Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Unconditional Love

Hello, my friend...

My dear friend...

My dear sweet friend...

How are you doing? I have hope, and I pray that you are alright today.

I want you to know that you are loved!

For some people, that is hard to believe. Is it hard for you to think that I love you?

Maybe I don't even know you!

What if I do know you?

Over the last ten or twelve years that I have been blogging and tweeting, I have received emails and messages from individuals who want me to know it is impossible for me to love the way I say I do, and/or there is no such thing as God. These people are pretty adamant and passionate about their beliefs.

Not too long ago, a gentleman sent me a message telling me there was no way I could love him because I didn't even know him. He appeared to be quite angry that I dared to tell people I loved them because he thought I could not love someone if I didn't even know them.

If I had to know you to love you, that would be a condition to love. That, my dear sweet friend, is conditional love.

There's human conditioning, and therefore humans love conditionally.

If I know God, and we are all brothers and sisters spiritually in this world of humanity, and I love as God does, there is no need for conditions for my love. That, my dear sweet friend, is unconditional love.

We are unconditional love, and conditional love is what we do.

See the difference?

Unconditional love is our very essence of being spiritual.

Conditional love is the very experience of being human.

You may think I am crazy or resonate with what I am saying; if you don't get it now, you will sooner or later.

One of the most challenging years of my life was in 2011, and I've had some difficult years. That same year, I wrote a post titled "YOU ARE LOVABLE." Click on it, and you can read it if you'd like.

In one of my most challenging years, I was talking about love. I knew then that I needed to know I was lovable, and I believe I was talking to myself in that post.

What I am trying to say in all this ramble is I do know you; even if we have never met, I know you as a spiritual being, a spiritual daughter, or son of our Heavenly Father. 


I know who I am, why I am here on this earth, and what I am supposed to be doing. That doing is the learning, lifting, listening, loving unconditionally, and understanding this human experience as a spiritual being.

I am unconditional love, and so are you. Maybe you don't know it because you have forgotten only temporarily, and I pray if you have forgotten it, I can point you in the direction of remembering it.

I just want you to know that you are loved! 

I love you!

God loves you!

God loves you and cares for you, and He is giving you all good things for your spiritual expansion in this human experience. 

That is all...

God bless you, my dear sweet friend. 

I am praying for your healing and understanding.

I love you; I honestly do!

Speak soon...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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