Sunday, March 1, 2020

Destressing With Perspective

Hello there, my dear friend...

Praying you are doing well today, and better and better each day.

Destressing with perspective is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Looking back in time, when I was young, and a little dumb, I could remember regretting some of my behavior, after the fact.

One time, I yelled at my son for something really insignificant, and rather stupid, in my opinion. Afterwards, I felt horrible, and I thought to myself, "that is not normal."

I knew it wasn't normal because when you love someone, you don't yell at them. Some people believe that it is normal, and okay, but that is not love. It is, however, lack of control.

There are people in this world who are suffering from real things like death, dismemberment, divorce, and dying. On the other hand, there are people in this world who are not suffering from any real kind of devastation but act like they are. I was acting like I was suffering, and yet I was not, really.

Why do we act like someone is going to die when there is no real or present danger in the very moment? The answer is fear. We are afraid of what will happen, and we are afraid that we will not be able to handle it.

The human conditioning trains us to have doubt, fear, and worry. This doubt, fear, and worry is mental, and it is what causes much stress. This training teaches us to doubt our abilities, fear our future, and worry about our ability to handle "it", whatever that "it" is.

The most important thing I'd like to share with you is, if you are losing control over something that is not happening right now, you may be conditioned to panic unnecessarily. I call this the freak out button/switch.

Are you freaking out over something?

Are you over reacting, beyond proportion to the situation?

These are very important questions because if you answered yes, you may want to curve that behavior a little bit for the benefit of your happiness. Remember, what ever we practice becomes permanent.

If I could, I would teach the world to meditate because those who do become more aware, and more in control of their beliefs and behaviors.

I have taught many people, who suffer emotionally, to meditate, and the result is always, always, always, "I had no idea how negative my thoughts are." This awareness provides more control, and more change.

If I could help anyone with their stress, I would first get them to Connect to God, and then I would get them to meditate, for the rest of their life.

I have been meditating for nearly twenty one years, and I am pretty close to the person I had no idea I could be. 

I love so much! 

That statement may sound silly to you but it is my connection with God, and it is my cooperation with God, life, others, and myself. It is quite blissful. To be calm, confident, happy, healthy, fun, loving, and wealthy is the path that I have come to, and I attribute it all to God. Without meditation, I couldn't have gotten here as fast.

Please know I am not bragging, I am, in my own way, trying to get you, my dear sweet reader, to connect and cooperate with God, and to get there faster through meditation, if you want to.

Enlightenment is the leveling up in life that we all need, and without it, we cannot see the true perspective of what we are, and can be. 

Enlightenment is the spiritual expansion we are seeking. Many people believe we must get things to make us happy, but true happiness is spiritual.

If you'd like to ease your stress a little bit more with proper perspective, I'd suggest you practice Connecting to God, and quieting your mind, with meditation.

Listen to the sounds of this video I made for the purpose of meditation. Just focus there, and feel the safety in your moment. Your power is in your now! What you are thinking now will determine how you act and feel now.

If you'd like an assignment, try the video every morning, first thing, and every evening, last thing. Then bring the quiet safety with you, in your mind, throughout the day. 

Practice this everyday, and just watch yourself become more alert, and aware to your beliefs, and behaviors...

But please! Please! Please! Don't believe me... Try it and find out for yourself if it is true! Perspective! ~wink~

God bless you my dear friend...

Have a wonderful week, and a magnificent March...

Speak soon...