Friday, April 6, 2012


Hey Hey!  How's things?  Things are great for me, thank you for asking.

Today, I want to talk about spirituality.

I know, I know, I always am talking about God and that sort of stuff.  Well, the thing is, I know with all my heart, and without a doubt, that being spiritual is the best stress prevention there is.

How is spirituality the best stress prevention?  Faith, my friend.  You gotta have faith, faith, faith.

So, what does it mean to be spiritual?  Now, this is just the gospel according to Elizabeth, who happens to be a Christian.  With that said, spirituality is closeness to God.

Are you spiritual?  What does it mean to you?  Are you close to God? 

I feel like I am, and I can always get closer.

The prevention thing is when you know, without a doubt, that when you want something, with God anything is possible.  Also, if you are hit with some sort of crisis or critical event, you know without a doubt, that you can handle anything.  Finally, when you are in your deepest moments of despair, being close to Heavenly Father allows you to talk to Him, anywhere, and anytime.  Not only does it allow you to talk to Him, it reminds you to.  Being close to Heavenly Father is having your mind firm on His words and His love.

If you are Christian, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are a non believer, you may think I am crazy.  Destressing yourself means to be able to have faith in life, others, and yourself, and it means to be relaxed and confident, no matter what you are up against, and that is easier to obtain when you are close to God.

Spirituality means to come unto God, to have a relationship with Him, and it means to keep Him and His plan at the utmost, up front of your mind.

How do we increase our spirituality?  Excellent question my friend.

1.  Pray morning, noon, and night.

2.  Speak to Heavenly Father, anytime, and anywhere.

3.  Read the scriptures.

4.  Go to church.

5.  Pray with your family.

6.  Read the scriptures with your family.

7.  Discuss the plan of salvation, and the scriptures with your family.

A family that prays together, stays together.

The thing is, when I work with people who are in crisis, the number one solution to help them get through it is their relationship with God.  I am talking about crisis as in death, destruction, devastation, divorce, and/or dying.  The greatest part of all of this is when people have a close relationship with God, they get through anything, and I mean anything, much more successful than if they do not have a relationship, or if their relationship is weak.

So, in order to add to your destress yourself repertoire, increase your relationship with the all mighty.

Don't wait for a devastation or destruction in your life.  Do it as a prevention.  Prevention is always the best solution.

That is what I got...


Big Hugs...