Thursday, August 8, 2013

How To Destress Yourself At Work

How to destress yourself at work is what I am going to discuss today.

Hello there!  How are you doing?  I hope with all my heart and soul you are enjoying your Summer time, or enjoying whatever season you are in, where ever you are at.  Life is great in the Summer time here in So Cal.  I should know I live at the beee each! (singing in my opera voice)

Seems to me that everybody I know has to work, and one great way to destress yourself at work is to take a vacation.  Although, that wouldn't be at work, now would it?

So many peeps come to me because they have tons of stress at work, and they ask me how can they detress at work?  What an excellent question.

In order to relieve stress in the workplace, one must discover what is the cause of the stress.  The two most common issues that I hear from peoples are that they either have an overwhelming schedule, or they have to work with someone they cannot stand.

Today, I will discuss the former, and next post I will discuss the latter.

If you have a busy schedule at work, here are three ways that you can destress, which means to become less stressed.

First, refresh your soul - I believe that our soul is what houses our spirit, just as our mind houses our thoughts, and our bodies house the parts that make up our physical being.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and just as we ought to take care of our mind and bodies, we really ought to take care of our souls. 

So, how does one refresh the soul?  Excellent question!!!

In order to refresh the soul, we can remind ourselves of the bigger picture of life.  The bigger picture of life is what truly matters the most and that is to have joy by having meaningful relationships with God, our family, our friends, and mostly our self.  If we earnestly seek these things then all will fall into perspective.

When it comes to work stress, and a busy, overwhelming schedule renewing our soul will display the meaningless worry that drains our energy.  Meaningless worry stresses us out and overwhelms us. 

When we renew our soul it reminds us to have faith in God, life, others, and ourselves, which will show us that not only can we handle anything, it will also show us that no matter what happens, it will be okay because God is in charge.  If we know that God is in charge, we can lean on him, and not our self, for the security we seek.

Please, let me tell you a secret, that may not be a secret to you at all but here goes...

I have helped literally tens of thousands of people through this blog, and I have helped literally thousands of people in person with stress, and I always, always, always discuss God, and his role in crisis/despair/stress management.  Those people who get God's role get the management of crisis, despair, or stress, and thus become experts at destressing.  People who do not get God's role in all of this, either get mad at me, and never read my blog, or never speak to me again, or they come back again, and again, and again for more help with crisis, and despair, more than stress, because they don't get it.

God is the 100% rate of my success in helping people with crisis, despair, and stress.  That's all I got to say bout that...for now.

Second, set your mind - You can be, do, or have anything you set your mind to, you just gotta set your mind to it, that's all.  You can be that success you want, you can do all that is on your plate, and you can have whatever it is, in your mind, that you want to have if you set your mind to it. 

How does one set his or her mind to it?  Excellent question!!!

In order to set one's mind, one must set it to the proper faith.  When we worry, we become overwhelmed, and worry is just faith that the absolute worst thing is going to happen.  Let me say it again...Worry is faith that the absolute worst thing is going to happen.  Worry, my friend, is not the kind of faith you want to set your mind to.

We want to set our mind to the absolute best thing that will happen, and if you do this, you will destress.  So, think of the best outcome, and convince yourself it is going to happen.  Seriously!!!

When people tell me that they have so much going on at work that it is overwhelming, what they are really saying is, "I can't handle this shizzz, because I have faith that the worst thing is going to happen."

Disagree???  Then do this...  Every single day, and I mean every single morning, first thing in the morning, take a piece of paper, write down what you are worried about (which will be the worst thing that will happen), and then write down the absolute best thing that can happen.  Now, make a list of all the things you can do to make the absolute best thing happen, number it in priority, and start to get gettin, (that's Hill Billy talk for getter done) to the first thing on the list, and then the next, and then the next, and so on, and so forth.

If you do this three things will happen, first you will build the right kind of faith (setting your mind), second you will get things done, and third you will create some really good feeling neurotransmitters in the brain that will help you feel good about yourself, your work, and your no stress you gonna have. 

Third, tone your body - Stress causes physical tension, and tension gives way for toxic hormones from the tightness and pain in the body.  The best way to relieve physical stress like this is to tone your body with exercise, eating right, and stretching on a daily basis.  You know this right?  Exercise to feel better, eat right for energy and nutrition, and stretch to loosen, lubricate, and strengthen your joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. 

Passionately, everyday I stretch!  I exercise, and I eat right, but not always, nevertheless, I always stretch, and have since 1999 because it makes me feel young.  I am, as of this writing, forty eight years young, and I often go early morning to late night with bounds of energy and a feeling good body and I know it is because I stretch.  If I get busy, and forget to stretch, I feel it in my body, and I could probably start to feel old but I won't let myself get there.  You know what I mean???

So there you have it my friend, three things you can do to destress yourself at work.  First, refresh your soul, second, set your mind, and third, tone your body.  You can do it!!!  And if you already do, I am so very proud of you, and I know you are an expert at destressing.

Have a great day my lovely.  Until next time, have fun!  Be playful! 

Speak soon...


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