Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hello!  How are you?  I hope you are having a lovely week and you are enjoying your weather.  I sho am.  We have had cold weather here in Southern California.  It has been in the low 50's, ha ha ha...  Sorry, it's just funny to me because we think 50 degrees is cold.  March is a cold month in Southern California.  Moo hoo ha ha ha.

So, I gotta question for you my friend...

Do you think there is Spiritual Stress?  I do!

For sure there is physical stress and there is mental stress.  I think most of our stress stems from the mental process that we have.  For example, if we have thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry about particular things we activate the stress response, which is an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, our blood flow shifts, our immune system shuts down, and all kinds of toxins are released into our system.  This response results in all kinds of stress, including the physical kind.

Also, when we suffer from physical stress it usually stems from our mental processes.  We sleep less because of our thoughts, meaning our mind might be racing and so we can't sleep, or we think we need to do something more important other than sleep.  We eat cruddy because of our beliefs like we don't have time for healthier food, or we crave fast, processed foods.  We don't exercise because we think other things are more important.  The physical stress comes from not eating right, not exercising, and not sleeping enough.  We need activity, nourishment, and rest to reduce physical strain.

Okay, okay, back to the question.  Do you think there is Spiritual Stress?  The reason I ask this is because I notice that people who do not have faith in God, or say they do but don't practice it, are the most stressed out people I know.

There are some Human Behaviorists that believe that all fear stems from the fear of death.  I do not believe it but you could certainly see how nonbelievers, in God, would be afraid of death.

The reason I believe that there is Spiritual Stress is because people who are at their deepest moments of despair can easily be brought from crisis to calm when we speak about faith in God.  Now, people who do not believe in God, have a very difficult time overcoming crisis.  Their faith in God is non existent, and their faith in life, others, and themselves is very very low. 

This is just my humble opinion from my experience in helping thousands of people destress themselves from deep despair, or in other words crisis.

I kid you not!  People who believe in God, especially the one's who have a deep down conviction that Jesus Christ is their Savior, are much more successful at handling critical stress, burnout, and just general stress.

I have been helping people with stress for about 20 years, and formally with a specialization for about 13 years.  In 2007, five years ago, I began my assistance to destress the world online and have helped literally thousands of people destress themselves.  One of the most important factors, or most important elements rather, is faith in God.  Faith in God truly helps more than anything I have ever witnessed.

So, with all of that said, is there a Spiritual Stress?  I truly believe there is.

Stress is strain, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual.  If stress is strain, the opposite of stress would be health, relaxation, and wellness, wouldn't it?

When I think of the opposite of stress, I think of safety and relaxation.  So if I am stressed, and I would want to be better, I would move towards feeling safe and relaxed.

When we put our trust in God, and have faith in Him, we feel safer, and more relaxed.

What do you think?  I have met only a few people in my life that do not believe in God, and that is why I can help so many people, because of their faith.  I know that this is so.

If you are stressed, it could be Spiritual Stress.  If you are Spiritually Stressed, this is what I would say...

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."  ~Matthew 6:33

What things shall be added unto you?  "Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?  (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things."  ~Matthew 6:31-32

That's what I got, about Spiritual Stress.

I hope, with all my heart and soul, that you are enjoying your life, the people around you, and the places you are in because life is about experiencing joy.  I know it!  Do you know about it?

Have a great day my friend.  Remember to have fun and be playful.



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