Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Most Important Thing To Do

Hello, there my dear friend...

The most important thing to do is what I'd like to discuss this day...

How are you doing? I'm ever praying that you are leveling up by connecting to God...

The other day I had a dream that God came to me and said, "You are helping a specific individual by the words that you write. You will guide this person to levels that are needed to be obtained to do work I have sent this person to do in this life."

I'm a dreamer, and my dreams are, oftentimes, more real than my awake life. If I told you some of the dreams that I have had, you may think me crazy, or you may resonate because I know there are people out there like me.

Anyway, I believe in my dreams. I believe it when I have a dream about God coming to me. Why do I believe it? Because I've had so many dreams very similar to this one.

About a week ago, I had a dream that I was at the veil between this life and the next, and it was a very bright white with gold glitter. It was so bright that it should have blinded me but didn't.

Why am I telling you about my dreams? I am telling you because I know that the veil between this life, and the next, is very thin when we are connected to God, and when we are sleeping. One of the reasons I believe this is because of my dreams. Another reason is when we are asleep, our negative emotions are weakened by unconsciousness, and negative emotions disconnect us from God.

When we are without negative emotions, we are more aware of and connected to God.

I trust in my dreams because I trust in God. I could write a book alone, about all the people, who have passed from this life and have come to me in my dreams.

I have learned the most important thing to do is to trust in God.

With this trust comes guidance, and inspiration. With this guidance, and inspiration comes confidence in life, others, and the self.

This is what I'm leading up to with all this talk...

The most important thing we can/could do, in this life, is to learn to trust in God.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6, Holy Bible, KJV

The greatest, most permanent stress relief comes from a calm, and confident belief, which cannot come from anyone or anything else than God.

When we learn to live in a calm, and confident way, connected to God, all negative emotions that fall under anger, anxiety, depression, and despair, fall away. Sound impossible? I understand that some may believe it is impossible to live without these negative emotions. Trust me, I was the angriest, most anxious, depressed person I knew, wallowing in despair quite often. Now, I have not one ounce of negative emotion in any part of my being for more than a millisecond, because when and if I do, I remember and go back to trusting God, knowing He is in charge. This did not happen overnight, I practiced it for years, into permanence, replacing the fear with faith.

If I can live without negative emotions, anybody can.

The only way to get there is to practice connecting to and trusting God and making it permanent.

I'm not just talking about attending church every Sunday and saying your prayers morning and night. I am talking about keeping God at the forefront of your mind so that you know deep down in your soul that you can trust Him because you know He is in charge.

Dang... I ramble.

I do not apologize, defend, or explain my rambles. I do, however, want to remind myself, and others, that repetition is the great law of learning. Therefore, practice, practice, practice, into permanence, trusting God.

Like the scripture says above, "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." In other words, practice keeping Heavenly Father in every thought, and guidance and inspiration will come more and more every hour of every day.

I know that this is so... I am a witness, and that's why I think the veil is so thin with me. This is why I believe I am blessed in my dreams. My dreams, and experiences, are blessings from God that let me know He is real.

I know with all my heart and deep down in my soul that God is real.

Our Heavenly Father directs our paths. It is easier to know this when we acknowledge Him, and when we talk and walk with Him. This voluntary action increases our trust in Him.

Shall we practice trust in God?

Here's an exercise for you...

Meditate upon, and memorize the first part of the scripture given above, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

When you wake up, first thing in the morning, contemplate this phrase.

Throughout the day, especially when you are feeling negative emotions, remind yourself, and repeat this scripture.

In the evening, as you lay your head on your pillow, to retire for the night, think about this verse.

Do this the entire week, and watch yourself lift in beliefs, behaviors, and blessings. It is my humble opinion, that if you do this, even for just this week, your trust in God will level up like you've never seen it level up before.

This exercise will help you, if you want it to, do the most important thing you can/could do, and that is trust in God.

This trust is the path to all the open doors we are praying for, to all the answers to the questions we have been asking.

It is my humble opinion that if anyone would do this type of spiritual exercise for the rest of their life, and make it a permanent habit of contemplation, he or she will be put directly on the path they're supposed to be on.

This habit could be greater than any degree that you can/could obtain.

This type of practice can be greater than any title that you can/could obtain.

Degrees and titles become insignificant with time, ask any retired person. But becoming connected to God with powerful trust is eternal.

Connection to, and trust in God is eternal.

That is all...

I hope and pray you have a beautiful and brilliant week my dear reader...

God bless you...

Speak soon...

Elizabeth Stanfill

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