Friday, December 17, 2010


Hello there...

Gotta question for you!  What do you think is the most stressful habit?  When we say the word habit, often times we think of drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or eating too much.  Although these are stressful habits, not one of them is the most stressful habit.

So, what do you think the most stressful habit is?  Before I answer, I just would like to say that this is stress according to her Majesty Elizabeth, heh heh...

The most stressful habit is thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry.  Yuppers, that's it!

There are many different stressful situations like death, dying, divorce, or dismemberment, and yet the situation is not the stress but how we think about the situation that creates the stress. 

So why do I say that thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry is the most stressful habit?  I say it because the way we think is habitual.  If we habitually think sad thoughts, we have depression.  If we habitually worry about anything, we have anxiety.  If we habitually focus on what we don't have and how horrible our life is instead of focusing on what is great in our lives, we have despair. 

Do you have the most stressful habit?  If you do, you can turn it around, it's just a thought you know! 

I know, I know, habits are hard to break and they are hard to even know that we are doing the habit.  So, what do you do?

You take that habit, of doubt, fear, and worry, and you change it into confidence, faith, and hope. 

How do you do that?  The best way is to just recognize that you do it.  Recognize that you are worrying.  There is no reason to worry.  If you have a situation that is less than the 'D'S' (death, dying, divorce, or dismemberment) life is pretty good, wouldn't you say? 

Start there and look at how good life is for you and then remind yourself, when you do have doubt, fear, and worry, that it's just a thought, and then change the thought into confidence, faith, and hope.

No matter what is going on for you, you either have control over what is happening or you don't.  There is no reason to worry if you have control over a situation and there is no reason to worry if you don't have control.  Just accept and allow.  Accept that life is not, and never will be, without 'situations'.  That's all life is, 'situations'.  And the more you accept that the better your life will be.

Have a great day and don't forget to have fun and be playful.