Saturday, June 13, 2020

Compassion & Understanding

Hello my dear reader. 

Compassion and understanding is what I'd like to write about this day.

How are you doing?

Praying you are living and practicing inner peace

Once upon a time, there was a young boy, in fifth grade, who's Mother had recently passed away. He was very disruptive in class, during a substitute teacher's presence. The teacher was aware of his recent loss, and was very kind and patient with him. 

Contrarily, there was a full-time teacher's aid who was impatient, and stern.

The substitute said to the teacher's aid, in private, "He recently lost his Mother, and his Father is having a hard time taking care of himself, let alone his only child, and we can be compassionate." To which the aid replied, "It doesn't matter, he needs to behave."

There was compassion from the substitute, who was trying to be understanding, and there was apathy, and misunderstanding from the aid.

The reason I present this story to you is because I do believe we all have times of chaos and confusion in our life. Sometimes the disorder in a person's life develops negative emotions and can lead to callousness, and misunderstanding.

Compassion leads to understanding.

Do you ever get angry at someone, maybe a stranger, when you believe he or she is being unkind to you? In my younger years, I did.

Now, I understand that when people are mean, it has much to do with their past, and/or what they may be currently experiencing in their life.

The little boy was unruly, and who wouldn't be with the loss of a Mother, and an emotionally absent Father? How long will this young lad be affected by this?

The teacher's aid was uncaring, and unkind. Who on earth knows what she has gone through, or is going through, that she is unable to have compassion for a young child?

My old self would have said, to the aid, nearly exactly what the aid said about the child, "it doesn't matter what you think he should be, you should be more compassionate, or at least kinder."

This is where the compassion, and understanding comes in. I have realized that we all have imperfections, and so we act imperfect. I have also realized that we all have had, or are having major difficulties, and issues, in this human experience, and we react accordingly.

In my last post I presented the most important scripture, and issued a mission to meditate upon, and memorize it. Did you do it? I did.

As I spent the last four days affirming, contemplating, and meditating upon, what I believe to be the most important scripture, I recognized that the love of God brings joy to the soul. 

Several times, I had great joy that radiated from my heart and soul, out towards people and places. It was very fulfilling, and made me quite sentimental towards many people. This sentiment I speak of feels exactly like love.

So, I have another scripture for you...

It is part two of the most important scripture, which is...

"And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." ~Matthew 22:39-40, The Holy Bible, KJV

Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to meditate upon, and memorize the scripture above, for at least four days. Not just meditate and memorize, but keep in mind the compassion and understanding of this human existence, as we strive to love our neighbor, and live by the fruit of the spirit, who we really are.

This, for me, is all about leveling up in life by way of compassion and understanding.

This, for me, is all about inner peaceful practice.

This, for me, is all about connecting to, and trusting God for spiritual expansion.

That's all I got...

Another scripture for our spiritual expansion.

Big Hugs...

Speak soon...


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