Sunday, May 19, 2019

Increasing Habits of Faith

Hello there!

Increasing habits of faith is what I'd like to write about this day!

How are you doing my dear friend? My dear brother/sister of this world!

I am praying that you are enjoying life

Summer is coming, and that is a great thing! Summer is a great thing because stress is low. People are going on vacation, having a good time and enjoying life.

Have you ever heard someone say that they want to live the kind of life they don't need a vacation from?

Do you think that is possible? 

Do you think that it is possible to enjoy life so much that it feels like a vacation?

It may sound crazy to you but it is entirely possible. I know it's possible because that is exactly how I feel about my life. There is no thing extraordinary about my life except for the fact that I suffered so much emotionally, and I have found respite from the internal struggle through God, and reconditioning my beliefs, focus, and thoughts about life.

Do you live the kind of life you need a vacation from?

What if you could live a life you don't need a vacation from?

What if you could live a life of near complete happiness?

What if you could live happier by increasing your confidence and faith in life, others, and yourself?

What if you could increase your confidence and faith by evolving your habits?

Would you like to evolve your habits so you have more confidence and faith in life, others, and yourself? 

What I am talking about here is the kind of confidence and faith that is the opposite of insecurity.

Are you feeling insecure about life, others, and yourself much of the time?

Did you know stress is insecurity? The stress response is provoked by fear. Have you heard of the fight or flight response? That response is the stress response. That response was given to us by God to help us in fearful situations and, as humans, we unknowingly activate that response by our thoughts of fear, which creates chronic insecurity.

Blah, blah, blah, right?

What I am trying to do is lead you into a challenge I have for you to increase a habit, or habits, of confidence.

Do you wanna do the challenge that will increase feelings of happiness, and decrease feelings of insecurity?

The challenge I have for you is like homework, it's like homework for life, and so it's life work... get it? Ha ha ha...

Before I issue you the challenge, you gots to get a notebook of some sort, like a journal. It doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to have blank pieces of paper so that you may do some life work.

So here's the challenge...

It's a thirty day challenge, so you gotta do it for thirty days! Capeesh?

For thirty days, everyday, at the same time of the day, write down what you want by answering the question, "What do I want most?"

Do you want more confidence?

Do you want energy?

Do you want to govern your behaviors and beliefs more?

Do you want happiness?

Do you want health?

Do you want love?

Do you want wealth?

Whatever it is, write down what you want, everyday, and then read it! After you read it, if you find that you wrote down what you don't want, scribble it out. The reason you will scribble out the things you don't want is because writing what is not wanted defeats the exercise.

This entire challenge is to change, and evolve the habit of focusing on what you don't want, which creates fear, to focusing on what you do want, which creates less insecurity.

Happiness, or unhappiness, is all about the focus, the habitual focus.

This is a spiritual experiment, and I really believe, with all my heart and soul that if you make a commitment to do this, for you, things will change for the better.

This challenge is to help create a habit of confidence, by replacing the habit of insecurity via focus.

The Challenge 

Step one: get a notebook
Step two: everyday, and at the same time of day, for example at 8:00 a.m., go to a quiet, uninterrupted place, and ask yourself, "What do I want most?" Take a few moments to really think about it.
Step three: write the answer to the question after you have taken time to really think on it, which will most likely evolve everyday, and that is okay.
Step four: read it, and scribble out anything written that is not wanted. Then contemplate what it will/would feel like to have what you really want. 
Step five: through out the day contemplate what is written by thinking about what it would feel like having whatever it is. Notice any thoughts of discouragement and remind yourself discouragement is not the focus, therefore, not a part of this exercise.
Step six: document any positive aspects of this exercise NOT negative ones. Remember! Confidence, and happiness are all about the focus, and this exercise is to evolve the habitual mind away from insecurity and towards faith.
Step sevenKEEP IT SECRET! KEEP IT SAFE! this is only a suggestion... I would keep this exercise to yourself because outside influences may discourage you, and if you are discouraged, you may not complete the exercise. 

Do this for exactly thirty days!

That's it!

Oh! except...

If you are really stressed out, it may be helpful for you to make a commitment to do this for you! For destressing! For your happiness! For your family and relationships! You are the only one who has the authority over the way you feel. Although the human conditioning would have us believe that other people are responsible for our happiness, it is not true. No one can focus for you, only you can do that! This exercise can, and will help you increase your habits of faith in you.


Stay tune for more on this challenge...

This is gonna get good!

This is gonna be fun!

You got this!

You can do this!

It may be time for you to take responsibility for your happiness, which lies in destressing your stressful habits.

Speak soon...