Monday, November 5, 2012


Hello there...  Day 5 ;0)

There are three major emotions I help people with when they come to me for stress, and they are anger, anxiety, and depression.

Do you get angry?  Do you get angry easily?  I use to.  Boy oh girl, I could get really tee'd off but not anymore.  I do not do anger...  PERIOD!  

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Oh sure, sometimes it will creep in, like fear does, but then I laugh at myself, and the anger disappears. 

How does one get rid of anger you ask?  The first thing that has to happen is, the angry person has to realize that it is a lose, lose situation.  

NOBODY wins when anger is present.  When one gets angry the body mimics the stress response, blood pressure and pulse rise, blood flow shifts, and body systems shut down, especially the immune system.  Stress is the number one cause of every illness.  (repeat ;0)

Besides getting ill because of stress, the worst thing that happens is hormones get unbalanced and that creates things like acne, belly fat, fatigue, gray hair, irritability, moodiness, freakazoids, and wrinkles.

When a person gets angry, the people around them are affected, feelings get hurt, dislike begins and may turn into hate, and people try their hardest to avoid the angry bird ;0)

If you get angry, especially easily, know that it is a lose, lose, you hurt others, and you hurt yourself.  That is the beginning.

The next thing is to not beat yourself up over it.  Do not get angry at yourself if you lose your temper.  Another lose, lose situation, wouldn't you agree?

Try this...  Laugh at yourself.  Getting angry is silly, unless someone is trying to kill you or your family member (stuff like that).  So begin, and learn to laugh at yourself when anger creeps in, I do...

Have a great day Sugah!