Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello there, day 12 ;0)

The absolute best remedy for the non diagnosable anxiety is MD and meditation.  First, you see your Medical Doctor to make sure everything is okay physically, and then you meditate to quiet your mind.    

Anxiety causes a racing mind, and the longer you have had a racing mind, the more powerful that race is.  A racing mind is an auto pilot of the mind, and when you learn to meditate, and quiet your mind, you can gain control of the doubt, fear, and worry. 

If I could, I certainly would teach the world to meditate.  I believe, with all my heart and soul, that when we quiet our mind we can hear that still small voice.  When we can hear that still small voice, we are closer to God.

If you have anxiety, doubt, fear, nervousness, or worry, you can replace it with calm, certainty, confidence, and faith.  

We have a choice you know?  We can choose to take responsibility for our lives, we can choose to be calm and confident, and we can choose to destress.  


To learn to be quiet in the mind, and fully present, is to be more connected to God.  

Have a great day Sugah!

Big Hugs...

Elizabeth Stanfill