Friday, May 3, 2019

Changing Stressful Habits

Hey! Hey! 

Changing Stressful Habits is what I'd like to ramble about this day.

Happy Friday!

How are you doing? I hope and pray that you are getting off on the right foot today.

Getting off on the right foot, and getting up on the right side of the bed are very stress free habits.

Do you know that sometimes I say things that people do not want to hear? What I mean is, I say something about stressful habits, a person may disagree, and then they get upset with me.

This is the deal... 

I will present to you some stressful habits you may or may not have, and if it applies, it applies, and if it doesn't, it doesn't, and it is completely normal for you to disagree with me. No reason to get upset here.

This is also the deal...

Wherever you go there you are. What that means is if a person gets irritated, offended, or upset easily or regularly, which are very stressful habits, sooner or later that person will get irritated, offended, or upset with me because that is what he or she does.

Hear me out now! Please!!!

I've known many people over the years who have been miserable with their job or significant other, and they lose one or both because of the misery. Then they wish for another better job, a better significant other, and go to great lengths to obtain one or the other. Soon after the obtainment, the same person with constant complaints, and criticism is complaining and criticizing about the new career or partner.

I'm not saying everybody does this, and I'm not saying you do this!

What I am saying, in this ramble, is you may want to consider if you have the stressful habits of getting up in a bad mood, and/or getting offended by others.

People do, and will defend their anger, irritation, and moodiness, and blame it all on others but the truth is they are just practiced habits into permanence. In addition, the truth is, they can, and will be practiced out of permanence.

It is not necessary to be irritable or moody, and it is not your fault if you are. It can be your responsibility to recognize it and intentionally change it.

Your value and your worth is the knowing and practicing of being the best you that you can be. This, my friend begins with believing in you! Believing that you can do it! Believing that you are worth it.

No one is driving this vehicle of life, of your life, but you.

If you have frequent irritation or moodiness, try this...

An affirmation...

A mantra...

A reminder...

First thing when you wake up, all day, and everyday for at least thirty days, say to yourself, "I am going to be kind to me by choosing kindness."

Being kind to others is being kind to yourself because it will make you feel better. Negative emotions make us feel like poop!

Ha Ha, I said poop again.

Life is not a competition, it is a cooperation with God. God is love, and when we love God abides in us. So, love yourself enough to be kind to yourself by setting your intention to release negative emotions. Love yourself enough to be kind to others even if you don't think you ought to be.

Could it be, you may be so focused on complaining and criticizing that you may be missing all the good?

If a person believes another person is being mean to him or her, he or she has the right to be mean in return. But! Leveling up is understanding that mean people are hurting inside and begging for significance. Mean people are begging for value and worth from others when all along it is within.

I really believe, I know rather, that anyone can, and will discover his or her value and worth when he or she discovers the power to connect to, and cooperate with God. When we connect to and cooperate with God, we learn our free agency to govern our beliefs and behaviors.

Our beliefs and behaviors lead to heaven or hell on earth.

Think about that one eh?!?

Everyone wants happiness, joy, and vitality, and these particular things come by practice. 

Hocus Pocus Focus on happiness, joy, and vitality!

Hocus Pocus Focus on connecting and cooperating with God!

If you want to. ~wink~

Praying you a successful week my dear sweet brother/sister of this world!

Having faith that you will experience happiness, joy, and vitality more and more my dear sweet one.

Speak soon...