Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hi! Hi! Hi!  How are you?  Am pre goo...  Thanks for asking.

I read an article yesterday that talked about four easy ways to be happier, and they said, do good deeds, get exercise, get hugged, and get a pet.


Okay, I agree with doing good deeds, getting hugged, and exercise, but I don't know about getting a pet.  Seems to me people are awful busy these days, and a pet can be extra stressful if you don't have time to take care of them, and if you don't take care of them, they die.  How stressful is that?

Just a little tangent there.

This is what I got...

1.  Learn to love easily and you will be very inclined to do good deeds and get hugs.

2.  Have fun and be playful.  This one is very tough for some peeps.  When I say have fun and be playful, it all starts in the mind, your mind, which means to look at things differently.  Don't look at life so seriously, in other words.  I know so many people who are so stressed out that they cannot, or rarely, have fun and are playful.  Seriousness is just a habit, just as easily as having fun and being playful is.

3.  Spend time doing things you love.  People often tell me, but I don't got no time to do things I love Elizabeth.  My thoughts, "Who's choice is that?"  You are the boss of you, just like I am the boss of me.  If you choose to work long hours, or fill your schedule with things you don't love that is just a choice.

Disagree with me?  I bet you may.

Maybe you are saying, I don't have money, and I need to work long hours.  If that is true, talk to me!  I bet you that if you found your passion, you could spend an hour a day working on it until it became something you could create an income from.

Maybe you are saying, life is serious Elizabeth.  Well, that is just a belief, and anyone, even me, can easily change a belief.  Anyone, even me, can retrain the brain to think life is fun just as easily as life is serious.

Maybe you are saying, I use to love easily Elizabeth, but look where it got me?  It got me hurt, it got me burned, or it got me distress.  My friend, we have all been hurt, burned, or distressed, and that is all a part of our learning experience in this lovely life.  I don't know your personal story but I do know this, if we love, and love easily, we are feeling the most positive emotion there is on earth, and guess where that gets us?  That is correct, it gets us happy.

We, you and me, are either feeling towards hate or we are feeling towards love.  We can go one way or the other, and I choose to love.  I love love, and I love easily.  It wasn't easy at first, I was one bitter Mama.  But I figured out that hate made me feel bad, and that love made me feel good.

So that is my three easy ways to be happier...  learn to love easily, have fun/be playful, and spend time doing things you love.  Which one's are you doing, or not doing?  Which ever one you are not doing, choose to do it, this week.  Heck!  Right Now!

That's all I got in the way of destressing.

Have a great day.

Speak soon...