Friday, April 26, 2019

Creating Faith

Creating faith is the ramble this day.

Hello, Hello!!! How are you doing, dear one?

It is my faith and prayer that you are doing fantastic.

You must know that faith is believing but did you know that worry is also faith? Worry is faith that the worst thing can and will happen. Worry is stress, and it makes us feel like poo.

Haha... I said poo.

Worry is faith by default because we are taught and trained to worry. It is human conditioning.

Spiritual nature is believing, knowing rather, that God is in charge and all things are for our good. Everything is for our good because whatever happens is for our spiritual expansion. Spiritual expansion is leveling up to enlightenment, which is the ultimate connection to, and confidence in God.

When we create faith, we believe the best will happen and obsess over the best instead of the worst. Obsessing over the worst thing is anxiety.

To overcome worry and create faith, we must focus on what we want to happen, not the worst.

Creating faith is all about focus and using the imagination by desire rather than by default.

Doubt, fear, and worry are the kind of faith that happens by default due to human conditioning.

The short and sweet of creating faith is thinking about what you want and thinking about that over and over and over again. This will do two amazing things. It will help you relieve the stress and feel better, and it will recondition your thoughts to create desired faith rather than worry.

Whenever you are obsessed about the future, or anything, in a fearful way, ask yourself, "What do I want to happen?' Then think about the wanted in this way, "Wouldn't it be nice if..." and use your imagination for the desired outcome.

You do not have to worry! 

Worry is stressful and creates negative emotions!

Negative emotions disconnect us from God!

Negative emotions are unnecessary, and they come from our human training!

Retrain yourself with practice obsessing about what you want, and imagine how good it will feel when you have it.

Do this all day and every day. Practice it into permanence, and it will form a habit of faith for life, others, and yourself.

Trust me on this one. 

You can do it!!!

That's it...

Except, you know...

I love you! ~in my not so tuned opera singing voice. ~wink

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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