Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello there.  Happy Monday.  Did you have a lovely weekend?  Mine was perfect and I hope yours was too.  Are you ready for your week?  Let's agree to make it a great one.

An important thing that we can do to destress is, we have to pay attention to what we are thinking.  It would be totally magnificent if everyone took responsibility for what they were thinking and think better, more positive thoughts.

We are the only thinker of our thoughts, we should take responsibility for those thoughts, and teach our children, who are our future, that they can take responsibility for their thoughts, as well.

To take responsibility for my thoughts is part of my philosophy of life.

Every thought we have we are thinking towards faith or fear, and we are thinking positive, or negative thoughts about ourselves, others, and life.  When we have thoughts of faith, we are thinking positive, and when we have thoughts of fear, we are thinking negative.

When we rule our thoughts, we rule our feelings.  I know that this is so!  I know it because I have learned to know that when I do not feel good, I can, do, and will move towards feeling better by thinking better thoughts.  I am not perfect, but I sure am getting better at it, because practice, my friend, makes us better, and sooner or later we will get close to perfect.

When we feel anger, our thoughts are full of fear.  When we feel anxious, our thoughts full of worry about our fear.  When we feel sad, our thoughts are focused on what we don't have and what is wrong in our life.

So, in order to destress yourself, we have to take responsibility for our thoughts and evolve them to the opposite of what we are thinking. 

If you are angry, evolve your thoughts from fear to faith, telling yourself, "It's okay, I got this, I can handle this, and everything will be fine."  Many people think when they get angry, it's another persons fault.  In my experience, this is not true.  What is true is, when we get angry, it is a habit that we have developed, and we have a fear, for some crazy reason, that things won't go our way.  Anger is a way of throwing a tantrum, wanting control of the outcome, or fear we won't be able to handle the outcome.  Trust me on this one, you will be fine, and you will be better if you eliminate the fear and replace it with faith.

If you are anxious, evolve your thoughts from worry about your fear, to certainty, and confidence, telling yourself, "I am safe and calm, and I will move towards my desired outcome."  When we think about and move towards the most desired outcome for ourselves, we eliminate and replace our worry.

If you are sad, evolve your thoughts to happiness by thinking about all of your assets, blessings, and successes so far.

These are all habits of just retraining your brain. 

In order to retrain our brain, we must know that we can take responsibility for our thoughts, and then we will change them to better, more successful ones, which will lead to better feelings.  Thus, destressing ourselves.


"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..."  ~Proverbs 23:7

A great way to start taking responsibility for what you are thinking is by quieting your mind.  We can quiet our mind by meditating.  When we meditate, we learn the ultimate way of being calm within, and we can be relaxed any time, and any where.  When we meditate, we can be more aware of our thoughts and eliminate and replace the negative ones.

Part of destressingyourself is learning to quiet your mind, so that you can be a more relaxed person.

That's all I got!

Have a great week my friend, and remember, "You got this!"

Have fun!  Be playful!

Love you lots and lots ;0)