Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Herrow!!! Day 14 ;0)

how to destress, being connected to God
Yesterday, I wrote a post, Connected to God. Being connected to God is very important to me.  Being connected to God is a knowing for me, not a thinking.  I know when I am, and how to be connected to God.  

If you have seen what I have seen, the death, dying, and gruesome imagery, and if you hear the things I have heard about these bloody traumatic life events, you would either choose to become closer to God, or you would naturally move away from God.

My friend, I have teetered on the fence of testimony several times in my life, when things got super duper allie ooper devastating.  The reason I am so good at what I do, bringing people from crisis to calm, or helping people learn how to destress, is because of what I have personally experienced, researched, and studied.  What I have experienced most is when we move towards God, and connect to Him, life turns stress into success. 

I have helped tens of thousands of people destress their thoughts, feelings, and actions in my over twenty years in the critical stress business and it has caused me to make it a priority to be connected to God.  Part of my success is being connected to God, and helping others make the same connection.

Be connected to God!  How?  Excellent question, and stay tuned post.

Love you ;0)

Elizabeth Stanfill