Sunday, February 24, 2019

Destressing with Faith in Yourself



How are you doing???

I pray, I pray you are doing fantabulous today!

Got another fun exercise for you, last one, but first I have some questions for you.

I mean, I have a lot of questions for you!

Please play along with me...

Are you enjoying life?

Are you really, really, really enjoying your life?

Are you enjoying life all the time or just periodically?

Do you want to enjoy life 99% of the time?

Is that even possible?

Absolutely, without a doubt, it is totally possible to enjoy life most of the time!

Do you complain and criticize sometimes?

Did you know that complaining and criticizing is a matter of focused attention on what is not wanted?

Of course you know it! ~wink~

Did you know that complaining and criticizing is absolutely unnecessary?

Did you know that calm, confident, and successful people rarely complain or criticize?

Did you know that exquisite focus on what is wanted, and desirable personality traits are the things that assist people in there success?

Did you know that exquisite focus and personality traits are conditioned into practice, and therefore become practically permanent?

Did you know that complaining and criticizing not only deter people from success they also bring disappointment and discomfort?

Did you know that appreciating is the opposite habit of complaining?

Did you know that complimenting is the opposite habit of criticizing?

Did you know that whether you complain and criticize, or appreciate and compliment, it is all a matter of present life conditioning and focus by default or desire?

One of the most stressful things about the human experience is that it is very human to focus on what's not right, i.e., to complain and criticize. If a person complains and criticizes a lot, sometimes, or even just a little bit, they're habits, and these habits are done unto thyself, as they are done unto others.

People who complain about and criticize others are openly, or secretly, doing it to themselves. These very stressful habits, as you know, create very negative, not so feel good feelings. ~wink~

Why do these habits make not so good feelings? Because they are focused on what we don't want, and what we think is wrong in life rather than what we want, and what we think is right.

Feeling bad comes from thoughts we continue to think based on fear of the future slash, insecurity slash, unsafeness, which all provoke the stress response. 

Do you beat yourself up? If you are human, and you experience sadness, and depression, chances are you do.

I use to worry about the criticism from others, and I think it was because I was focused on criticizing myself.

Now I revel in my skills of what I do instead and it's all about my focus.

My value, and my worth come from the ability and skill to be alert and aware, and to govern my thoughts, which determine my feeling.

I refuse to beat myself up, ever! I pray you will understand that and refuse to beat yourself up ever too. Or, at least begin the practice of not beating yourself up, and then create the permanence of that habit. (insert me here puckering my lips at and kissing you)  lol

I understand that I repeat myself repeatedly (insert me winking), and I tend to ramble. I understand that people would like me to be a better writer by way of grammar and sentence structure. I also understand that I don't write for them, or those reasons. I write for God, and to do what I can, the best I can, to lift my brothers and sisters up in the world that He has created, even if it's just one person at a time. 


God has shown me that what I love to do is what I am suppose to do. How has He showed me? He has showed me by way of money and statistics. 

When I first started to blog I made money the very first month, and every book I have written and published thus far continue to sell every month! Meaning, I get moneys. This is quite unusual wouldn't you say?

The first year of me writing this blog, I was elated when a hundred people would read it in a month, and now over one hundred people read it in a day. Crazy, don't you think?

I do not do paid advertising for my books or my blog like some people do whom want to make moneys. To me, that is a glimpse of the evidence that I am doing what I am suppose to be doing.

The greatest evidence of me doing what I am suppose to be doing is the fact that people read what I am writing, people buy what I am writing, and they do so because they want relief. God wants people to feel better and that is done by way of relief. That relief is the path of healing the human and connecting him/her to God.

Please understand, I am not saying these things to boast, or brag, I am saying them because it is my belief it's evidence that shows me my direction, and I think it's God showing me. 

In other words, I've learnt that I work for God and no one else. God is my boss, he pays me, and takes care of the advertising. It is my humble opinion that helping others heal is God's work, it is our work as spiritual beings in this human experience, and I am eagerly engaged in that work. Crazy, I know, but it's true.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness: and all these things shall be added unto you." ~Matthew 6:33, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

If I wanted, I could focus on the negative emails, messages, and comments that I receive but that is not my business. My business is being about lifting those individuals whom suffer with anger, anxiety, depression, despair, and traumatic stress.

People who are about the business of complaining about and criticizing me are not evidence of my failure, and therefore I do not focus on it. I do not let it get to me because that would be a form of beating myself up.

What I am trying to say in all of this ramble bamble is, if you are feeling bad much of the time, you may have the stressful habit of beating yourself up like I use to. You may have the stressful habit of focusing on what is not right about you rather than what is.

What I am also trying to say is you can relieve that stressful habit by focusing on the good you do. You could focus on what you are suppose to be doing, which is between God and you, and NO ONE else.

The most powerful thing we can do when we are changing habits of focus is to quiet our mind on a regular basis so that the momentum of negative thoughts in our mind is slowed, and eventually stopped.

Many people, actually most people, are unaware of their negative thoughts because we aren't taught in our culture, or society on how to be alert and aware of them.

I quiet my mind through simple awareness of my breath, my heart beat, and the present moment all day long, and I formally meditate at least twice a day. This practice really helps with my clarity to the safety, and security of the present moment.

This practice that I have conditioned into permanence is where my confidence comes from by way of my connection to God. Calm, confidence comes from the connection to God, which provides ultimate clarity in life.

This practice has given me the ability to really, really, really enjoy my life 99.9999999% of the time.

If you do not believe you can quiet your mind or meditate that is the perfect place to begin replacing the beating thyself up with believing in yourself. It is the perfect place to show yourself your capabilities, and your value and worth.

God is in the quiet of our mind. We are disconnected from God by our negative thoughts which happen to create negative emotions.

We are alert, aware, and connected to God when we love because He is love. He always loves us, and we can feel Him through love, especially through loving our self.

God is always with us, we do not know the truth of this when we are feeling and thinking negatively, which disconnects us from Him.

Connect to God, and build your faith by quieting your mind, and making it a habitual practice so that you may be alert and aware of your negative self doubts and replace them with constant faith.

You could listen to the sounds of this video I created, on a daily basis, and it will help you begin the art of quieting your mind. Just focus on the sounds.

It will help you destress even more.

It will help you become more alert and aware of the safety in your present moment.

It will help hush the racing mind and provide a way to practice calmness.

Connection to God, in the quiet of the mind, is where great calm, confidence is.

Okay, now your fun exercise...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to look for reasons to appreciate and compliment others, and yourself. Speak the words out loud to others and yourself, or don't. It's up to you and your comfort level. Some people never appreciate or compliment, and if you are one of those persons, saying it in your mind is enough. 

At times it may be not easy to find appreciation or compliments but do it anyway, it'll be fun because it will be funny.

Have fun with this!

Have fun! 

Be playful! 

You will feel better because this is destressing, and building faith, trust me on this!

Remember... practice, practice, and more practice makes permanent.

I know, I know, I know... that's two exercises: quieting your mind and looking for reasons to appreciate and compliment but, they will go hand in hand due to the fact you will become more aware of your focus.

You got this! 

Don't forget to continue the other fun exercises of "Loving It!", "Seeing Mean People as Toddlers," and "Repeat Favorite, Fun, and Funny Stories Constantly."

These are fun habits that are intended to replace the stress filled ones, and don't forget to write at least one sentence in your journal

Have you read what you have written yet? If not, go back and read it, and you will smile.

That's all I got!

Except, I love you!

Speak soon...