as we would if we were being chased down an alley by a total stranger during the dark hours but nevertheless, we do emulate fear.

Do You Need To Destress?

At this point, you may or may not believe you have any stress at all but let me ask you a few questions so that you may determine if you need to destress or not, and then I'll get to the destress part.

Are you worried about anything?

Are you worried about your children?

Are you worried about your health?

Are you worried about your money?

Are you worried about your relationships?

Are you worried about your future or present wealth?

What is your biggest worry?

The answers to these questions surely will indicate if you are activating the stress response within because worry causes fear, and fear stimulates stress. These questions are so very important because in our society today, so many people live stressful lives, which they think is normal and therefore are totally unaware that they have stress and in turn are activating the bodily reply.

Allow me to delve a little deeper.

Are you addicted to anything?

Are you angry?

Are you anxious?

Are you in debt?

Are you unhappy with your career?

Do you argue a lot?

Do you hate your boss, spouse, neighbor, or politicians?

These questions may seem off the beaten path of stress but stress is activated by fear.   Addiction, anger, anxiety, debt, depression, fighting, and hate are all from and reside in fear. These are very deep subjects, and I will address them in another post nevertheless, fear activates the stress response.

The stress response can help us or hurt us. Is the stress response hurting you? If so, here are the best ways to destress.

Three Absolute Ways To Destress

Some of the absolute best ways in the world to destress are meditation, affirmation, and visualization.

Hold up! 

Before you resign to the dislike of the words meditation, affirmation, and visualization let me explain first because once a person learns these skills he or she can live a destressed life anytime, and anywhere. Plus, I am positive I can change your mind about it all because it is much easier than most people think.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have read about this many times before but, I have never explained any of it in the way I am about to.


Meditation is a mind exercise that allows us to take responsibility of our free agency of thought. What this means is instead of reacting in the habitual way of fear, we may learn to practice the art of being aware of the illusion of the doubt and worry we place in our mind.

Meditation is Ninja mind shit! Sorry about that word but it's true, and I want to emphasize the truth of it. When we meditate we can learn what it means to feel calm, confident, certain, and relaxed. To destress is to feel the exact way meditation makes us feel.

No one will ever know how brilliant they are unless they master the art of quieting the mind so that they may control their thinking. Albert Einstein meditated on all things, and that is exactly how he, and we discovered his brilliance.

You can learn to meditate with just five minutes a day. This allotted time is just enough to get to know the control you have and need to destress.


Affirmations are just phrases that are there to remind us of something. For example, when I help people overcome their anger they create affirmations for when they become angry so that they may remember not to. Many clients have used the affirmation, "Anger is unnecessary, it is only fear, and I need not be afraid."

This may seem silly to you but everyone says affirmations anyway, we are just unaware of them. For example, every time an obese person feels fat they say to themselves, "I am so fat." People who are irritable and moody affirm in their mind, "That makes me so angry." This is true, whether you want to believe it or not but I'm pretty confident you get what I am saying.

The voice in our head is constantly affirming and the subconscious mind complies whether it's in our favor or not, even if we know it or not.


Visualization is, in my opinion, the best way to inspire and motivate ourselves for change. We visualize anyway, we might as well visualize what we intend to happen, and what we want to happen.

When we are worried about others, life, or ourselves we visualize, in our mind, the exact fear we are thinking about.

When we have dreams and hopes for the future, and if we visualize them we create an excitement of anticipation and an obsession for it.

Trust me on this one, I have been visualizing for years, and have brought to pass my very desires through this anticipation and obsession I speak of.

Furthermore, I have taught these exact skills to thousands of people, and they have made exploding jumps in personal and professional accomplishments.

Putting It All Together

Meditation, affirmation, and visualization are the very skills to assist anyone to destress, and once you make it a habit it will certainly help you too. You can literally make it a habit with only five minutes in the morning.

Addiction, anger, anxiety, debt, doubt, fear, irritability, moodiness, and worry all come from a habitual way of letting the mind race, which truly does lack control.

Meditation can, and will give you back that control to think thoughts of calm, confidence, certainty, patience, and relaxation. When anyone learns the skill of controlling the mind through this quietness, they discover there is no need for an escape or vacation from their life.

Affirmations can, and will give you a way to make the change for the life you have always dreamed of. When an individual learns this skill he or she can discover true control of their thoughts, feelings, and actions on an efficient basis.

Visualization can, and will give you energy and vitality to move in the direction of the life you have always wanted to live. When an individual chooses to live the things they say they know they should, then they become the enlightened being that they never thought possible to be.

Meditation, affirmation, and visualization are the ways to destress the strain by creating much needed habits over the less desirable ones. You may have practiced stress for a long time, it may be time to practice to destress. Practice creates habits, and habits create true mastery.

Wouldn't you want to master a state of destress rather than stress?

Well, that's my ramble for the day.

I love you! I truly do!

Speak soon...


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