Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Destress Yourself; The First Step

The very first step to Destress Yourself is creating awareness.

The most stressed out people I know (and believe me when I say I know some seriously stressed out people. I am not trying to be unkind, it's just the nature of my business) are the one's who say, "I am not stressed." 

These individuals, even though they say that they are not stressed, are always either angry, irritable, frustrated, sad, anxious, uptight, drinking, smoking, eating, and especially unhappy (to just name a few).   

Besides the moods mentioned above, these individuals have several things in common but the number one thing they have in common is the lack of awareness.

Some other very mutual characteristics that they display are:

They live their life with habitual stressful habits of reacting to situations with doubt, fear, and worry.

They are very closed minded (in other words, they know everything so they are unwilling to learn anything new or listen and learn about their weaknesses so that they may improve their lives).

They are very apathetic and indifferent about others and themselves.

They have a racing mind.

They have very negative thoughts.

They experience very negative emotions.

They are very critical of life, others, and themselves.

They are masters of doubt in life, with others, and with themselves (which means they have no faith in life, others, or themselves).

They get offended easily.

They do not intentionally plan goals.

Everything always goes wrong (in their eyes).

And they are too serious about life.

Oh ya, and I guarantee they have at least one illness (stress is the number one cause of every illness).

How do I know all of this?  Well, I have taught, and teach, thousands of people to destress and these are the most common traits that have been derived through a survey I have (and still do) administered.

So, back to the first step to destress yourself.  If you would like to destress yourself, in other words create happiness, energy, vitality, and true joy in your life, you must become aware of what is causing your stress. 

You, my friend, are causing your stress due to the reactions, that are frequently habitual, to your situations.  Your habits of reacting are causing your unhappiness.  And if you disagree with me then you can remain in your unawareness (aka ignorance). 

Shew, that was harsh.  It is harsh and it is true.  The truth hurts!

Look at the characteristics above and just notice if you have any of these behaviors.  If you do, especially if you have more than a few, you have just created awareness and that is the first step to destressing yourself. 

How can you find the solution to the problem if you do not know the problem?  Now that you know the problem, we can work on a solution, together.

Take the first step and create some awareness as to what is causing your stress so that you may destress yourself.

Have a great day and don't forget to have fun and be playful.