Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Who We Really Are

Greetings my dear reader!

How are you doing? I really care! Praying you are living with comfort and strength...

I'm doing pretty good. I have great faith in God, love for this life, and patience, and trust in the Lord.

In my last post, warning you about my desire to blog more, I wrote about the above average person. In addition, I wrote how the above average person lives by the fruit of the spirit, and you can read it by clicking here.

We are all born above average human beings, because we are all born with the fruit of the spirit. We are spiritual beings born into this human experience. It is this human experience and conditioning that can, and often does, train us to be common, and below average.

Living from the spirit, is living a spiritual life, and it is the highest of intelligence, potential and wisdom.

Some people say that certain people are more intelligent than others because they have attended college and have obtained degrees. Some people say that intelligent people make a lot of money. This is not necessarily true in either case, and is a myth of the material world.

There are people with degrees in rocket science, biology, and chemistry that not only make less money than the average person, but some are actually homeless. There are people with degrees, and a lot of money that are absolutely miserable, and make everyone around them miserable. These scenarios do not indicate above average or brilliant beings.

We are born of the spirit. Meaning we are Spiritual Beings born into this human experience, and the conditioning of this experience can dumb us down by living carnal lives and failing to remember our spirituality.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." ~Galatians 5:22-23, Holy Bible, KJV

Remaining spiritual in this human experience is living at the highest intelligence and wisdom. Sometimes, when we forget, we have to remind ourselves, and retrain ourselves to return to who we really are and to live an enlightened, mature life. 

This enlightened, mature life is living an above average life. This above average life is living our full potential, and is living a life of being who we really are.

Let me explain the carnal, dumbing down of the individual. Dumbing down is harsh, I know. Maybe I should say, let me explain the carnal, misunderstanding of the individual.

When we do not live spiritually, which is living with calm, confidence, we are living carnally, which is with constant, or periodic anger, anxiety, and depression.

This is faithful and fearlessness versus fearful and faithlessness.

When we have faith we move in the direction of desire, which is wisdom. When we have fear, we freeze, and/or justify why we do or don't do what we can, could, or ought to do. This is rationalizing sometimes very harmful, and unintelligent acts, which is misunderstanding (the dumbing down).

The absolute best scenario for any spiritual being, in this human experience, is to be raised by guardians that are calm, confident, and connected to God. This makes life easier for any person because he or she is conditioned to be, and remains in a place and space of calm, confidence, faithfulness, and fearlessness, knowing, and remembering that he or she will be alright no matter what happens.

This is being trained up in our spirit of faith, and wisdom, which creates greater love and joy, the opposite of hate and misery.

There are no guarantees though. Truly!

Any given environment, or experience can thrust that faithful and fearless being into deep despair and fear, which blocks our highest wisdom because it can, and will disconnect a person from God. Negative emotions inhibit, and positive emotions, i.e., the fruit of the spirit allows insight and understanding.

Think about the type of person that is successful versus the type of person that is not successful. Success is happiness, health, love, magnificent relationships, and wealth.

The above average person is calm, confident, and has very high energy because they live a spiritual life of love, joy, peace, goodness, faith, and temperance. This person lives the life of purpose, gets much done because of energy, and everyone wants to be a part of what they are a part of.

The below average person is angry, anxious, miserable, insecure, hating many things, and very often with unhealthy addiction, causing difficulty in their own life.

The common person can have very destructive, split energy depending on how often he or she resides in the carnal life versus the spiritual life. Split energy is like yo-yo spiritual dieting, which hurts the body, but it also injures the mind and soul as well. 

Energy is split by yo-yoing back and forth from faith to fear, from love to hate, and from joy to misery. This habitual see saw is derived by default, unknowingly, allowing the environment and others to rule one's happiness or misery. This misunderstanding leads to severe struggles and suffering.

The struggles and suffering that harms the body, mind, and soul are the reasons I want to point into the direction of living from the spirit. It is my humble opinion, gained through years of observation, that any functional person that wants to, can live an above average life. Anyone can live an elevated life, if he or she really wants to, and is willing to return to who he or she truly is, which is the eternal spiritual being.

I have charity, and compassion for others because I have suffered much. The depths of despair that I have experienced, I never want or wish for anyone. 

The evidence and experiences of relief that I have faced and observed, all points to striving to live by the spirit, which is love and joy. This striving alleviates the hurt of the harmful human conditioning. 

I have healed much, and continue to heal. It is my desire to restore my spiritual self more. It is my feelings of inspiration that gives me eagerness to point anyone in this direction of restoration, who wants it, as well.

The harm is in the misunderstanding. The purpose of life is to learn, live, and practice the gained understanding. To learn, live, and practice, returning to the spirit of who we really are, is to leverage the conditioning of habits in our favor. We can replace, and overcome the training that has caused damage, if we want to. 

I know that last sentence is hard to accept as truth, for some people, but I am living proof. Others are living proof, and I have helped some of these others by pointing them towards that truth.

Dear friend... my dear reader... God cares for you, God loves you, and He is giving you all good things for your spiritual expansion. This spiritual expansion is always, always, always, compassion, confidence, cooperation, faith, love, patience, and trust.

There is a lesson in everything!

Some people say everything happens for a reason, and I know the lesson is always the reason.

The lesson is always, always, always, compassion, confidence, cooperation, faith, love, patience, and trust. The lesson is always spiritual expansion, which is just understanding.

Let us practice the forever lessons of compassion, confidence, cooperation, faith, love, patience, and trust. Let us practice this spiritual expansion in this human experience, and gain great understanding.

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and a sound mind." ~2 Timothy 1:7, Holy Bible, KJV

Are you ready to embark on this journey with me? This journey of leveling up? If so, memorize the scripture above, contemplate it as often as possible throughout your day, and just observe what happens to you. I'll do it too, and I'll do it until next post, will you?

God bless you my dear friend!

I am ever praying for your connection to God.

I am ever here for you, if you need it too.

Speak soon...