Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hey, hey, how ya doin'?  Day 6 ;0)

My last post, I asked, "Angry?"  He he he...  I laugh becuase anger is pretty funny, in my head ;0)

I truly use to get so mad, so so mad.  Then, something inside me said, "You crazy!"  Seriously, I use to look at people who got angry, and say, "You crazy!"  

 Looking back, the most angry times in my life were when I was under a lot of stress, and I suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Nevertheless, I eliminated it, and if you are an angry bird, you can too with playfulness.

It is my experience that angry people cannot go from anger to playfulness just like that (snapping my fingers).  Some try and the anger gets mixed with the playfulness, YIKES!

So my suggestion is to learn to laugh at yourself, especially if you get angry, cause it is funny...

Anger comes from a strong feeling of annoyance, which is pretty much just a habit.  People are habitually angry.  It is a mood that comes from thoughts that say, "I am not getting my way, I need to get my way."  Harsh, I know.  It is my humble opinion, from my experience of helping people with anger, that it is a habitual way of throwing a tantrum, and if you are over 18, it's an adult tantrum.

Since it is election day, let's look at politics as an example.  People sometimes get angry when they discuss politics, when the other person doesn't agree with them, right?  Because if they agreed with them, they think they are getting their way, and if they do not agree with them, they think they are not getting their way.

If you disagree with me, on any issue, I do not get angry, I appreciate your opinion, and respect your point of view.

Basically, my rambling all boils down to this...  If you have anger issues, overcome anger with playfulness, but first start in your head.  Eventually, it will be funny to you, and then it will be easier to be playful.  You will choose playfulness over anger, and practicing playfulness will make you perfect at it.

Do this, and I promise you will destress yourself.