Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello there!  How's life?  Stressed?  Okay, silly question.

The craziest thing is happening.  It is July now and I have more visitors to my blog than EVER!  Why is that crazy?  Well, the greatest number of visitors to my blog begins in October and tapers off in March.  You know, the holidays, then the bills in January, and then tax season.  Summer time is usually the slowest time of the year for me.

Stress is high and it shouldn't be because it is Summer time and we should be at the beach enjoying ourselves.

So, let's DESTRESS.

In order to destress, we gotta know what it means.

It means, to get rid of your stress. 

So, how do we get rid of our stress. 

Stress is caused by thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry.  What are you worried about?  Bills?  Relationship?  Your job? 

It is so funny when people tell me they know what stresses them out and then they blame some external force like their kids, their spouse, their job, or even the economy.  It is funny to me because stress is not an external force.  Stress is caused by our reaction to this external stimuli.

When we are stressed, this is what we do; in our mind, we think of the worst thing that can happen.  For example, if you have stress at work, in your mind you may play, over and over again, the worst possible scenario and then how you are going to react.  Or, if you don't have enough money for your bills, you may think about how you are going to be homeless.  Really!  This is what we do that causes our stress.

Why do we think about the worst possible thing that can happen?  Because it is a habit we have.  When we were younger our parents or teachers told us things like, "don't do that or you will get hurt." Or, "If you don't do this (whatever it is), you will fail."  It is just a mentality that goes on in our culture. 

Honestly, how many times have you told your child not to do something or else something bad will happen?  What happens when we do this?  We create habits of focusing on the worst outcome.

Trust me, I observe enough human behavior to know this is true. 

So, what do we do to destress?  We think about the best thing that can happen and then focus on that.

The big question would be, what is your intention?  What do you intend to happen?  Do you intend to fix your relationship?  Do you intend to make more money?  Do you intend to have a better life than you do now?

What do you intend to happen today, tomorrow, next week, this year, and even for the next five years?

Do you intend to double your income?  Do you intend to lose 100 pounds? 

Whatever it is you intend to do, focus on that, and make it a goal.

Go from doubt, fear, and worry to certainty, confidence, and faith. 

Eliminate the habit of focusing on the worst thing that can happen and focus only on what you intend to happen.  Make this a habit and just watch yourself DESTRESS!

Think about what you want and then tell yourself, "I CAN!"  Because you can!


That's all I got!  Just wanted to give a few words of destressing yourself before my favorite weekend of the year!

Have the greatest Fourth of July weekend EVER.  Go to the beach, lake, pool, or river, and enjoy yourself.