Friday, June 3, 2016

How to Destress Your Mood

How to destress your mood is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Hello there my friend. How are you? I pray that you are happy and healthy.

I pray that you are not mad or moody but, if you are, you can relieve that stress.

When we are mad and moody, we are unhappy, and the people around us are unhappy.

Unhappiness can gain momentum if we do not consciously do something about it, and we can do something about it.

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Now, if I may, I'd love to suggest ways to decrease your moodiness through actions steps.

Okay, so, if you are mad and moody the first and foremost thing you gotta do is recognize it! Recognize that your moodiness is not healthy, and making you unhappy. Of course if you are not moody then there is no recognition needed but then you probably wouldn't be reading this blog post.

The second suggestion is, stop blaming others for your bad moods. My prayer is that I do not offend you by saying that but if I do then you are blaming me for you getting offended. We have a choice, we can choose responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions or we can blame others.

The third suggestion is, stop repeating your drama or devastation to others out loud, and yourself in your own mind. If we repeat our misery (the thing that we think is making us so dern unhappy) we just punish ourselves over and over and over and then... we continue the unhappiness. 

The fourth suggestion is to make a conscious effort to appreciate and look forward to what ever it is we can look forward to. Anytime we have excitement and hope for something we feel good. For example, if you have plans for this weekend that you know you will enjoy then consciously make an effort to think about how excited and grateful you are for this thing. Focus on that! If you focus on your acknowledgment and anticipation of something good coming, you will be in a better mood.

Finally, awaken to your ability to be youthful, to have fun, and to be playful. Just practice having fun and being playful. Not a negative playful of teasing someone and giving them a hard time but, playful in the sense of seeing things as fun, and laughing. Have fun! Be funny! Be playful!

BONUS!!! Ha Ha Ha... I crack myself up! This is your bonus step... Do Not! I repeat!!! Do Not!!! Beat yourself up or criticize yourself for being moody, or for anything else. 

This is huge because I see so many people put themselves down and it hurts, it doesn't help! 

In other words... be the voice of encouragement for you! Do not discourage yourself rather, encourage yourself. 

You are amazing!

You are beautiful and brilliant!

And most of all you are courageous! You are courageous in taking charge of your own life RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

And that, my friend, is how to destress your mood. It's just a habit of choosing to make better choices. ~wink, wink~ Choosing better thoughts, which will create better moods, which will create happiness.

This post is perfect for the weekend. What better time to deliberately practice any or all of the steps provided about than the weekend?

Practice makes near perfection! So, practice good moods, not bad moods. That may sound silly but we honestly have that choice.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

I love you... You know I do!

Elizabeth Stanfill

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