Friday, May 15, 2020


WARNING!!! At the end of this post...

Leveling up in life is what I'd like to write about this day...

Hello, hello, my dear reader. 

How are you doing this wonderful day?

Praying your heart is filled with appreciation, and love.

In my humble opinion, there are three kinds of people...

Person AAbove Average, enlightened, destressed, and aka mature. 

Mostly calm, confident, and cooperative with life. 

This person learns by listening to understand, and does understand that he/she is very responsible for his/her experiences in this life. 

This individual appreciates and knows everyone is unique in beliefs, and their path traveled in life. In addition, he/she has no need to be right because this individual finds his/her worth from his/her own behaviors, and beliefs, which he/she knows are his/her power. 

This person will always encourage others and the self.

Person B: Below Average, basically adolescent in behavior, and chronically and/or critically stressed. 

Primarily bitching, blaming, complaining, criticizing, dramatizing, and gossiping. 

This individual behaves as though life is a competition, and unknowingly is arrogant, which is making him/herself better, or worse, than others. Arrogance is misunderstanding because it is not confidence, it is insecurity. 

Person B feels that he or she needs to be right because he/she finds his/her value in being so. In addition, this person believes the circumstances, the environment, and how others treat them are responsible for his/her happiness. 

This type of person will always discourage others and his/herself.

Person C: Common, teeters back and forth between being above average and below average based on their particular mood, and what is going on for them in their life.

The common person can be above average, or below average, at any given moment. Sometimes he or she is living in the space of above average more often than below average, or vice versa.

You may be asking why in the heck is Elizabeth telling me all of this about people types? 

The reason I am telling you all of this is, I want to reside in the place of being above average because it is the gateway to happiness, health, love, magnificent relationships, and wealth. 

Being Person A is the doorway to being a better person, which creates an abundant life.

It is the key to destressing yourself. Leveling up in life is destressing your life.

I've been reading, researching, and studying about destressing for nearly thirty years.

I've been teaching and trainning others to destress for over twenty years.

Do you know that it is not easy to find a step by step process to destress, aka leveling up in life?

Sure there are audios, books, and videos on health, relationships, and wealth but how many are about permanent stress relief by connecting to God, and creating permanent habits by practices and training?

I want to make permanent practices to become an above average person because I know that is what God wants for me. That is what God wants for everyone. 

God does not want you, or me to be above average, necessarily, but I'm certain He wants you, and me, to be calm, confident, and cooperative with Him, life, others, and ourself. When we learn and practice being enlightened and mature we live with the fruit of the spirit.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." ~Galatians 5:22-23, Holy Bible, KJV

The fruit of the spirit is what, and who we are! We are spiritual children, offspring, of our Heavenly Father.

We are meant to have love and joy, and it is up to us to do so. I want love, and joy, and I know it is through my connection to God I can, and do feel this unconditional love, which gives joy.

I want to create a step by step process that will help me level up in life. I want to share this step by step process with you if you'd like to level up in life too.

Leveling up in life consists of creating and practicing calm, confidence, faith, love, patience, and trust, which is characteristics of Person A.

So, this is my new journey in blogging...

Leveling Up in Life, is destressing.

Leveling up is getting back to what, and who you, and I truly are.

In order to get to where I want to go, which is to be person A, or the fruit of the spirit, I must focus, and practice. It begins in the beliefs, works through the behavior, and permanence is created through practice.

I believe, and know, with all my heart and soul, we have the agency, and authority, to become who we truly want to be, through our behaviors that extend from our beliefs.

I believe, and know, with all my heart and soul, we create habits through conditioning by default or desire. Conditioning by default makes life more difficult than training by desire. Creating a focus and practice by desire makes life so much more peaceful.

I believe, and know, with all my heart and soul, this peace comes from a life lived from desire, not by default. This desire points to our power and it all leads to our value and worth that comes from within.

So this is my warning...

I am about to embark on a journey of much more post writing than once a week. I say that with all the desire of my heart.

The warning is that you may be getting more emails/posts, than you desire. ~wink~ 

But, if you want to walk this path of destressing, and leveling up in life, you may not mind.

That is all...

Except, you know, I love you...

Speak soon...


ps I do not know how many people are, or who is on my email list because I do not look. I do not want to know who reads my blog because I do not want to be influenced in what I write. I do, however, meditate and pray before I write, feeling guided and inspired by God.

I do know there are sometimes over one hundred to over two hundred people that read my blog a day, and I feel very grateful for that. 

One time one of my posts went viral and over eight hundred people read it in a day.

I believe with all my heart and soul that God is real, and my love for writing in this way is a blessing to me. 

I just wanted to share that with you. 

I'm not a great writer but my words are from my spirit, and I believe that matters more.

God bless you my dear reader...

Ever praying for you...